: October 29th - in the Year of Our Lord - 2002 - c.e.

News of the Oxnard Plain including the Cities of Oxnard, Port Hueneme, El Rio Silver Strand, Hollywood-by-the-Sea, Point Mugu, Saticoy, Bardsdale, Channel Islands and all points along the Santa Clara River

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The Oxnard Journal Predicts the Election. . .

With 62,876 Registered Voters in the City of Oxnard. We need to take a hard look at Turn-out. Presidential Election Years are by far the greatest for voter participation. But in Oxnard usually half the voters cast votes on those occasions. For a Gubernatorial Election year the turn-out is less::::::about 30-35%. This year, there is very little passion in the race for Governor of California so we'll base our prediction on a 30% turn-out. That leaves us with 18,861 votes up for grabs.

Partisan demographics put Oxnard far to the left with a meter-reading of Democrats with an almost 70%~30% over-ride of registered Republicans. Two candidates for the Council are Republicans: Dean Maulhardt and Susan Komar. So this puts Susan in the high numbers with Republicans as she has garnered some favorable party support and will gain votes based on party affiliation and being a woman. But, numbers are against the GOP with the mass voting block being registered as Democrats.

With Council Elections, the top two vote getters who spawn get to sit on the Council. Here is how the OxJo sees it coming out. [[sorry to the candidates who come out third and lower. . . but this is a prediction and your actions in campaigning and networking can make these predictions wrong]]

SAUL MEDINA - - - - - 16,000+ VOTES

Second Seat :::: A real Toss Up ======= it's gonna be by a spread of less than less than 50 votes
and this spread may be so small that a possible recount will be demanded by an 'Almost won'
office-seeker. The OxJo Predicts it will all shake out in this order. . .


MARTIN JONES - - - - - 12,000+

SUSAN KOMAR - - - - - 11,000+

ALEX ESCOBEL - - - - - 7,500

ELIAS BANALES Jr - - - 6,000

TIM HAMMONDS - - - - 5,000










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; ; ; ; ; ; ;NOTICE OF ROAD CLOSURE ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

<< gIVE'Em A bRAKE -- GiVE mE a bReAK >>

- You May Have Noticed::::: effective Monday - OCT 14, 2002 -

-- WOOLEY-BULLY ROAD will be closed
betwixt Harbour Blvd & QUEEN VICTORIA AVENUE

Westport Development will need ** 8 ** eight ** ocho WEEKS/SEMANAS
to reconstruct this section to install utilities.

Signs will detour motorists to Fifth Street, where they may want stop and shop.

Dunes Area Residents will be provided access to the Harbor Blvd./Wooley Road Signal (whatever that means) to the greatest extent possible.


The Oxnard Journal wants to Commend the Ventura County Star for it's Editorial printed in it's mid-week Wednesday Edtion:

Is Oxnard Listening ?

Not sure who wrote the editorial, but the Star is commended for it's point of view - relative to the situation of Oxnard Vs. Rainbow Recovery and the College Park Land Grab that's currently underway. Stay tuned for more and Vote for Martin Jones.

It heartens the OxJo to say something positive about the STAR. . .


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// LOS ARTISTAS - The Art of Caring //

// Martin Jones Unveils Oxnard City $$$ Abuses// - // New Columnist comes to the Oxjo/

California State University Channel Islands --- Holds Fall Open House

Camarillo, Calif., October 10, 2002 – The public is invited to attend a fall open house at California State University Channel Islands, Saturday, November 2, from 9 a.m. to noon.

The event will allow students who may be considering CSUCI, and their friends and families, to visit with faculty and staff members, see the classrooms, and become more familiar with the campus.

Activities will take place in the historic bell tower building and include informational workshops and presentations given by members of the faculty.

 University President, Dr. Richard Rush, encourages the community to visit the campus. “We invite especially those people who have not yet had a chance to come out and see this wonderful campus, to do so November 2. We are anxious to share with you the beauty and the community feeling that are here at CSUCI each day. We are confident that when the students see the campus and have a chance to visit with the world-class faculty which has come to teach here, they will have Cal State Channel Islands at the top of their college lists.”

