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The following is a collection of messages re: The Oxnard City's Choices and Chances for making College Park something we can all enjoy. The Submissions included from Martin Jones were solicited by the Oxnard Journal and Martin graciously gathered his thoughts and put down some ideas.... He will periodically submit items and when they come in, they will be posted here. So read on and do more than read, be a part of the process by attending neighborhood meetings and going to City Council to express your views.

College Park

For me, Martin Jones, College Park really started about five years ago. Bedford Pinkard was on the verge of obtaining College Park from the County to build a sub-standard (literally) baseball stadium for the Pacific Suns. Yes, the second worst baseball team in history. At that time I contacted my County Supervisor, Frank Schillo, and asked him to meet with people from my neighborhood and some others including Rebecca Ralph. Frank did and told the City representatives, Karen Burnham and Michael Henderson, that the City could have College Park if the City did not build a baseball stadium. And that began the pitiful saga of the Pacific Suns and Oxnard College and the City of Oxnard.

I won't digress. But as I explained my opposition to the Suns to Jane Tolmach she wisely said, "You can't just be against something, you have to be for something." I drew a blank. I repeated Jane's statement to Rebecca Ralph and she said, "Swimming Pool!"

College Park [ fifty acres] was transferred to the City on June 4 1969 by grant deed duly recorded on June 6 1969. The City deeded the fifty acres to the County on November 20 1979 by grant deed. That occurred because the City did not have any money to develop the fifty acres. The County had at the time twenty five contiguous acres. The resulting combined acres are known as College Park. College Park was reconveyed to the City by quitclaim deed with conditions on June 20, 2000.

Supervisor Flynn had a lot to do with the conditions in the quitclaim deed that gave College Park to the City.

During the years that the County retained possession of College Park at least four proposals to develop the acres into a public park were made to the City by the County. Supervisor Flynn was involved with some or all of the proposals put before the City. All were rejected. At one meeting of the South Oxnard Revitalization Committee Councilman Maulhardt when asked why the City had not joined with the County in developing a public park he responded that he had not seen or read or knew anything about the proposals but (in spite of his self admitted ignorance) he was sure it was a bad deal for the City.

In the proposals made by the County to the City were: a lake with a ceremonial garden and all of the usual that goes with a mixed use public park. In addition to what was already there other proposals were a nine hole golf course and swimming pool.

The present Committee on which I am a member is proposing what I consider a tragedy. Keep in mind there isn't any money. The present proposals consider the demolition of what is there. All of which was built with State and Federal grants. The grants and the reconveyance deed all state the improvements will remain in "perpetuity". The amphitheatre, picnic area, barbecue area, kitchen, wetlands and rest rooms all will go. Never mind the conditions in the quitclaim deed that incorporated the conditions of the State and Federal grants. The grant conditions, the quit claim deed and other documents all refer to recreational purposes and a public park. One of the present proposals is twenty acres of farming. Crop growing is not an example of out door public recreation. There isn't any money to replace anything that is demolished, ergo demolition is stupid on its' face. There is hopefully three million dollars coming from the State. With that we could build a swimming pool. Even the town of Mariposa (population 1900) has a public swimming pool. With what is presently at College Park and a public swimming pool the City would be on its' way to a beautiful outdoor public park reserved for outdoor public recreation.

It is my understanding that Oxnard College is willing to participate with the City in developing College Park by donating approximately fifteen acres of College land. If and only if the City doesn't develop something at the park that harms or diminishes the reputation of the College. Guilt by association, if you will.

Martin Jones -- Chairman College Park Neighborhood -- Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001


Regarding the Article on College Park that appeared in the RED STAR PRESS - July 3rd:

The Editor asked for Martin's Feedback.....

OK --- Thanks for the Contribution - what did you think of the Star coverage today. I've got some old farm implements I'd love to store at the Park for a dollar a year....

Bill Winter

---------- R E P L Y ----------------

I don't know who Hernandez talks to but it isn't me. George Lauterbach's presentation stated that the museum would contribute tens of thousands of dollars to the maintenance of the park. You would be amazed as to how many people believed that and that children would be better served, recreationally, by watching celery grow rather than have a swimming pool. It appears that as of today I am the single person that has read all of the documents.

Martin Jones - Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001


This Message alerted the Oxnard Journal to the upcoming MESS with the Park...


Comments: Back Stabs and land Grabs!

Tonight 06/20/01 at the Oxnard South Revitalization meeting a plan to bring a 20 acre farm implement museum to Oxnard College Park was proposed by the Ventura County Museum of History & Art. Putting aside the fact that this proposal is a forbidden use by the Quitclaim Deed agreed to by the City of Oxnard it was still put forth at the meeting. The Quitclaim document calls for College Park to used for public park and recreation use. The last time I checked the term Exposition says, a "detailed expression of subject mater" not exactly recreation! Call it what you want a Farm Implement Museun or Exposition it still is not recreation. This proposal is nothing but a land grab by the Museum of History & Art and will be a knife in our backs!

College Park has 75 acres and to give up one square foot to an Ag Expo is a travesty, let alone 20 acres! Once. Again the City of Oxnard is going to try an end run. This Johnny come lately project will squeeze out the much needed recreation for the surrounding communities of Tierra Vista, Lemmonwood, Diamond Bar/Green Castle, College Park Estates.

Rebecca Ortiz - Oxnard

Sent on Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 00:40:57



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