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DDDThis Deal with The Grand Jury and the River Ridge Golf Club has becoming quite an issue - and with the City Manager brushing it off like it's a gnat buzzing about his head is not exactly the right attitude to have when these allegations and findings could lead to Jail for some of the Council and City Staff and perhaps our own little GrayDavis Style recall effort...if the public gets upset. Obvious mismanagement was detected and many times Council Member Dean Maulhardt said on the record that the books were good and reviewed by the Council and Staff.
......................................Not so, it appears.

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I had the honor to sit on the Open Space District Committee. I was asked to participate on this committee at the request of County Supervisor John Flynn; therefore allowed me to serve representing the 5th District.

The strong caliber and expertise of the many individuals who sat on this committee was just overwhelming. It was indeed a privilege to work such individuals. Individuals from the Farm Bureau, State Conservancy, County Planners, Ventura County League of Women Voters, are just a few organizations that participated.

The City's report is correct. There is one meeting left that will conclude our work, which should include a final report. The number of hours and meetings that took place was amazing for the size of the committee. The consultant did an excellent job keeping everyone focused and the Chairs of the committee performed with strong leadership and dedication.

I personally believe it would have made more sense for the City to wait until the final meeting/report took place before taking it's position. At least, Council typically doesn't make a move to the left or right without all information available.

Maybe a presentation by the Chairs of the Committee would have given a more balance presentation to the City Council as it relates to the purpose and goals of the Open Space District Committee.

Regardless of ones position on this matter, we all have a social responsibility to preserve our environment and protect the open space that remains, including wetlands.

And just a reminder; the idea of having an Open Space District did not come about in a back room or just something to do. This was actually a bill that was passed in Sacramento and was authored by Assemblywoman Hannah Beth Jackson.

Respectfully to the Citizens of Oxnard,

Eddie Castillo

former Oxnard City Planning Commissioner

Well, it looks like Martin Prevailed and our City is Safe from a Theatre Debacle at least for the immediate future. City Hall watchers are surmising that the City Council may make a move to settle this case out of Court ---which said resolution thereof would be the holding of proper public meetings, public review and a chance to question why the tax paying citizens must foot the majority of this bill for paying for a movie house and Subway/Starbux franchise center.

A good first run movie theater in Camarillo folded recently (PLV Road / Santa Rosa Rd. @ the 101)

""The theater that closed in Camarillo was paid for by the theater owner/operator. When the theater closed, I called the City Manager of Camarillo to ask how much the theater had cost the Camarillo citizens.

The City Manager stated that Camarillo had not put any money into the theater or guaranteed any profit. Why does the City of Oxnard guarantee 1.6 million a year for a theater?"" ----- Martin Jones

So the financial forecast for Motion Picture Houses is not all that good----------- Plasma Big Screen TVs and DVD rentals at BlockHeadBuster and Hollyweird Video are great inducements to stay home, especially when Dominus Pizza throws some enhanced dough product in with the remaining carbohydrates. Yum Yum.

For Oxnard to survive, it needs to make something that people are going to want to go to. Was a feasibility study done on the Theater Project - YES - But the results did not guarantee the promised revenue the City anticipates - as a mater of fact, the study foretold of a blackhole where all the city dollars were sucked into the nothingness - ne'er to return.

The Whole project is good in concept - but hard to swallow in reality and that is what Martin Jones is trying to do - to save us from choking on the repayment debt that this project has in store for the Oxnard residents --- should it go thru as it now is prepared and planned. ALL the winning candidates got election contributions from the developer so you know where their heart is - it certainly is not with it's citizens, unless you want to send them $500.oo they may start to listen to you.

. . . . Back-grounder - N E W S :::::::

Martin Jones's Case v. Oxnard will have a hearing on 02 JUNE 2003...and the Judge will decide if Martin's claims legally hold water and so far his ship is not listing.

If the judge rules in favor of Martin and his Lawyer, then there will be a case adjudicated...if dismissed, Oxnard will go on making sweetheart deals behind closed doors and feeding the citizens whatever the Council wants.

Life goes on ---- no watchdogs like Roy Lockwood around - except for Martin Jones.


The LONE RANGER - or -


Larry Stein's one man battle for the single decimal point.

Mr. Stein has been making every attempt possible within his means to get answers from the City and responses to his Queries. To date: Nada.... I have a long history of E-Mails from Larry, but this latest is a keeper....

I spoke with Stan Klienman The City of Oxnard's Finance Manager regarding receiving a response to my questions. He said "It's budget time - I don't have time to answer your silly little questions"

I spoke with Ed Sottelo, the city manager. He said he did not receive a copy of my letter (May 20th) even though I gave it to him via the City Clerk during Public Comments of the regularly scheduled City Council meeting. He did acknowledge receiving the copy of the letter and the City Clerk's response to my letter that I delivered May 27th. He is willing to meet with me and discuss these questions.

Assistant City Attorney Alan Holmberg has been asked by the City Finance Department to offer an legal opinion has to what the Finance department has to provide. When I spoke with Mr. Holmberg, he agreed that I was not asking silly little questions.

In as much as it is budget time, a response to my questions prior to the release of the proposed budget would allow me and other membes of the public to ask additional question at the city council meetings.

On the agenda, under close session, two more properties are being sold by the city. I think it is important for the public to know what properties are available for resale so the general public can also bid on those properties.

: : : : From Larry Stein - Silly Little Questions : : : :

See Larry's May Request:

As many of you know, I have made several inquiries into the finances of River Ridge Golf Course. I have asked for such items such as the income staement and balance sheet. I get partial responses such as there is no income statement, here is the balance sheet, by the way, we do have a schedule of revenue and expenditures. Last Tuesday night, I presented a list of questions for which I wanted answers. Please note the attached list of questions.



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