The Oxnard Journal


The Editor had a unique opportunity to be on the SONY Pictures set last month for the filming of AMERICA'S SWEETHEART. On the set for the day's filming was Catherine Zeta Jones and Christopher Walken. Both of whom I had seen on the sound stage.

Being there was a thrill, but having a chance to speak with others who draw their daily subsistence from the Film Industry was even more educational. One background actress told of her experince on the set of THE OMEGA CODE II which was filming scenes in the cold mountains north of Castaic. A few things revealed some rather disturbing facts about the entire promotion of both the first and second OMEGA CODEs. She said, " I know the movie is about the end of the world." One other actor chirped in, "Waiting for a call time may not be any sooner." She continued saying that she thought the Catholics were in charge of the film and that she was surprized by the lack of warm waiting areas for the extras and no medic on duty for some folks who had 'slightly' injured themselves and had to leave via van to get attention.

What I came away with was a concern for what the OMEGA CODE is really trying to do.

I was dismayed by the first OMEGA CODE. The movie itself was riviting and exciting and for a Christian Film, it was a step in the right direction to stray from the former hoakiness of earlier productions that have not resembled really professional productions. The First OMEGA CODE was a fine film except for the LACK of INVITATION at the end of the film. There should have been an Invitation to all the audience viewers to avoid the devil's plans for their lives and to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It would have taken a minute to do.....people left the viewing of OMEGA CODE with no real idea what the film was based on, or why the foretelling of horrific future events was so important to us, right now. I and I hope other persons who know the Lord, came away with the same opinion. I wish the second OMEGA CODE well, but I feel that some have chosen mannon instead of God as their goal in these productions. The fact that cast and crew on the latest set did not even know that the production was to promote the Christian faith and a new life in Christ is quite disturbing. To see that folks are coming away from the OMEGA set with less than favorable memories of their shoot is even more of a problem. I know film companies like to cut costs, but if the producers are trying to reach anyone, surely, they would start with their first contacts, those who are making the movie itself.

I hope that some will come to realize that the Bible holds the keys to survival in this world and that someday, I pray that producers of the OMEGA CODE will see the light and use their film and production power to honor and remember the Lord and not to just see box office results and how they do in the daily sweeps.