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 . . IS IT

. . . . . . THE END

. . . . . . . . . OF THE RAINBOW ?

COLLEGE PARK - Oxnard Journal predicted it Right !

when it said in the 11/18 issue: : :

Lopez & Zaragoza to be OUT-VOTED by Holden-Maulhardt-Pinkard

(Pinkard is always the Swing Vote)

Oxnard City Council Voted for the Master Disaster Plan . . .The Tuesday night vote came after 2o+ speakers came up to speak in Favor of the RAINBOW RECOVERY and / or in favor of the Rusty Farm Implement MUSEUM.

But, the Council had their votes made up. Mayor Lopez tried valiantly to save the Rainbow Recovery at it's present location and Councilman John Zaragoza was in favor of leaving things where they were. But, it was Tom Holden, as one of his last official acts, to be the mean landlord stating "The City Owns this land now, not the County" "Having Said That " to paraphrase - - --

<< out you go! >> - to the women of rainbow recovery.

Dean Maulhard sided with Holden and Pinkard swung his vote to seal the deal against the Drug and Alcohol Resident Treatment Center. So Here we go.

But - is it over ? == Gil Beezley, a retained advisor for the Rainbow Recovery thinks not.
Not having sounded off on the issue are contacted government officials such as State Assemblywoman Hanna-Beth Jackson and US Senator Dianne Feinstein who have both been cc'd the info they need to look into making intercession for the
Rainbow Recovery.

So - it ain't over, --- what is on record are the votes by certain Council Members.

Don't you wish you Voted in the Past Election??? See what happens when you don't.

What will become of College Park = Perhaps a Collage of mixed-up uses -
will the trees stay? Maybe...
will the butterflies have a habitat? Perhaps....
will the Hill and Amphitheater remain? - Perchance....
will a baseball diamond be planed instead of over-abundance of Soccer fields? - Who knows....
will the wetlands remain wet or become dry fields for night lighting? - Could be...

What Was made certain by the Council is that the Rainbow Ladies will have to go.
Go find another home, live in one of those new particle-board pop-up homes, or maybe a vacant warehouse can become home.

What was really shown tonight was that "Oxnard is the City that Cares."



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