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Editorial Correction::::: This correction appears in relation to OxJo's Coverage of the INCF Candidates Forum:

...Read your post-mortem on the INCF Fractured Forum. Near its end you assert that Al Duff was one of four in favor of PVP.
Not so. Al voted against PVP locating on the desired 38.4 acres during the last Planning Commission meeting.

For the Record: no one is "against" PVP. The issue is _where_ to locate PVP's proposed new project.
Everyone is generally happy with PVP's operations and its various job opportunities.
The problems include PVP's very bright lot lighting (disturbs the birdies), the noise, air emissions, effect on traffic, and --
if located near the wetlands -- the poisioning of the subterranean water systems by chemicals and detergents
used while processing the vehicles.


Read the story here......



College Park is being railroaded thru Council This Tuesday - October 8th - Your Attendance is URGED

THIS FROM LOIS JONES of College Park:::::

On October 8, 2002 there are two very important items on the City Council Agenda.



I don’t know why the City is suddenly trying to rush through a vote on College Park. At their September 10 meeting the City Council asked staff to “determine if a public gathering museum is feasible at the old Oxnard High School. . . continue working on a RRC (Rainbow) relocation plan with long-term funding . . .study the condition of the existing buildings (Rainbow houses) and the cost to bring them up to City standards, and staff should find out about deed restrictions on College Park through the County.”

There are no answers to the above questions in the City Council packet given to the public.

We do know that the City of Oxnard is legally responsible for relocating the Rainbow Ladies. This relocation would not only include paying for the physical move of the Ladies but also for providing the Ladies with comparable living arrangements. Such a relocation could cost the City about one million dollars. At the 9-10-02 meeting the Housing Director stated “the Building Industry Association has offered to provide financial assistance through the Home Aid program.” I called the Home Aid program and was told Home Aid has NO MONEY to give to anyone.

Instead Home Aid provides volunteer construction services. The County is building a 1.4 million shelter in Camarillo and Home Aid is providing $250,000 of services to help with the project. This is a commendable amount of aid but is less than 20% of the total cost of the project. Also Home Aid DOES NOT GET INVOLVED IN POLITICALLY SENSITIVE ISSUES.

Perhaps the City Council does not want the citizens to know that they will have to pay to relocate Rainbow. City Code Enforcement inspected the Rainbow houses a week ago. Joe Avelar (retired Code Enforcement Officer and Martin Jones supervised this inspection. If Code Enforcement found anything wrong with the houses they were supposed to report to the City Council on October 8 what they found. Why is there no report? The Rainbow homes were up to code when the City took College Park two years ago. The Rainbow Ladies could probably use the help of the above Home Aid program but these houses do not need to be torn down or given to someone else to rehabilitate.

We are all still waiting for a written opinion from the County about deed restrictions at College Park. However two months ago Supervisor Flynn’s office verbally stated that the County and the State had no legal reasons to evict the Rainbow women from College Park.

Why are there no reports on the above available. Also the 9-10-02 City Council minutes state that the museum plans to operate a “beer garden” at the College Park site. While this is not a surprise to those who have attended College Park meetings why has no one on the Council questioned the sale of alcohol at the park. For that matter why hasn’t the City Council questioned the give away of six acres of public park land to the Museum who intends to charge a fee to users of the six acres. Money of course would benefit the museum and not the citizens of Oxnard. In any event College Park is public park land and is supposed to be open to the public from dawn to dusk not when it is convenient for the museum to unlock the gates.

If College Park becomes one of the few parks in Oxnard that allows adult soccer when will our children be able to use the park. With five adult soccer fields College Park could become the only park used by adult soccer players. The six acres of land the Museum wants is about the only portion of the park left for families and children.

I would welcome comments from anyone on the above.

College Park will be voted on next Tuesday. I hope some of you can show up. If you can’t come to the Council meeting, please continue to keep the Rainbow Ladies in your prayers.

Thank you,~~~~Lois Jones


OCTOBER IS: (So Far - as of October 1st )
Mental Illness Awareness Month -- Aids Awareness Month -- End Domestic Violence Month

On October 8th - The City Council will declare October:: "Magic Month" - what is this town coming to....

How Many More Proclamations can the City Council Make ---- Let's just Proclaim Every Month as Everything Awareness Month and put a halt to all these Proclamations....but the above list will grow with each passing City Council Meeting.....ugh!


PLANNING COMMISSION Meets every-other Thursday - Next meeting is Oct. 17th - at 7pm in Council Chambers - Come Watch How Many New Houses they can cram onto our vanishing agricultural fields. Your Public Comment Does Count --- Be there or watch more land go away for more ticky-tack houses on postage stamp size lots - built an arm's length from each other....another ugh!


The red-Star Press did it again - did you see the very complimentary Photo of our boxer Vargas on the Front Page of the alleged "Oxnard" Star...why does the VC Star have such a wild-hair up it's editorial orifice for anything Oxnard takes pride in.
Please support our efforts to make the Oxnard Journal a real newspaper for the City of Oxnard. (Sat .28 Sept.).
Thirty-plus people showed up at the Meet Martin Jones shindig at Tomas Cafe on A Street. Notables in attendance, Gil Beezly and his lovely Laurel, Phil and Linda Molina, Larry Stein, