25 MAY 2001 =-=-=-=-

Welcome To Our Special Jim Jeffords Spleen-Venting Issue

"Dear Sen. Jeffords: We are gravely disappointed in your decision to abandon the Republican Party. You have betrayed countless Vermonters who have supported you for more than thirty years. We submit this letter on behalf of everyone who has worked for you, voted for you, and contributed to your campaigns year after year. These Vermonters now find themselves without the

Republican representative they elected in November.

" ...The time for political transformation was last year, Senator Jeffords, before you accepted the nomination of the Republican Party. To be successfully reelected in 2000, you used Republican volunteers and spent hard-earned Republican dollars. To switch your party affiliation now, six months after you were elected under the Republican banner, is ethically and morally dishonest. A true public servant would have stood tall before voters and asked to be elected in the light of full and honest disclosure."

- Letter submitted by Patrick J. Garahan, Vermont Republican Party Chairman, Sara Gear Boyd, National Committeewoman for Vermont and Skip Vallee, National Committeeman for Vermont, 5/24/01


Better to Be Feared Than Loved

"President Bush has indicated he is strong enough to take a short-term loss in order to make a long-term point: His Administration will not be held hostage by a single Senator. Maybe the White House staff should get their hands on the first battle flag used by commanders in the Continental Navy, and stick it next to the President's desk. You know the one. It had the drawing of a coiled snake with the words: 'Don't Tread on Me!'"

- Rich Galen, "Mullings," 5/24/01


Cry Baby

"As the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz points out, Jeffords was 'ticked off' that the White House had failed to invite him to a ceremony honoring a Vermont teacher; most reports suggest this weighed heavily in Jeffords's decision. So here's our question: Why isn't everyone talking about what a big baby Jeffords is? Remember Newt Gingrich and Air Force One?"

- Best of the Web, 5/23/01


The Silent Treatment

"For anyone who feels the need to strike back (at Jeffords) my suggestion is to ignore the guy and hurt his ego. He obviously sees himself as some sort of power broker and he should be shown how delusional he is."

- Bruce B. Bechtel


Giving RINO's a Bad Name

"Jim Jeffords has been the most liberal Republican in the United States Senate since being elected in 1988. Before that he had the distinction of being possibly the most liberal Republican in the House. And even to say he's been a 'Republican in name only' is to overstate the case. Because when something important is on the line, when his vote is needed most, it can almost always be found in the Democratic column."

- Max Schulz, American Spectator Online


Do It to Them Before They Do It To Us

"Jeffords represents a kind of political creature that largely destroyed the Tory party in Britain in the 1990s. The Tory Wets, as Thatcher dubbed them, were forever bleating on about their 'conscience,' moderation, etc. etc., while essentially supporting an ever larger welfare state and ever higher taxes. In the long run, best to get rid of them--because they are a treacherous breed who largely want to get rid of principled conservatives.

And better to get rid of them before they try and get rid of you."

- Andrew Sullivan


Opportunity to Bring the Base Back Home

"Initially I was ripped over Jefford's defection, but, hey! he can no longer threaten us with defecting. And since the 'deed is done', neither can McCain or the handful of others 'threaten' defection thereby shifting the balance of power. And let's not cull out more 'elephants' but concentrate on the 'rinos'. Perhaps if the rest of the party leaders can find their 'nads, more libertarians and conservatives would rejoin the GOP."

- GOPN&V reader Dick Crockett


They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

"I'm not going to take the conventional wisdom angle by saying the 'current' Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott should have 'coddled' Mr. Jeffords more. I say he should have thrown the bum out long ago! And while we're at it, there are a few more leftist ('moderate' makes me puke) 'Republican' Senators who can quit sucking on Republican campaign contributions while wearing their Maoist uniforms. Most of them are in the New England area - there must be something in the water there when it comes to political thought.

"&ldots; The GOP needs to sit down, lay off the fund raisers, find a spine, and stop blindly backing Republicans just because they are an incumbent. If they call themselves 'moderate' and vote accordingly, then they should be IGNORED - since it's illegal to shoot them. My suggestion to local GOP offices and the National RNC would be to start backing 'conservative' challengers to these leftists in the PRIMARIES. If you're gonna be a RINO (Republican in name only), then to hell with you. Go sit on Hillary's lap."

- Columnist J.J. Johnson, SierraTimes.com, 5/24/01


Culling the Herd

"I have had it up to here with these Rockefeller types infesting the Republican Party. If I had my way, I would get rid of Spector, Snowe, Chafee and the rest of the lefties in our ranks. The Republican Party IS the conservative party, like it or not. This USA is a conservative country, like it or not. All the Dems control are all the big cities, and they have driven them into the ground with high taxes, lousy schools, and social programs that don't work ... like housing projects, for one. The cities are sewers thanks to the left. Jeffords belongs over there with the rest of those people in Vermont who are still in Woodstock, dancing around with all those dirty feet."

- GOP News & Views reader, 5/24/01


RENO Dream Ticket

"Hopefully, U.S. Senator John McCain will successfully challenge Bush for the GOP presidential nomination in 2004. Or maybe its time McCain form what appears to be a much needed national third party with Jeffords."

- Paul Peter Jesep, ModerateRepublican.com, 5/25/01


Is There a Pit Bull in the House &ldots; er, Senate?

"In fact, the Democrats actually had control of the Senate earlier this year because of the seventeen days difference before the swearing in of the Congress and the presidential inauguration. And during that short time the Democrats took great joy in torturing the incoming Bush Administration by savaging its nominees - particularly John Ashcroft, Gale Norton, and Linda Chavez.

"After such bad behavior you might have thought that Sen. Trent Lott would have been willing to make life for the Democrats as tough as possible once the GOP was back in control. You might think that, but you would be wrong. Instead, Mr. Lott opted for a power-sharing program in the Senate. Namely, all committees were evenly split and governed by 'co-chairmen' - one Republican, one Democrat. Well, we'll see if the Democrats are equally charitable now that they are running the show. Personally, I am not holding my breath.

" &ldots; It is now a commonly held view among conservatives that Trent Lott, a former cheerleader at his alma mater Ole Miss, was terribly miscast as the Senate Majority Leader. &ldots; Now that the GOP is in the minority again, perhaps it is a good time for Republicans to reconsider their leadership. After all, what the Republicans need right now is a pit bull, not a cheerleader."

- Nicholas Sanchez, Free Congress Foundation, 5/24/01


Tales From the Left Side

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The first event will discuss Tuition Tax Credits in Utah. All Republicans are invited. The event is free of charge.


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Presenting the Supporting Position will be: Rep. John Swallow

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  Phyllis Sorensen, President, UEA

Dick Siddoway

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Future events will discuss The National and State Energy policy (August 24). Vice President Dick Cheney has been invited and may attend. On December 7 of this year we will discuss the state of our National Defense and how it will be employed with a new Foreign Policy.

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Rep. Matt Throckmorten Chairmann

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