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¿ Viven en Oxnard ? - Dondé y Como -

Do you Live in Oxnard - if So - Where and How. . . The Editor, in an effort to maintain income in a RECESSION (Call it what it is ) - has been throwing down political brochures for Congressional Candidate Beth Rogers and Write-In Assembly Candidate C.C. Martin.

In walking Precincts, I've been able to see houses, apartments, "Granny Nooks (small backyard dwellings), Garages converted to living areas, houses sub-divided into units, trailers, mobile homes/RV's, and even cars where people have had to sleep.

The 2000 Census stated that Oxnard had 180K souls residing within the corporate limits of the City. Surely, those numbers must be inaccurate. Many homes have 2-3-4-or even 5 families living within one house. This is obvious by all the cars parked in front of the home or in the driveway if the property is fortunate enough to have a driveway. Hardly anyone uses their rear-facing garage structure which outputs into the alley-ways for their POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) since travel in the Alleys is always a hazard due to broken glass, nails, furniture, illegally parked vehicles, gang harassment, and/or the general poor quality of the road surface and dis-repair of the alleys.

Living In Oxnard is Hard. Many young folks group and share homes - if a five room house is available and the rental cost of the house is $1,500.oo per month, then five guys can each pay $300.oo for a place to lay their heads. Communal living is more the norm than is recognized.

If a house is not available, then people crash in garages, trailers, cars, or wherever they can.

All These New Homes which are being built on postage-stamp sized lots on candy-cane streets - Who is Buying these.

Homes that once sold for 145K a mere five years ago are now listed at 289K. Average House Payments which used to be just over One Thousand Dollars are now just over Two Thousand Dollars per month. To pay that, you need Boarders/Renters or an In-Law who signs over part of their retirement income for the privilege of living in Oxnard.

Affordable housing in Oxnard is a Joke where no one is laughing. Only a scarce few of the new houses being built in Oxnard are separated for low income housing. And those get scooped up before the concrete pad is dry - usually because the buyer knows somebody who can get them the application ahead of the rest - or a family deal is struck. In other words, it ain't fair.

So How does One Live In Oxnard - by hook, or by crook, or in nook or by whatever means is possible.


~ ~ ~ HOW SOON WE FORGET ~ ~ ~

Remember Cornel Inmate Institution? Remember the card club for gambling? - Remember the Indian gaming casino? Remember the Palm Springs' Pacific Suns baseball team? How about the homes built near the foul smell in North Oxnard?

These are just a few of the bad projects emanated from City of Oxnard. The City is out of control the council lacks concern for its residence. The only recourse is to show up at council meetings to beg, cajole, or file lawsuits. Frankly, I resent picking up the tab for bad ideas, I believe the residence deserve better - we need two new Council Representatives. I am asking that you vote -
Martin Jones for Oxnard City Council. He is honest, fair minded, knowledgeable of city government, and has selflessly given countless hours to bring accessible government to the people (which is particularly hard with the current City Council).
Thank you.

Rebecca Ralph - E. Sierra Pl. - Oxnard, California





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- You May Have Noticed::::: effective Monday - OCT 14, 2002 -

-- WOOLEY-BULLY ROAD will be closed
betwixt Harbour Blvd & QUEEN VICTORIA AVENUE

Westport Development will need ** 8 ** eight ** ocho WEEKS/SEMANAS
to reconstruct this section to install utilities.

Signs will detour motorists to Fifth Street, where they may want stop and shop.

Dunes Area Residents will be provided access to the Harbor Blvd./Wooley Road Signal (whatever that means) to the greatest extent possible.



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