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Oxnard P.D. shuffles to Kill the Concept of a "Citizen's Police Commission".

Chief Art Lopez reported to the Editor and to a reporter from the Star on Tuesday night, that the only commission he answers to is the seated City Council.

On KVTA, Oxnard Police Spokesman David Keith reiterated the same message to Ross Olney, during the afternoon drive show on Wednesday, that the Police answers directly to the Council. Plus, Keith told Olney that there already exists four groups that serve as Advisory boards. The Oxnard Journal looked for info on these Advisory boards and found the following on the Oxnard Police Webpage:

District One web page is under construction.

District Two is operational.

There appears to be no Districts 3 or 4 and just a Southeast District.

There is also a contact form for you to submit your concerns. The message goes to an e-mail bin the Police Department.

All the points of Contact on these pages for 'citizen' advisors were Oxnard Police Officers and some links took you to tables with the names and neighborhoods of citizens who serve on Neighborhood Watch or on the INCC.

Oxnard needs to decide whether it wants an interface or ombudsman to serve between the Police and the Council. It's a hot issue and won't easily disappear. The Purpose of a Commission is to help the Police, not to hinder their operations.

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OXNARD P.D. takes some heat at City Council Meeting.

{ Oxnard, August 28, 2001 }

Oxnard Police Chief Art Lopez reported to the City Council tonight on the Police Shooting of Robert Lee Jones, 23 of Oxnard. Mr. Jones's Mental State was cited as causing him to be out of control while wielding a knife when Oxnard Police attempted to subdue him at his home in north Oxnard. An Autopsy is still due. Robert's mother reported to the Star that she was sorry she even called the police. She did not know it would be her son's last day on earth. Jones had a history of involvement with Police and information like this is much needed by law enforcement prior to going in on any suspect. The subsequent reaction of non-compliance and threatening actions by Jones caused the Police to react with lethal force when an officer was lunged at by Jones and his knife.

In what was a relatively sparce attendance for the import of tonight, a few souls got the guts to go before the Council and speak regarding this event.

Bill Winter, the editor of the OxJo was so moved by the comments he heard on the TV broadcast of the Council Meeting that he ran from home to the Council Chambers just in time to be the last public comment speaker. Since I'm Bill, & I'm writing this, I can say....."I told the Council that I have personally witnessed the OxPo when they were handling a similar case of a person with a knife. The Police reacted professionally and safely. There was lethal force and brute force ready to take down the irritated citizen. however, The OxPo handled the case professionally and no one was hurt."

This Jones case is tough. What makes it tougher is that OxPo has already used lethal force six times previous this year.

I also reported to the Council in comments of the reaction I got from the OxPo when, as a Mayoral Candidate in 1998, I mentioned that I was whole-heartedly in favor of a Citizen's Police Commission at an endorsement interview. The smiles and approval nods disappeared immediately from the Police who attended the endorsement interview.

I spoke briefly with Chief Lopez after comments and told him of my strong desire to see a Police Commission. Chief Lopez replied, "They are my commission, those guys sitting in there." as he pointed at the Council.

"The Council is good," I retorted, "However we still need a citizens group to interface between you and the Council, a sounding board for citizen's concern, not an oversight committee, just one to advise the City and hear the people."

The Concept of a Police Commission is not a cool idea with the cops, perhaps the citizens need to ponder this and advise the Council in future sessions.


While Pondering that ---- Consider that Santa Paula will soon have a Councilmanic District measure on their 2002 General Municipal election ballot. The Star will probably do a Big Story on this soon, but Remember, the Oxnard Journal had the Scoop.


VC Star Admits -- It Goofed

In an Editorial this Sunday (8/26) - the Star's Managing Editor Tim Gallagher wrote an Essay about three photos, the Star of the two they should not have printed was the Oxnard Photo showing the little girl in the alley. The Oxnard Journal immediately brought it to the attention of its readers the inappropriateness of the shot. You may still read our article on the photo below.

There was no mention about our little cyber-journal in Mr. Gallagher's piece, but based on our hits this week, people were reading the Oxnard Journal and our readers do react. I am sure that the Star heard it from our readers, from the Police who don't like to see graffiti glorified in print and perhaps some City Officials who may feel strongly about our city image.

The Oxnard Journal salutes the Star for their candor and ability to admit when a boo-boo happens. The Star is a good paper and is perhaps learning a lesson that it needs to make better efforts to portray Oxnard in a better light.

We know how hard it was for the Star to admit these facts and the Oxnard Journal appreciates the effort taken by the Star's editorial staff to clear the air. We all make mistakes and to fess up to them immediately is a sign of character.

Bill Winter - Editor.



Is it me, or did anyone else wonder what that big picture was all about on the front page of the OXNARD (Section B) for Tuesday 21 August.

The picture was titled "Taking A Stroll" and I looked all over for an associated story to go with the picture. All I found was a short cutline under the large photo of the grotesque vandalism of graffiti in what looked like one of Oxnard's worst barrios - except for the lack of large volumes of garbage which you normally see strewn in the alley. The Cutline for the Picture said," Stephanie Dosa, 4, pushes her doll in a stroller Monday while walking with her grandmother.... Her grand-mother is not pictured except for her right hand, wrist and partial fore-arm. The cutline goes further to say they are "Taking a Stroll" in an alley near their Oxnard Home. Sweet little Oxnard people, walking where they always have fun, in the alley.

If this is Ventura's way of picturing the quaint life of the peasants in Oxnard, then they have served us well. To the Star: please try to highlight some of the real beauty of our city and when doing so, please include the complete images of people you mention in your cutline. I know cropping the photo was important to you as you had to put the grafitti in the focal point of the frame instead of the people whom you should be showing.

Someday, I hope and pray Oxnard realizes it needs it's own newspaper.

Bill Winter - Editor - Oxnard Journal


Upcoming Focus Articles::::::::::::::::::::

- The DownTown Theatre Debacle

- The lack of attention to the Real Oxnard

- INCC Eye-Opener

- College Park In-Focus (Lois Jones - Reporter)

- 2 0 0 2 Election - What's on the Horizon?

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Comments: just moved here from PA. have an interview in Oxnard. is it a cool place to live??? where can i find apartments, places to go, etc.??? /s/ Heather.

Heather then looked more carefully at the site and came back with a second....

Comments: emailed you before i looked at your site - you are one messed up dude!!! like the "speed of sound acid trip". again, help me out if you can with places to go and places to live.:)

(anyone have any suggestions::::: I get at least a dozen web search cookies indicating that the reader is seeking a good lead on finding an apartment in Oxnard.


Russell Stoops inquired:

Comments: I used to live in Port Hueneme a few years back and around 1970-1972 a commercial fisherman started catching great white sharks in his nets. There was a picture taken of one that was in the newspaper and I'm trying to get a copy of it. It was about 16 ft. long and weighed about 2500 lbs. I would like to find this picture so I could show my wife and children.

ANYBODY Know where he can find this pix?????


Martin Jones of College Park sent this......

Comments: There is a big gap in the reporting on local affairs by the print media and virtually none by the electronic media. The Oxnard Journal goes in the directiin of filling that gap.


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