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Let's talk about Oxnard's dirty little secret. This is the second letter talking about the things they don't want to talk about in Oxnard. While your elected officials get big bucks from the local developers, things go on in Oxnard right next to the city hall and police station that is a shame on them. I live in this area and can no longer pretend not to see what is blight and shame on the city, elected officials and paid staff of the city.

Today I want to talk about the moving merchants - ice cream trucks - push cart vendors and those that sell from stolen grocery carts. These people sell junk food to already too fat children, and even poorly stored and quality of food to people who want to treat their children to a treat. When you see the 2-year old with their own big bag of cheese puffs you know there is something wrong here.

Code Enforcement closes up at 5:00pm on each day and by 5:15pm the streets in Oxnard are filled with all kinds and means of sellers of junk food. Just this pass weekend I saw 2 ice cream trucks which came by about once every 2 hours - a woman selling tamales from the trunk of her car, a man selling corn on the cob from a grocery cart, another selling ice with syrup also from a grocery cart, and 2 push cart ice cream sellers. Forth street near the Catholic church must be the mecca for these sellers. I got to checking with friends who live in other parts of Oxnard, and it is the same at other locations too. In the interest of checking on these foods I approached the big white ice cream truck and purchased a ice cream treat. I walked back to my home and saw that once I opened it, that it must of been stored poorly as it looked to be freezer burned.

It's time that the city set out to protect it's youngest citizens from what seems to be unhealthy and poorly kept and prepared food. I'll be watching from my front door Oxnard. Let's work together and make Oxnard as good as you city council wants you to believe it is.

Debbie Kilpatrick - Resident of Oxnard

Let's talk about Oxnard's dirty little secret - the way that families are being raised in Oxnard. (This is the First Secret)

Overcrowded dirty homes where children denied decent basic housing, secondary building convert to shack-up poor men, women and their children. You see the men sitting outside drinking their beers, while children run pass them, heading for the ice cream truck for the second or third time in the same day. All you have to do is swing down any street near the police department and city hall to see these scenes. Is Oxnard City tp be the King of Mexican ghettos away from Mexico?? Unless our elected officials wear blinders you know they see these scenes too. Yet nothing happens to correct these scenes. Housing in Oxnard is a total disgrace. We can approve 300k plus homes yet can not get decent apartments. What apartments we have often times contain 6 or more people in units built for only 1 or 2. You say that's not true, take a trip through E street from Wooley to second, especially 4th street area. Count the number of cars in the area of single family dwellings. Are and should landlords of these units be allowed to become slum lords? Oxnard has just cleaned up one mess similar in the county.

What number of children should be allowed to grow up this way in America? This is not Mexico! Oxnard officials take steps now and place measures in place that will not allow the these terrible housing situtations to exist in this city. This is happening outside the doors of city hall and the police department. Overcrowding can and does create illegal activities. Many of the current buildings are unsafe, wiring in these old buildings are taxed beyond the loads they should carry, water and sewage is also beyond safe levels. I say it's time that Oxnard investigate and evaluate apartments operating within the city limits. Give the landlords 6 months to clean up their messes or have the city take over and manage the properties.

Children should have safe and clean homes to live in. Children should have room to grow. Children should not be exposed to adult lifestyles. Children should be learning to live and hold down jobs, not sell drugs as they see it on the streets outside their homes. Children have the right to expect that the government can and will watch out for their well being as well as fat cat developers.

Debbie Kilpatrick - resident of Oxnard

From Martin Jones:::::: Regarding Downtown THEATER

IF HUD is out of the picture and private financing may be used according to the story in today's Star there is one un answered question: how is the City going to give the two million dollars to the two developers ? The story states that the developers are going to put up two million of their own money. How will the City provide, sight unseen, the two mil without anyone noticing?


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