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Casino Battle's Heating Up - Lines are quickly drawn


Oxnard Mayor Manuel Lopez, flanked by Supervisor John Flynn, Rabbi Sherwood, and INCF Chairman Alan Wingo, presented a statement to a standing room only group of media and concerned citizens who came to the Anti-Casino Press Conference held at Accurate Engineering offices on Pacific Avenue in Oxnard.


The Mayor read a prepared statement filled his his life-long convictions and conern for the City of Oxnard. After the Mayor spoke, Supervisor Flynn told the assembly," This would be the demise of the City. We want to attact good companies to Oxnard and this casino doesn't fit the bill. In fact, we'll be left with the bill. A Casino marks, and degrades the community. WE don't want it, WE will fight it. I'm amazed that three on the Council asked for a study that basically relinquishes land use of the city. If the casino goes in, the City will surrender all land use authority. " Supervisor Flynn's comments served as a warning to all, that following through with this would mean big trouble for the future of Oxnard.

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Stay with us - for news from the Tuesday Afternoon News Conference....A Story is forthcoming...Plus the FULL Text of Mayor Lopez's Statement to the Press.

The OTHER alternative News Conference will be at the RED STAR PRESS office on Ralston in Oxnard's suburb of San Buenaventura. That stage show will be at 1630. Plan to see what the men with suits say about the Casino they want while they stand around congratulating themselves for presenting a pretty picture of poor old Oxnard as it gets the money in through the Maidu soverign trading post at the Factory Outlet. Craps or slots anyone?.

The Lines are Really Being Drawn.....,.who will win the City..... Stay tuned to the next Oxnard Journal and be sure to read what the Ventura-based media says about OUR Town.


Mark May 8th on your Planner

May 8th - plan to attend the Oxnard City Council Chamber to Voice YOUR OPINION {{ Either PRO -or- CON }} on the CASINO.

No, Al Pacino is not coming to Oxnard, it's even more fun than that. Oxnard City Officials are sitting on a "Staff Report" that is floating around behind the closed doors of City staff such as the City Manager and of course, the Council.

What was meant to be a quiet review of a "potential political bomb shell" among gentlemen managers of Oxnard City affairs, has now become a cause celebre among those who always are are against everything the Council does and even everyday folks who don't think a Casino is a good signal to send out. The Casino cat is indeed out of the bag.

Oxnard City Council has basically turned against our Mayor by not even following his Stern advice to NOT allow a Casino to 'even' be considered.

John Zaragoza has FIRMLY come out against the Casino. In a telephone conversation Friday morning (4/20), Councilman Zaragoza emphatically proclaimed that he was elected by the people of Oxnard to support them in their will for the City. "Ten-to-One, the citizens of Oxnard are against this casino," Councilman Zaragoza said, "This is a quality of life issue for Oxnard. The concerns that face us on this issue are the impacts on our children, our image, and our future. What we are entertaining is forming a sovereign nation within the city limits of Oxnard."

 The Oxnard Journal wants to go on record as backing the Mayor and Councilman Zaragoza for having the 'chutzpah' to voice their convictions and to stand for what they feel and know is right and listening to who elected them.

Holden, Maulhardt, and Pinkhard have openly stated their interest in pursuing a review of this "staff report" which doesn't exist according to Holden, Ed Sotelo, the City Manager and poor Dennis Scala who is caught in the middle of this chicanery. John Zaragoza is NOT sitting on the fence, but is on record for always supporting the Mayor on this issue.

Citizens whom came to speak during public comments this past Tuesday (April-17) did mention the Casino and elicited strange, but predictable reactions from the Council. Tom Holden was interviewed by KTVA. To hear KTVA (our county's ONLY local talk radio) turn your AM (Amplitude Modulation) dial to 1520. I almost typed 1450, but that station went "BoOM!".

PLAN TO be on the ALERT for May 8th and watch what happens in Oxnard between and betwixt that date.

Here's what to expect:

  • A Public Rally in Plaza Park Against the Casino.

  • Local News Media that depends on Revenue to Survive will not take a stand For Or Against. Casinos mean money and advertising revenue to those who seek that as their primary goal for existence.

  • Petitions circulated to get signatures of residents who are in opposition to any CASINO. =-=-=- and most interesting is ::::

  • A RECALL PETITION to Oust a majority of the seated Council. With no one except Mayor Lopez and Councilman John Zaragoza going on Record to Opposition to the Casino Proposal - there are growing numbers of folks who feel passionate about initiating a recall. This issue is that hot. =-=-=- A minimum of 4,500 signatures are required to represent 10% of the registered voters who make such a recall qualify. LOCAL Leaders need to choose between God and Mammon. Serve the moral standards that ethically preclude allowing a Casino to come into our hometown, or just sell your soul to the bite of the money. Whom do you serve? Citizens or self?

