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Did someone get to the Jury? Surprize and shock from people around the city decries a "Foul" call on the unexpected turn for a case that seemed open and shut. Were Oxnard City employees put under the gun or in fear of their jobs if they testified what was in their hearts? Is there any real security for City Civil Service Employees or does fear motivate the morale of Oxnard City Workers. Is it At-Will employement for all City Workers?

The lawyers for Molina just hung their heads and went home. The Judge asked the Jury a second time, if their verdict was the one they really came up with. City employees all sung the same tune in testimony. Molina was set off to die alone -- just forget him. It was reported the City Manager's testimony contradicted his sworn deposition. With all this - the Jury still voted in favor of the Powers that be. Chinatown North...Three Jakes ! ! !

What does this mean for Oxnard. Both Martin Jones and Alan Wingo had the exact same reaciton "This sucks and it's a GREENLIGHT for the City of Oxnard to do whatever the hell it pleases." Both said it was a sad day for the city. For those folks who don't care about local city affairs, this means nothing as long as there's pizza and a new nail salon opens. For those who do care - you should be concerned.

So Favoritism and Sweatheart deals will be the call of the day as long as strong-arm tactics are in use. It seems that even the Mayor and John Zaragoza were powerless to keep the machine from rolling over Molina and eventually over all of us who live in Oxnard. Pray for Rain.




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