guest Column: A Death Wish: American Intellectuals Have Been Siding With Enemies Of The U.S. For A Long, Long Time.

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I really don't know where to begin, for the first time in my life I find that I am at a complete loss for the words to express my rage, and my outrage, stemming from the tragic events of September eleventh. I know I am not alone in my rage, I know that almost every person in the United States shares my rage and my grief.


The reason I say that almost every individual in this country is outraged is that there are many enemies within our borders. These

enemies celebrated the events of September 11. The elitists of this country, especially many of the professors of our upper-echelon colleges and universities are our enemies. For years, it has been fashionable for these "ivory-tower" professors to criticize and demean our capitalist system while admiring the policies of Communism Worldwide.

The September 2 issue of the Washington Times posed the question, "Where is Fanon?" and declared this apostle of Third World liberation to be a lost prophet of anti-colonialist violence.

Nine days later, the newspaper's question was answered with the destruction of the World Trade Center and nearby buildings, four airliners, the partial destruction of the Pentagon and the loss of many thousands of American lives.

Frantz Fanon predicted that an oppressed Third World would overthrow its first world oppressors. His book, "The Wretched of the Earth," has six editions in Arabic and helped spread hatred of whites among people of color.

Fanon had many allies among Western intellectuals and professors and his book was a best seller in the early 1970s in the Stanford bookstore.

Vietnam, capitalism, greed and racism had convinced many people that America deserved to be destroyed. Intellectual Backstabbers Disgust with America and despair over American policies was the essence of education. Professor John Gurley, editor of the American Economic Review, put his hopes on Maoist economics. His office in Stanford, similar to many others, was decorated with a large poster of Chairman Mao. These professors that hate capitalism eagerly accept their paychecks which come from taxes that are available only because of capitalism. Reminds me of the dog that bites the hand that feeds it. For three decades, students all over America have been taught antipathy to their own country and sympathy for Third World countries that they cannot even find on a map.

During the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, some American female reporters were so taken by the slimy communist thugs that they allegedly had love affairs with them. In the years that followed, things have become worse. Critical race theorists, legal theorists, feminists, multiculturalists and other "ists" have reconstructed Marxism in terms of race and gender. Professors teach that races and genders have opposed and irreconcilable interests, just as Marx taught that workers and capitalists could not be reconciled. The only difference being that the white male has replaced the capitalist as the evil hegemonist of history.

By denying the existence of good will and common interests among races, classes and genders, Marxists preach coercion as the basis of relations among groups. These ideas are far more influential than most people are aware.

In the universities, white males experience coercion in kangaroo courts and sensitivity training. In society at large, the 1964 Civil Rights Act made coercion, not persuasion, the basis for integration. The act presupposes that if left to their own conscience, whites would never accept blacks as schoolmates, employees or colleagues. President Bush said in his Tuesday address that the U.S. will treat countries that provide havens to terrorists the same as terrorists.

Evidently the president is not aware that the U.S. is the haven of choice for terrorists groups. What better place to hide out, because of non-existent security, and the ease of raising large sums of money?

Terrorists Among Us

In January 2000, counterterrorism expert Steven Emerson told the House Judiciary Committee that the U.S. and Canada are havens for the following groups:

Palestinian Hamas

Islamic Jihad

Lebanese Hizbullah

Algerian Armed Islamic Group

Egyptian Al Gamat

Osama bin Laden's Al Qaida group


A stupid immigration policy has enabled terrorists cells to hide themselves in religious and civil rights organizations. Terrorists may go to Afghanisan, the Middle East and North Africa for training, but they live in, and raise money in, the U.S. and Canada.

We know very little about the terrorists in our country. Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, emasculated the CIA in the mid-1970s when the American political left rushed to the defense of Fidel Castro. What else could you expect from a Democrat?

The FBI got so much grief for spying on Martin Luther King for his communist connections that the bureau has shied away from infiltrating another minority group. Instead, the FBI has followed a politically correct strategy of focusing on white supremacist groups.

Arabs and Muslims are "protected Minorities" under U.S. civil rights laws, it is illegal to racially profile and infiltrate protected minorities because of skin color or creed.

The U.S. is between a rock and a hard spot. It cannot tell one domestic Arab or Muslim from another. The white elite's that lead the country and control information are ridden with racial guilt.

Civil rights laws and sheer numbers of Muslim immigrants defeat our ability to root out the fifth columns organized on our territory. I sincerely hope and pray that this country wakes up while we still have a country.


Historical information for this article was obtained from an article in Investor's Business Daily by Mr. Paul Craig Roberts. Mr. Roberts was assistant secretary of the treasury under President Reagan.




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