  • INCF (Neighborhood Council) meetings will be called before the May 8th Council meeting and news of the Casino will shared to those in attendance.

  • City Leadership is not reading this one right and this One Issue is going to come back to bite the Political hindside of many who don't seek to serve the will of the people.

Things are not good for City officials who do not tell all and come clean with us as to whether there is a serious proposal afoot to bring Gambling into Oxnard. Where is the Report (sic: Business Plan) ? Who has the paperwork and what does it propose.

Those who are supporters of Mayor Lopez need to get their messages of Encouragement to him. Support our Mayor in his most crucial decision and show of Leadership on the Council. The Oxnard Journal is looking for an e-mail address for his Honor so you may send your messages of support.


The Link to a Long Chain: Read the EDC memo - here and only here on the Oxnard Journal.......

Read the Transcript notes from 3/27 Council Meeting......




Remember the old adage "The flower of the lemon tree is beautiful and sweet, but the Fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat." Such it is with this so-called (INDIAN CASINO) which is being proposed by the Maidu Indians whose tribe resides in Plumas and Tehema Counties in northern California, some three-hundred miles north of the Oxnard Factory Outlet. Contrary to the claim circulating that the Maidu tribe owns no tribal land, the word is that this is a False Claim. Rumor has it that this tribe in fact does own land but has avoided placing this land in trust which would Federally designate it as Maidu tribal land. This could greatly affect local individuals who have empathy for a "landless" indian tribe seeking to build a gigantic casino complex in Oxnard . Let us not miss the forest for the redwoods. Would elected officials of Oxnard entertain the idea of a Las Vegas/Reno gambling corporation seeking to build a gigantic casino complex in our City? Is there any doubt that the local residents would surely reject such a corporate proposal from neighboring Nevada? This is exactly what is occurring. Remove the plight of the Native American Indians from the equation and the entire complexion of this proposal changes from Dr. Jekyll to that of Mr. Hyde.

Now for the truth which quite often slips through the cracks in the decision making process of Oxnard. This project calls for a 150,000 sq. ft. Casino featuring 2,000 slot machines and 176 table games. A 250 room hotel, a range of restaurant dining options, lounges and showrooms, resort retail stores and 'Flex' facility for concerts, meetings, tradeshows, sporting events, and etc.

BUT, Wait A Minute! How does this poor landless Maidu Indian tribe propose to fund such a huge project? This is the point where this story takes a frightening turn. Enter PARAGON GAMING. Paragon is a Limited Liability Corporation that plans to develop gambling projects across the United States and in Canada using Native American Indian tribes as a front. If Paragon Gaming rings a bell, maybe it's because not long ago Paragon attempted a gambling proposal in Port Hueneme, but Port Hueneme's decision makers had the wisdom to reject the proposal. I fear that kind of wisdom does not exist in the City of Oxnard. Wisdom has no place when there are pockets in need of lining and potentially large sums of money to be made by the same privileged few that always seem to profit from actions and decisions of the Oxnard City Council. (Editor's Note: Remember the Pacific Suns debacle.) These decisions of the city leadership are most often contrary to the wishes of the citizenry who elected them.

Kudos to Mayor Lopez and Councilman John Zaragoza who wasted no time taking a stand of opposition to the Casino proposal and no doubt see the project for what it really is, a Front for Big Nevada Gambling to grab a foothold in California. Once again, history repeats itself and big corporate money has found a loophole in the system by taking advantage of Native American Indians who will serve as a bona fide FRONT to cloak Paragon's plans to build full-blown gambling casinos here in California and also nationwide in states where gambling is otherwise illegal. When Paragon left Port Hueneme, they said they would "find an Indian tribe" and they did. A recent phone call placed to Paragon by one of Oxnard's Neighborhood Council, (now known as the INCF) Chairpersons requesting a copy of the Oxnard Casino project and business plans as well as projected earnings was promptly denied under the pretext that Paragon is "currently in negotiations with the City of Oxnard."

What Negotiations? Gee, and we, the citizens of Oxnard have been told by our elected officials that there is nothing more occurring than a staff report on the project. Would Oxnard's elected officials outright lie to the Community?????

