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As Editor of the Oxnard-Journal.com, I have a unique position in the community; along with a tremendous responsibility to hold our online cyber-newspaper to a higher standard than just a personal web page. As one person, who has many other responsibilities, managing an ever-growing / ever-changing web site is fun, frenetic, and fascinating. Many tools exist to make the task easier, but in the long run, it requires a basic knowledge of HTML coding, grammar, spelling, and a good news sense.

In my authentic efforts to please everyone, there is always a great cavern of drop-out. I cannot cover all the high school sports or put yearbook pictures on my page. I can comment on the new Pacific View High School and how it resembles a state correctional facility in it's design (especially the narrow windows and industrial brown brick).

Certain issues however, lend themselves to an online news journal. Take the Casino Issue: a political quagmire that may eventually spell the downfall for a majority of the seated city council. When I ran for Mayor in 1998, I was asked a question about gambling within Oxnard. Card-Clubs and even Casinos had been floated as potential profit diversions. I waivered in my response and was not as strong on the issue as I should have been and the collective groan mixed with hisses and boo's told me then, that Gambling was a big NO-NO in Oxnard.

But the Casino is not the only issue locally. It is my job as Editor to have a nose for news and seek out where the hot stories are. Again, there are tools to help me focus my attention and bring you, the reader, what you are looking for.

One of the great tools is provided by the web host. This feature allows me to see a count, by day, by hour, by browser, by country and many other variations.

One feature even shows me what "Search Terms" were inputted to find my site. These are a hoot to read. For example: someone typed in "sex party oxnard" and hit my page. Tony Strickland and Section 8 both got similar leads to the oxnard-journal. Smog Check Voucher program and George Bush's Welcome Speech brought views to us. Someone sought to find the Deputy City Manager's salary by stopping by. Oxnard Times was inputted; not sure what that is, but if the Press-Courier stuck around, surely they would be a better choice.

"Esplanade" was a frequent search term. By the way, we're all still looking for the Esplanade. Murray Rosenbluth was inputted. Perhaps Murray is trying to see if we wrote about him. We endorsed him for his first run for Port Hueneme City Council back in 96 or 98 or whenever.

Mugu and Point Mugu pop up often as do queries for apartments for rent or homes for sale. The Oxnard Journal would like to have listings and links, but we are also a dot-com which means we receive something for those. The Oxnard Ice Skating Rink was a frequent hit - but - we don't have a link up with the rink's page....again, another dot-com experience. Rio Mesa came up as the most searched for school. We need someone from Rio Mesa to write for us. Any Volunteers?

So, aside from other queries for fishing information and state park and camp-ground searches, the Oxnard Journal does have a web presence. We are being sought out for news and information, and by all the power and might I can muster, I'll do my part to fight off sleep to provide the best Oxnard Web Site on the Net.

Oh, by the way - I really need e-mail telling me you're out there and I need to hear from you all..... so please send me an e-mail. You never know what will result.


Bill Winter

Editor - www.oxnard-journal.com

E-mail is: oxnardjo@gte.net

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