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The master plan for College Park has been completed and approved by the

Recreation and Parks Commission and will be on the May 14,2002,

City Council agenda for approval. This is not the park we were promised

twenty years ago. However we did make significant accomplishments. The

soccer community wanted 7 adult fields; they got four. The Ventura

Museum wanted 20 acres they have been limited to four acres. The 16

acres not given to the museum is now open space and additional parking.


Following are features of the proposed College Park.


4 soccer fields with lights

5 baseball/softball fields with lights

3 acre dog park for large dogs

1 acre dog park for small dogs

Perimeter jogging/bicycle trail

1 children's play area for tots

2 children's play areas for school age kids

Approximately 629 parking spaces

Skateboard facility

4 acre farm museum

Existing wetlands

Grass volleyball court

2 full-court outdoor basketball courts

26,000 sq. ft. community center building with gymnasium.

Plans are to operate a PAL program and a police substation from this recreation building.


The community center will be located next to the existing group barbecue

area and parking lot. The outdoor basketball court, volleyball court,

children's play area for tots, and one of the play areas for school age

children will be clustered around the community center. I have been

told by an Oxnard College employee, Eli Oakley, that Oxnard College

plans to build a swimming pool by 2005 with some of the bond money

recently approved by the voters. I believe however there will be a

footprint of a swimming pool on the College Park proposed plan in case

Oxnard College does not build a pool as they have promised. The final

proposed drawing for College Park will be available at the Recreation

and Parks meeting on Wednesday, April 24. The meeting will be televised

starting at 5:30 p.m.


I can personally support this plan for College Park except for one

item. It is proposed to give the Ventura Museum not only four acres but

to also give the museum the two old homes on the site. It does not seem

to bother the museum that they will be taking these homes from the

Rainbow Ladies but it bothers me. About 15 years ago the Rainbow Ladies

fully restored these two old homes with their own sweat. The Rainbow

Ladies treat drug and alcohol addicted women at this site and have

served more than 1,000 women in the last 15 years. I intend to continue

to fight against the eviction of the Rainbow Ladies by the City for the

museum. I intend to protest the eviction of the Rainbow Ladies at the

City Council Meeting on May 14. Attached is a letter about the Rainbow

Ladies that I am sending to the newspapers that I hope will be printed.

I hope all of you can send your own letters and attend the City Council

Meeting on May 14 and ask that the Rainbow Ladies be allowed to stay in

their homes at College Park.


Thank you.


Lois Jones






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