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Martin D. Jones


(Editor's Note: This is a NEW editorial)

In my opinion the casino is just the last fiasco the Oxnard Council the Trio has claimed no knowledge of. In the recent past we had the Esplanade indoor mall torn down only to be replaced by a strip mall. And when the developer discovered an underground warehouse bigger than a football field AFTER the deal was struck the City gave him three million dollars more. The poor witless, sightless developer didn't know it was there. In 1998 the Council endorsed deregulating the electric industry. Clearly another bad idea.

The Pacific Suns caused the City to be the laughing stock of the nation. Besides leaving town owing the City and citizens tens of thousands of dollars. Dean Maulhardt said it wouldn't cost the City anything. The impacted neighborhoods got a petition together of over four hundred names against the Suns and Bedford Pinkard said petitions make "good toilet paper".

The County had at least four proposals for College Park presented to the City for development as a mixed use public park and the City turned them down. But Pinkard said it was the County that wouldn't do anything. It was Bedford that wouldn't do anything. At this time 90% of College Park is being proposed for the use of ORGANIZED SPORTS. The public that is not into organized sport activity can be damned.

Settling the Cornell prison matter cost the City a million dollars. Not only is the proposed sixteen screen theatre in downtown Oxnard a bad idea to make it go with HUD the City resorted to making false claims in the application, two of which are felonies under the law. HUD rejected the application. The Town Center development on the South side of the Santa Clara River, which is not the center of any town, was financially guaranteed by the City and to settle the Bankruptcy action cost the City millions of dollars. Prior to the last election the incumbents claimed the budget was balanced. I disputed that statement. The recent audit (COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT) proves I was correct. The City has about a two million dollar deficit.

And the golf course, once again, raided the general budget to the tune of 900,000 dollars. The Council wants to build another golf course. Can we afford two? The quality of life ordinances such as the noise ordnance means nothing to Holden, Pinkard and Maulhardt because they make sure nuisances are never permitted in their neighborhoods. Is it a coincidence that after Dean Maulhardt was elected that fees were waived for infrastructure (sewer, water, streets, etc.) development that would have been paid for by developers? Doesn't this make Maulhardt owned land increase greatly in value? Holden also wants to make use of his property and if he wants any waivers that effect land use or building he had better get them. If he meets opposition Mr. Holden makes it necessary for employees to find new work addresses. I am reminded of Ben Wong, Joyce Parker and others.

Most recently: CFO Molina. His action is scheduled for July 17 in Federal Court in Los Angeles. And the waste recovery plant on Del Norte being privatized. Where does it end? Is all of the foregoing stupidity? Or something else.

In my opinion the trio of Maulhardt, Holden and Pinkard is not government but a gang that must be recalled in order to have good government in Oxnard.

Permanent remedies include campaign contribution limits, councilmanic districts, civil service protection and an elected city attorney.

Martin Jones


Jeff Taggart

Comments: Casino:

I hope to shed a little light on what has been happening with regards to the casino project here in Oxnard. This is the same project that Paragon Gaming brought to the County recently to be placed at the harbor.

After finding a willing Indian tribe, who is 'suffering' from being landless (even though the Maidu Indians own 2 acres of land in Greenville which they have not put into trust), Paragon is attempting to trick the people into thinking that this is a different project.

In all reality the plan is exactly the same. 250 Room Hotel, 150,000sq.ft. casino 2ith 2000 slot machines and 175 gaming tables. What a coincidence that the Maidu's proposal to the city is exactly the same as Paragon's previous proposal.

This is an attempt to pull at the heart strings of Oxnard, in the hopes that they will not realize that this is the same monster that the County shot down.

It is tragic that our City Staff is acting like they are on a fact finding mission only, when they already know everything they need to.


That is what this comes down too. How many people are going to sell us out for a chunk of the pie? It is interesting that the business community has come out in support while the residents, are overwhelmingly opposed. Particularly the residents in the East Village and El Rio neighborhoods, where the casino will be most closely located.

I look forward to helping the citizens stop this project, and send Paragon packing for another location for good.

Jeff Taggart


East Village Neighborhood Council


Martin D. Jones

Well lets think about it. What have they done? Pinkard has misled and misstated the facts about his education. During the last election he attempted to introduce racism into the campaign by making veiled references to my then campaign manager. I, as a member of the NAACP he would not attack me. He has misstated facts about the airport. He has lied continuously about the County's alleged inaction in developing College Park when in fact it was the City and Bedford Pinkard that prevented development. And then there was the Pacific Suns. The owners of the second worst baseball team in history have filed bankruptcy and they still owe money to the City. And last he used his office as an elected official speaking without interruption from the dais to lie and defame people that had not ever in public uttered one defaming statement about him. He created a lie about Miguel Espinoza and repeated it. If there are rewards for cheap shots he is the clear winner. Dean Maulhardt is in fact a graduate of Loyola University. I have know many fine men that also graduated from that institution and they are all of them older than I. I have to conclude that after their graduation the institutions standards sank especially in the area of ethics. One has to wonder at the coincidence that after his initial election that fees were waived by the City for infrastructure improvements to developers (sewer, streets,water,etc.). And that had the effect of increasing the Maulhardt holdings enormously. He is also known for his insightful intellect. Once he declared that he was in Oxnard before he was born. His business acumen is apparently on the same level, not so long ago he was a bankrupt and owed the City something like $100,00.00. Further he apparently has little regard for the rules that the rest of us have to live by. He has done a considerable amount of work, without permits, in his home. And last he speaks of the Family Trust as if the money in it does not in any way effect the quality of his life.

Tom Holden is a Doctor of Optometry. In his modesty he never bothers to explain the very great difference between that and a medical doctor. I would be surprised if he graduated from a four year college. Tom Holden is good at two things: grinding glass and grinding people. It isn't well known but there isn't any civil service protection in Oxnard for employees. So to avoid Holden's temper tantrums and threats of termination you had better agree with him. Or else. If the City is going to hire professionals then their professional opinion should be listened to. Mr. Holden does not like people that disagree with his amateurish opinions. The Molina trial is set for July 17. That action alone will cost the City hundreds of thousand of dollars. This has to be laid at the feet of Holden.

They are all guilty of the Cornell prison, the suns, the bailout of the Town Center, the waiving of fees, plan waivers, General Plan changes, zone changes, poor enforcement of quality of life codes, and the falsifying of HUD documents for the downtown theatre. A bad idea in the first place.


Martin Jones

(Yeah the terrible trio should go...)




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