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NOVEMBER -Pre-Selection Week -- in the Year 2000 .

Bush - Bush - Bush..... Certainly the recent revelation of Gov. GW's DWI in the Great State of Maine 24 years ago has really backfired on his opposing party, the Demogogs.

With all the Media Frenzy - All the Focus is on BUSH...BUSH....BUSH and not on little Al. Oh, Boy.

If Gore were not behind this, he should be a man and renouce this dirty politicking and elevate himself to the statesman he purports himself to be. But, no, he hides behind sound-bites and criticizes small errors of speech spoken by George. When was the last time GW spoke of inventing the Intermesh or of his papa-daddy George Herbert Walker singing the "Union Label" song to him as a child.

The DWI will only help Bush by turning away democrats who have moral convictions about fairness (there are some) and by proving to the world that GW is really a human and not a priviledged offspring of New England blue-blood. Heck, they're worrying about Pretzelvania, - if you've ever spent any time Pennsylvania, you'll know that drinking is second to having sex and You Have A Friend in Pennsylvania. So PA, being a swing state will go fully for Busch...."pull out another cold one for me from the ice!"

Florida may be a problem as senior citizens are more swayed by such news. But, with the younger vote being key - and drugs being a daily thing ((especially in South Fla. )) then Bush will get high numbers. AND, with the northern states of Wisconsin and the Colder "M" states voting, well, beer and a fishing pole in a smelt shack is the order of the day.

So with all this fuss over George's humanity being revealed, it will prove out one thing. Timing is everything and if the Demos really thought long and hard about this, they should have waited for the Sunday morning talk shows to reveal this horrid fact, but NO, they had to shoot their wad early and by Monday, all this will be old news, just like the past 8 years - it will fill the annuals of the encyclopedias and AOL will still offer free hours on their internet service.

Life will go on and after next Tuesday - all the sillyness of the past 48 hours will appear petty as it really is.....

Bill Winter - Editor - Oxnard-Journal.com

and now the rest of the news....

_INTERVIEW_with_ SAUL_MEDINA_____see below Prop. Recommendations.

Important Election Notice:

This Just In...

"Due to an anticipated voter turnout much larger than originally expected,the polling facilities may not be able to handle the load all at once. Therefore, Republicans are requested to vote on Tuesday, November 7, and Democrats on Wednesday, November 8. Please pass this message along and helpus to make sure that nobody gets left out."

For those not happy with the above characterization::::: YOUR Version:::

This Just In...

"Due to an anticipated voter turnout much larger than originally expected,the polling facilities may not be able to handle the load all at once. Therefore, Democrats are requested to vote on Tuesday, November 7, and Republicans on Wednesday, November 8. Please pass this message along and helpus to make sure that nobody gets left out."

And for those of you who are still not pleased::

This Just In...

"Due to an anticipated voter turnout much larger than originally expected,the polling facilities may not be able to handle the load all at once. Therefore, Libertarians are allowed to freely vote on any day; Green party members are requested to vote under trees or at seashores only; Reform party members are asked to "write-in" Ross Perot; The Other Reform Party (Natural Law) are required to stay home and wait for 2004; ALL HARRY BROWNE voters are urged to vote at 7:30 pm or later and not to carry transistor radios or act goofy at the polling place. And all others are requested to vote early and often.


Don't laugh - in Oklahoma, they had an alert "Not to belive Voting would be on Wednesday the 8th " as rumors were being believed by this silly e-mail - Remember you saw it here First.......



32- NO

33- NO

34- NO

35- YES

36- YES

37- YES

38- YES

39- NO


NO on "O" (( as in Oh. NOOOooooo ))


Interview with Saul Medina.....

**SAUL is **E N D O R S E D****by the Los Angeles TIMES ******

What Is yout top priortity or first order of business once elected.?

I am in favor of SLOW & CONTROLLED GROWTH. Making it a priority to incorporate school sites in the growth plans prior to approving development. Current city council view is that you build the homes first and then think of where to put the school. SCHOOLS FIRST THEN HOUSING...

The Streets. Foster "Curbside appeal", by first fixing potholes - addressing traffic congestion which is something all residents have to deal with as our City has not made this their top priortity. Starting with the older neighborhoods and especially South Oxnard - the streets need resurfacing. Street sweeping can be improved. We would have One side of the street clear of cars for four hours and the opposite side for the other four hours. Ticketed cars - the $$$ would go back into the city. The money recycles into the city for specific uses such as beautification and gardens and attention to entry streets to the city.

Affordable Housing - The City claims our current affordable housing is adequate, but the City was recently sued over the lack of housing. Current housing is narrowly approved whereas more available housing needs to be set aside for migrant farmers, low income families and mobile home owners. Section 8 has provided housing for families at risk and the current program is not meeting the needs; especially of those residents on the 5-Year Waiting list. Waiting list families are waiting for any new housing. Housing can be provided by mobile homes, apartment units and condominums and the average mixture of other housing. There cannot be sectionalized or segregated housing in any area of the City and the Council can do something to make it affordable. Focus is mostly on building new homes and not on rental units where rent stabilization would be a city priority. Cash flow for the City could be created by increasing affordable housing by creating section 8 housing and other units where payment will go to the renter for whatever housing they approve and the return would come back into the city.

