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At this Point[08/07/02].....ALEX ESCOBAR is STILL the only candidate who has filed & qualifies for Council.


There is a list of first timers and not the usual suspects aside from Martin Jones who is making his second run. Gone from the mix are Bill Winter, Debra DeMoss, Larry Stein, and Andres Herrera.


Saul Medina is running for a second try. And Perhaps Francisco Dominguez finally found the RIGHT OFFICE to run for....he paid highly to run for that County Seat, at least a Grand to file. Mr. Dominguez would be a most welcome addition to the Council as a man who knows the problems in Oxnard and has dealt with them first hand in El Concilio.


The Oxnard Journal still endorses Saul Medina and Martin Jones for the NOW two Vacant Seats on the Concilio del Cuidad.

Atty. Joe O'Neil would become a formidable force on the Council...and the OxJo is tempted to ask you to Vote For Him too. If he should be elected, you know that he will have that "Don't Interfere with the Primordial Forces of Nature..." speech from City Manager Sotelllllo.


Who the other folks are, I don't know ----- maybe they can e-mail the Oxnard Journal and use some of our coverage to help them get their message out....

08/07/02 - Vermont written - Oxnard felt...... v/r. Bill Winter - Editor - Oxnard Journal ......


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Who will run ¿ -


At this Point[08/01/02].....ALEX ESCOBAR is the only candidate who has filed. He qualifies for Council when his signatures are validated and verified by the County Registrar of Voters....

ALEX is a smart guy and surely would gather good signatures and not present the emprinteur of some flako.


Saul Medina has taken out papers ---- Saul is a good prospect the Oxnard Journal endorses him Right off. He is a level-headed and thinking person. He has great people skills and never backs down from a challenge and is able to say he doesn't know, when he needs to check it out.


It is also Reported that Martin Jones has taken out papers. Martin usually keeps the Journal up to date on events of such magnitude and we were wondering why he hasn't told us his plans. Martin is a very bright guy and he sees things one way. He is open to seeing things as they appear, yet he strongly stands his ground in what he believes. His goals are the preservation of our College Park; he is a viable voice for South Oxnard. The Oxnard Journal would endorse Martin as soon as he tells us he's running.


There are TWO individuals who have papers out for Mayor and Dr. Lopez is one. The Oxnard Journal endorses Mayor Lopez since whoever is running against him didn't tell us he is running.


8 filers have taken out papers ----- 2 for Alcalde & the remainder for Council.

Since - Dog Catcher is not an elected office, can't comment on that.


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