Thrasher & Flynn

what is up with these white guys - don't they know whas'up ¿ loco

The world is changing and changing is like a tidal wave - you can't stand up against it and talk.

We are seeing a massive stress on the old school.

¿ WHat TIme IS IT ? - esto INsane IN THe MEmbrane TIme. . . homes .

kids talking spanish and being taught at the youngest ages in spanish ---

===== ever hear of transition Sherlock --- is that you Watson? Yeah homes, esto Watson.

--ever think that kids can learn best in their home lingua-franca or glossa-españa..

Get with it everbody ---- 75% of Oxnard is not anglo ---- homes.

The tidal wave is rolling ~ dude, so let's roll......


the editor - Bill Winter - Oxnard, Calif.