Programs for Youth - I am very much for YOUTH. The Family Park idea for the College Park is a tremendous idea. We had a mini-version of this at Mar Vista Elementary School and this park met the needs of all local families. I am in favor of the creation of a SKATE PARK - a safe place to hang out and will benefit and empower the youth. Youth Centers are greatly needed and such centers can be used to be of benefit to the families also. Oxnard is craving to an open park and the loss of the Raiders Park was a tremendous setback to recreation - I would not have allowed that to happen. The youth component needs a "20-&-Under Club" (( A place where kids could have juice, and meet...a place to hang out down)).

CSUCI Lock-In Fee - A lock-in fee in collaboration between our new four year University and the City Library and SCAT Bus access 2&from the campus to the City of Oxnard. U.C.S.B. has a similar a Lock-in fee that permits students at far away Goleta to get to and access the Santa Barbara Downtown. The Lock-in fee ($5.oo or $7.oo per student) would create a union between the new college and our City by bringing students into the City. Have something they would want to come to.

Airport - I am considering closure of the airport and the eventual adoption of Point Mugu as a Joint-Use airport as a probability. The airport should close and the focus of Ventura County air-transportation should be aimed at Point Mugu for Joint-Use. The City Council has studied it already and this need was addressed in the first version of the original City 2020 Plan. It's time to revisit the original 2020 plan. I favor slow phasing out of the airport as the way to go. With a slow phasing out of the County airport in Oxnard and moving small craft operations to Camarillo and all commercial to the field at Mugu.

A Liveable Wage for anyone working for the City or contracted to work for the city should be guarnteed.

A little bit about Saul: Raised in Oxnard, went to Rose Avenue Elementary, and then Fremont Jr. High and Rio Mesa High. Attended Oxnard College and then to U.C. Santa Barbara where he obtained his B.A. in Sociology. Then Saul attended San Jose State Univ. where he obtained his M.S.W. (Master of Social Work). He is currently the Vice Chair of Rose Park INCC. During the day Saul is a Social Worker at Aspira Foster & Family Services. He is the only bi-lingual therapist on staff.

Editor's Note: Saul Medina is bright and aspiring young man. He really wants to help and see Oxnard turn into the great city it can be. Vote for Saul Medina. Nov. 7.

Oxnard Prepares for Elections....................

The City is peppered with the flimsy signs that were washed or ruined by the rain of Oct. 25-26. Some candidates are sitting on their arses waiting for the election and others are out pounding the pavement. Those who are in the know, realize that grinding shoe leather is the only way to gain a foothold in elections. John Flynn did it and he won, Assemblyman Tony Strictland did it and he won and the candidates who know how, do so and the winning numbers show it. So Good Luck to the candidates.

Defeat the Tramell Crow Housing plan by attending a BBQ Potluck at

RIO LINDO PARK (off Indiana)

......................................SUNDAY -- OCT. 29th (NooN Til 3pm)

RSVP - Faith Komar - 983.1259

(*#!@---Expletive Deleted) ...the Trammel Crow .....

Make it TRAMPLED OLD BIRD.....no body loves a Crow......

-----------This posting elicited this response......

"can you please provide me with your reasons for objections to the trammel crow developement? I recently visited one of them and I was pretty impressed with what i saw . "

\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ THE OXNARD-JOURNAL's Response \//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Thank you for asking:

I am against all development....and wish to continue being against it - but after all the land is gone, I guess there will be no more development to do.

Bill Winter - Editor - www.oxnard-journal.com-



Prez: Buschmeister

Sen: Give Tom Campbell a vote and see what happens.

23rd. Congo.: Elton

Assemblage of state reps: 'Boz' Strickland

Supervisor ::: No Comment. Write-in "Roz McGrath" and see what happens.

Mayor: Zaragoza (oops. sorry that's not until 2002)

Council (two Seats)

1. Zaragoza -=-=-=- 2. SAUL MEDINA === he's the only candidate without a hidden agenda.

City Treasurer : RETAIN BELCHER

Clerk : WINTER.

Harbor: Takasugi and Jess Ramirez

College : JOSE - kalani

Oxnard Union: Estomo & Milmont.

Oxnard School: Neilsen ((he's very dedicated to his current slot on the Board ))


THE oXNARD jOURNAL is looking for writers....and translation editors for Spanish/Ingles OJ.com.

e- your good intentions :::::: oxnardjo@gte.net


After the election - the Oxnard Journal will focus on local issues such as:

The Demised Downtown Theatre

The Demolished Esplanade

The Demolished in-City Ag-land

The Demolished whatever....good things do happen and we focus on those especially!

This coverage will occur after the election, as Bill Winter, the Editor, is on the Ballot for Oxnard City Clerk and is busy campaigning....on the trail....somewhere.... hastà.

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