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What FLYNN really wanted to Say. . .

 Now that some of the furor is subsiding from the Red-Star Press, well, here's a letter to the Editor they surely would not print... I must protect the writer - but I do wonder if not some of the pointsare worth note and trying to find a solution to our future may not be within our control.....

To: Oxnard Journal:

One Red Face in a Sea of Brown, yellow & white.

I like John Flynn - I like him because he's beensteady in his Supervisory longevity.

I like him because he's been the face of Oxnard on the Supervisor's Board.

But, the color of his face has changed from White to Red.
Being an "Anglo" [myself] I know what 'white' ghosts taunt Mr. Flynn.
I see what he sees. Right before our eyes, the face of our democratic demographics are transforming over night.

Recent Census calculations have proven that now Latino/Jispanic Spanish-speaking peoples make up the majority of Flynn's beloved constituents.

Now John Flynn, myself, and other caucasians must realize that we are the minority now.

John Flynn - Let out of his mouth, the Quote that will follow and haunt him, the quote which divides more than it brings together. The Quote that will forever now become his journalistic epitath.

John Flynn did not speak publically the words I've heard other "Anglos" speak privately.
The words about the direction they fear Latino Political Leadership is aiming for.

Come'on John -- You opened the flood-gates.Let's say what's really on your mind.
Students of History will tell you that 1848 was not that long ago...on the timeline of human events.In 1848, Mexico ceded what is now known as Texas, New Mexico, Arid-zona, and California to the young rebel goverment of the soon-to-expand United States.


1848 was a mere 154 years ago.

In another 50 years what can happen.

California ceded back to Mexico.

That is what Flynn fears.

It's not harmless Irma Lopez, he just aimed at her, the nearest target, the target who has rolled over before at the Anglo's rage....but, this time....La Raza...No Way Jose.


The Whole Affair Was Damaging. Whites need to cool it or leave. Mexican-Americans need to become empowered and things are going in the right direction. Basing anything on race is wrong. We are all God's kids, let's act our age.


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I thought long and hard about printing this. the Letter came in after the 4th of July and I read it while home on vacation. I am currently in Vermont, but praying and working to get back to Oxnard - especially to cover the upcoming elections.


----- Bill Winter ------