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THE HOT ISSUE IS: The Casino Proposal. The proponents are hedging their bets (wagers, bids, guesstimates) on the passage of [any] Casino. With OPF (other people's fingers) in the pockets of all concerned, it is heartening to know that our Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem have held themselves to a higher standard.

Why must Oxnard continually cheapen the City by chasing bad ideas that do not heighten our city image or bless our citizens with something wholesome. Why must we continually seek the fast and cheap way to add income and revenue to our city and its coffers. Are we as a community not far-sighted enough to see into next week? Why do we chase our tail - financially - on the merry-go-round of getting the almighty dollar. Is not the quality of our life here of more value than any dollar can provide. Please stop and think.

Now we are looking at inviting all the associated iniquity of a gambling parlour into our fair city. How about focusing on making the downtown more attractive by helping downtown businesses do face lifts on the facades of their establishments. How about making Oxnard Blvd. more attractive to the tourists who may just drive through. What do you see now: empty car lots, a closed teatro, urban blight? We will be losing most of our Oxnard Blvd. pass-thru traffic when the Rice/\PCH overpass is put in. All LA traffic going north will see Semminis and GTE (verizon) and some car-seat covers for sale instead of Five Points and cops on motorcycles who clock and ticket you for exceeding 30 mph on the Boulevard. Welcome to Oxnard. The Casino would be a boom for our town. Boom of the extra traffic on Gonzo Street and Rice-a-Roni and Rosie too. A boom to all the money that will be made when families go in hock to make one more big spin on the dollar-a-hit wheel. A boom to the police services: Art Lopez, Chief of Police - Oxnard, California said in a recent article that he toured some Casino in Palm Springs and saw no problem. Check out the Links we provide you and see for yourself.

The Oxnard Journal must say that a Casino is a bad idea. We need to elevate our community, not lower it closer to the pit from whence such proposals emanate. Money is better spent giving it as tithes and offerings at church or helping a needy friend or stranger. The OJ is allowing for all sides and all opinions to come forth, both PRO & CON. The result of this quest is visible below where all the opinions / links / & stories reside.

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