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DownTown Theatre - Why It Is A Good Idea !




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The Oxnard Journal got some hefty e-mails in response to this posting in favor of the downtown theatre -=- so in the interest of fairness, here are some samples:


To:.....Suzanne Quitoriano
Redevelopment Projects Manager
Community Development Department
305 West 3rd Street
Oxnard, Calif.

Via: ..... Mayor and Members of Oxnard City Council

Re: Downtown Theater Project

Since the project has been approved, I am wondering what it will cost the taxpayers. We are to receive 5% interest on funds loaned. What is the city paying now for borrowed funds? What has the city paid for borrowed funds historically in the last ten years by year? What is the expected annual expenses of the theater operation less the cost of the movies themselves? What is the expected average attendance at the theater for the times from of 5:30 to 9:30 Friday and Saturday nights and 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM on Sundays? I estimate there should be at least 1,200 people for each of these periods, for each of those days for the theater to be economically viable. How will the traffic patterns be changed to handle this amount of traffic? I expect there will be at least 400 people arriving and 400 people departing between show changes. Downtown Oxnard cannot handle 200 cars in a one block area in a 30 minute time frame. How will it handle 400 cars (200 leaving and 200 arriving)? Previous studies indicate that the patronage actually needed is at least triple my estimated numbers. What do your studies show to be the necessary number of people to attend the theater for it to be economically viable? What is the basis of those numbers and how current are those numbers? My studies show the number of people going to the movies in the last ten years has been declining. What do your current studies show? What is the basis of those numbers?

It is the expectation and purpose of the theater to have people stay in downtown for a period of time prior to or after they attend the movies. What is the expected number of people to stay in downtown Oxnard before or after attending a movie? How will this affect parking? The parking structure is expected to hold 500 cars. What is the basis for the need of planned parking? Downtown Oxnard is the host of several weekend events during the year. The Chalk Festival, the Salsa Festival, and holiday parades are just some of the events that draw people to downtown. How will these events be affected by the theater? Who will park where? In as much as 30% of the people who attend movies are between 12 and 21, does the City of Oxnard and the downtown merchants really want 100 to 300 young people congregating in such as small area? Will a stronger public safety presence be needed? Considering the gang presence in Oxnard, what are the ramifications of having multiple gangs attending the movies at the same time?

Considering the large Hispanic population of Oxnard, is the theater expected to have continuing showing of first run movies in Spanish only? Will these movies also be in English?

The Magic Johnson chain of theaters contain many state of the art features. Please compare and contrast the proposed theater with the Magic Johnson chain.


Larry Stein - December 10, 2002


from Martin Jones

You should take a look at the DDA before you approve of a project that will cost the taxpayers over 40 million dollars.



Downtown Theater

Hi Bill --

Read your comments on the proposed downtown theater. While I agree that something has to be done, I don't think a simple movie theater will get the job done. It just doesn't have the "pull" to get folks to drive five miles from the 101 through eight or nine (or more!) signalled intersections.

One idea that has worked in other places uses first-run movies in concert with other features. The idea is to match the needs of working families with the desire of operators to make money.
One possible implementation envisions a dinner theater approach. After settling the kids with the sitter, mom and pop arrive to partake in dinner and drinks while local talent performs on stage. After their meal, the movie starts (the service of alcohol ceases). This gives mom and pop a nice time to themselves and home before 10. A win-win situation that works exceedingly well every place it's been implemented and has the "pull" needed to be successful.

One, way-too-boozy-but-it-has-on-line-presence, is Indianapolis' Hollywood Bar and Filmworks: .

They show flickers (and booze) all day but have the early evening hours devoted to the dinner and "night out" concept. Filmworks has been a going thing for more than 15 years.

Another consideration in all this is the burgeoning "home theater"pushed by the electronics industry. I can sit here at home, pop a DVD into the machine, and enjoy a 60" high definition rendition of a movie with 7.1 surround sound that far exceeds the sound systems in all but THX-equipped movie theaters. If I want to smoke or pop a beer or crack crabs, I can do that, too. It's been at least two years since I've gone to a movie theater where I have to sit in the dark with a few hundred folks I neither know nor like and have to behave myself and be quiet and sit still and miss part of the flick if Nature calls.

Oxnard's downtown needs a lot of help. This multiplex, IMNSHO, isn'tgoing to help it one bit.

Name withheld pending notification of next of kin .




=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ..... the original incomplete story

Oxnard is always on the brink of making so many bad mistakes with developing projects in the downtown

{ Cornell Corrections } and by not keeping an eye on other projects they approve [ ie-Planet Hollyrood.]

BUT - Now the City has done something remarkable by finding a good working partner for the Downtown Theater and Parking Complex - so that project was approved by the Council in Short Order.

A letter by the Editor of the Oxnard Journal published in the VC STAR - the letter was Bill Winter's take on the College Park RUSH TO JUDGEMENT. The VC Star graciously published that submission and with hope and prayer, the letter did the right thing in Regards to Collage Park.

BUT - The Oxnard Journal and it's editor are not always against every project the Council proposes, it's just that the rash of recent projects over the past decade have really sucked.. . . and Now a good one has come along.

The OxJo will seek to gain some inside information on the Theatre and from thence, stay tuned....

But let it go on record that the Oxnard Journal supports the new Theatre Project.




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