In response to that question, on March 12th, the Oxnard City Council received a full report endorsing this project from the Economic Development Corporation (EDC). However as April rolled around, certain members of the City Council claimed they knew nothing of the proposal until it appeared in an April 8th article in the Star Press. I'd say once again, they've been caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Why were the citizens of Oxnard deliberately misled on this minor addition to our city's landscape? Timing IS everything! By claiming they had no knowledge of the Paragon Casino proposal until April 8th, the City Council can say there was no time for them to get a report on the project and make a decision on the issue prior to May 15th. Why is May 15th such an important date? It is expected that on or around May 15th, the State of California is going to impose restrictions on tribal gambling which would seriously disrupt the plans of Paragon Gaming in Oxnard. By taking no action on this issue prior to the May deadline, the City Council is as much as approving the project. As with Pontius Pilot, the Council is following a similar cleansing method of washing their hands of the whole issue by failing to take a stand of opposition to this Nevada backed Casino. Taking a stand too late is as good as no stand at all!

We've been told the Tribal Representatives are meeting with "community leaders". What community leaders? My bet would be that these would be the various department heads and the handful of local business people who are already lining up with their hands-out for the promises of mitigation moneys that are tantamount to bribery. The losers in this scenario, as usual, will be the residents of Oxnard whose hard-earned money will fuel another capitalist machine from outside the boundaries of Oxnard. This done, as is the usual way business is conducted in Oxnard, only a handful of already elite individuals will stuff more into their already fat pockets. Greed is a great motivator.

As the song says, "I get on my knees and pray, we don't get fooled again." Remember, when you read of this topic in the "RED STAR PRESS" which is most often our local purveyor of censored propaganda, that the "MAIDU INDIAN CASINO" is actually "THE LAS VEGAS/RENO NEVADA PARAGON GAMING CASINO"


When will the people of Oxnard raise up their heads, open their eyes, and take control of their local government?

Exclusive for the Oxnard Journal

The Watchdog (a writer of lineage in the Cherokee tribe)


Local Church groups will be preaching it, parents will be pushing against it, local concerned citizens will rise up in a show of protest against it, and YOU should be heard also......

Send your comments to:

This is the Original Article that prompted the previous submission of the Watchdog's. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--

Oxnard Gaming Casino was a done deal

(April 11 - Oxnard, Calif.) During Public Comments at the beginning of Oxnard City Council meeting on April 10th (last Tuesday) Steve Buratti revealed a letter from Oxnard's Economic Development Corporation. (EDC) dated March 14th. The letter was an informational transmittal of development information regarding the PROPOSED Gaming Casino which Oxnard Leadership wants to approve. The March 14th letter had a cc: at the bottom citing: Attached are the documents delivered to the Oxnard City Council last Monday (March 12). The Ventura Red Star Press published an article on the Proposed Casino April 8th. The April 8th article detailed a request from a non-local Native-American tribe, formally delivered on the week on March 12th to the City of Oxnard, requesting a Casino be approved and built.

Not only did the Non-Native Americans request the Casino in March; the City, inclusive of EDC roll-overs and informants in Staff and the Council along with the City's Mayor were also in the know of this grand proposal. Meanwhile, some man named Wilson is fathering a new Prop. 1A to be on the November ballot. 1A is some initiative of some sort and the deadline for finalizing it is this weekend. Who cares, this article is not about A1,1A, or even A1A (a highway along Florida's Atlantic coastline.) Buratti presented his copy of the EDC letter before the Council ........

.........he wanted to bring it to the Council's attention that their earlier March claim of not knowing anything about the Casino was not so when they recently claimed they only conveniently became aware of the Casino by reading the Red Star Press. Ho, Ho, Ho - not so implied Buratti. They knew about the Casino, and he had the paperwork to prove it. According to Buratti, he got "no reaction, just bland expression - they didn't fight back." Summary: all the Council members could do was just sit there. (Bambi in the Head Lights) Buratti nailed them.

As is the given practice of Council, when a member is so derided during public comments, the Councilmen usually retorts or makes some vocal display in response. This time, no one on the Council had anything to say as they were caught in the de-fibulation of the truth.

Alan Wingo was the next Public Comments speaker and he added to Steve B.'s comments. Wingo questioned whether he could trust what he heard the Council say. " I'm very concerned the Oxnard City Council had prior knowledge [of the Casino] and still mislead the public, " referring to questions put to the Council in March during public comment whereafter the vacuous responses they (respondent councilmembers) crafted were not true.

Council, in essence, said it had NO FOREKNOWLEDGE of any Casino project until they read about it in the 'Red' Star Press.

The Mayor, Dr. Manuel Lopez and Mayor Pro-tem Councilman John Zaragoza are the ONLY elected Public Officials to go on record with their opposition to any GAMING facilities placed within Oxnard. Oxnard Journal gives you both a Bravo Zulu for doing the right thing and speaking up. This is not the first time Council has openly sided against Mayor Lopez. In the 1998 Mayoral Race, both Holden and Maulhardt publicly endorsed challenger Herrera a mere two weeks before the election.

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