 Tours of the campus including the art studios, high tech computer labs and the beautiful campus grounds will also be available.

 Those attending are also encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch and visit the new student union. While the event is free and open to all, to ensure adequate parking, attendees are encouraged to RSVP to 805-437 CSCI (2724).


New Columnist Reports for Duty.

Known as "Kapitan", this youthful Oxnard writer wants to make Oxnard Shine and the Oxnard Journal wants nothing more for our beautiful city. Here are some of his ideas --- Stand-by for more from Kapitan...

The Oxnard Journal - Representing the City of Oxnard. Cool to be here, in the digital mix.

--Did you hear the name of Manny Lopez mentioned on the George Lopez Show on ABC-7? The Lopez Connection is happening.

Oxnard IS The Championship City - Oxnard regularly makes the Finals as a highly rated high profile COMMUNITY. Yesterday - four out of five high schools won their games.
We'll have more on the sports outlook - it's good for Oxnard Youth.

Did you see the Vargas v. De La Hoya Fight? We could loose that fight and still be Strong...

Chief Art Lopez did Advance - he advanced on the national scene. We are the lucky ones, -- not LA -- 'cause we kept a good man. Vargas may have ceded to LA - but we keep the best from LA in the person of Chief Art Lopez - Our Chief - Oxnard's man who stands in the gap for us.

/s/ El Kapitan


Oxnard Needs Prayer --- Several E-mails and unsolicited suggestions have come in to the OxJo and the focus is on a desperate need for returning to values, to spiritual affairs and to fight the evil that is coming to visit us. Shooting and violence in South Oxnard (SOX)~~ Three unsolved shootings in the North City (NOX) and a general contempt for peace throughout the globe.

PRAYER UPDATE ****** it's Hot and It's in the Mix - two brothers stood on the shores at Oxnard Beach today (Sat 10/19) and stood at the Gateway to the "BEAUTIFUL CITY" and prayed for Peace in Oxnard and for success of the Oxnard Journal. They met another believer from Ojai who joined them in Praying Harder for PEACE in OXnard - and it's all about getting something ON for tbe Young People.

Prayer Soldiers are underway in Oxnard and reaching all who seek God and Prayer.

-- /s/ El Kaptian


LOS ARTISTAS -- Children teaching "The Art of Just Caring"
Oxnard, CA 93033 ----- 805-271-0394

We need your help. We need your prayers. We need to keep our living legend.

This is a request to place the South Oxnard Community on every prayer list we can be placed on.

From a South Oxnard Resident.

South Oxnard residents have been speaking faithfully at the City Council on behalf of the one truly praise worthy endeavor that has taken place over the past eighteen years in our community. It consists of some very brave ladies who decided to make one little part of this world a better place than how they found it.

Through sweat and labor and love they have done just that.

We have within our midst a living legend and a story of Love, Hope and Faith that our children so desperately need to know about. Rainbow Recovery is being threatened by non-caring and big-business interests.

These ladies help many people and have rehabilitated more than 1000 drug addicted mothers and sisters and members of families. They have more requests for help than they can possible meet and they take people from jail that do not have a dime, or off the streets and help them rebuild their lives.

There are people within our community who have decided that the Rainbow Ladies, as this center of Hope and Caring is known, have to move to make room for a museum. This (in my opinion) is a State Land Grab

Taking land and space that is needed for the thirty thousand children living in South Oxnard.

The Oxnard College is right beside the park and the museum could be used to help this State Institution perpetuate itself and some of the Educators perpetuate their careers or/and (in my opinion) there could perhaps be some illegal kickbacks floating around for providing free space to a government ran State institution. This will be on the agenda at 7:00 pm in the City Coucil Chambers, this Tuesday, July the 2nd.

I am an educator. There are other places for a museum but the other places are not free, as taking the acreage in this park would be. Please pray that the South Oxnard Community can save this rehabilitation center that has brought to our community love, caring and hope for many. These ladies have made their contribution to this community and should be permitted to stay in the houses they rescued along with the human beings they have helped.

Please help us say “NO” to big money, and a land grab coming ahead of human needs.


Alice Hill


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