April 2000 (4/25/03)
• Casino Issues Pro/Con

October 22, 2000
Elections are coming
Ballot Recommendations
Saul Medina

November 2000
• Election Issue
• Saul Medina Info
•Ballot Recommendations

March 13, 2001
Burning Manure Issue
Pict Sweet dulce's the
Oxnard Plain with acrid
Smoke and a Strike to
Match - Pro-UFW

27 March 2001
Text of City Council Meeting

April 30, 2001

Passover Easter 2001
Wingo Casino article
Massive Casino Info


April 2001
not much of a page

03 Mayo 2001
NMCB-4-Welcome Home
Casino Hot Issue

08 May 2001
Casino Vote Day


26 May 2001
Just Kickin It issue

July 2001
Tribute to Vietnam Vets

More July 2001

24 Jul 01 -
Mesa Air Flys away from Oxnard
August 2001 8/31
Police Commission


05 September 2001
Police Commission


September 10th, 2001
Innocent Page -
--Po-li-ce Commission--

September 11th 2001
The Rage Page appears


To Bush: Do Something


November 5, 2001

November 2001


Christmas Tree Lane


December 2001




January 02
Predictions for '02





Cool February Issue

TEST - 2/02


Feb 2002 -




April 30, 2002


June Gloom Issue 2002


July 2002

July 2002 v.2

August 2002

September 2002

Sept 12 - 2002

Sept 17, 2002


October 2002
-election stuff


October 15 2002
Oxnard Journal Bows Down


Spanish Version of Sept 02 OxJo






October 2002

October 15, 2002
election news

October 29, 2002
OxJo Predicts the Election



November 2002

November 6, 2002

Where Do We Go From Here

Rainbow Recovery

 Downtown Theatre Debaucle



Pro-DownTown Theatre


DownTown Boys & Girls Club to be Closed By Board

January 2003 =
Predictions Issue


UFW in Ventura County




22 March 2003


April 2003
--Bush & Blair
--the face in the Mushroom Cloud
--Wacky People

May 2003
Downtown Bank Bldg. on thb Block for Theatre

Memorial Day Advise


June 2003 -
Open Space District


July 4th 2003





























Special Topics
Why the Oxnard Journal seems SO against the Star
What Draws People to the OxJo
OxJo - Thank You
WINTER on the Casino
ALAN WINGO on the Casino
May 3 issue on Casino
Mayor Lopez's Remarks on the Casino
Mayor's Remarks - Clear Page
CASINO was rigged
Oxnard Chamber of Commerce supports CASINO
Statement by Alan Wingo to the City Council on Casino
Maidu Indian Tribe Linx
Rabbi Sherwood on the Casino
CASINO - Linx Page
CASINO - Views-Opinion
CASINO - Opinion
Casino news blip page
More Casino Linx
RESULTS - Casino
We Won -=-=-=-
Fred Schwartz Opinion Column
2001 Strawberry Festival Poster Winner (large graphic file)
News from the Movie Set
Big Cat Hoax
Jim Jeffords - Turn-Coat Politician
CBCFCU Ground Breaking
Aug 19, 2001 Opinion Page
Oxnard Tax Guru
PayBack - 01
Special Prayer for the Nation
9/01 - Nix on the Police Commission
Point Mugu Air Show Crash
"when planes fall down" 4/02
College Park - Leave it alone - Lois Jones - 04/02
C-P "more news & views - 04/02
College Park
- basic must know
C=P Rainbow appears 6/02
The Vermont Page
Fish & Wildlife Service GAO Report Page -- (note: GAO pulled page after it was up for about two months)
What Flynn Really Wanted to Say (submitted anonymus e-mail
Thrasher v. Flynn
Two Council Seats Up For Grabs
Oxnard Journal Predicts the Election
Who's Who -
the Election Line-up
Election PreView
8/26 Election Report
Pablo Arrieta from Oxnard
Frame Version 8/02
Susan Komar Harrassed during Election
College Park Opinion 9/4/02
Lost Dog 10/18/02
CollegeParkMasterPlan Mess 11/01
9/11 encouragement
Bush Visits Burn Unit 11/01
CoolOx - support 9/11
Candid Letter to a Stockbroker
INCF - has Fallen Into Disarray
DownTown Boys and Girls Club in Peril 12/02
WINTER - Whas up with this Downtown Boys & Girl's Club
DownTown Boys and Girls Club Closed by Board - 12/02
Boys & Girls Club 1/13/03
Molina Appeal Update

Martin Jones Court Case Filing Document (.pdf file) 1/03
Reaction to Molina Verdict
Phil Molina Appeal
Appeal in Green Text
March 15th 2003
Why All the Shootings¿
BRAC and the Futures of Port Hueneme & Pt. Mugu
Larry Stein's Letter to Oxnard
Oxnard Open Spaces District (OSD) Page 1
Oxnard Open Spaces District (OSD) Page 2
Oxnard Open Spaces District (OSD) Text - info
Where will the Trees Go?
Pleasant Valley Road
OEF/OIF Benefits
Humor - HoHoHaHo
GovDavis & the Slot Machines
First List of Archives
Second attempt @ archives
Parent Directory for OxJo







































Oxnard Hot Linx - II
Joe O'Neil's Casino Legality Linx
Get-a-Job Local Linx
Journalism Links
Wind Talkers - the Movie
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Too Late to Classify
Visayan Christmas Letter
Blogamongus Bloggles of a blogging blog
Debbie's Page -
--- I ---- Woman ---
Hollywood aint got nothing on Oxnard
Debbie's Swan Song to the US Fish & Wildlife Service
Debbie's Oxnard's Dirty Little Secrets
GO NAVY from Debbie:
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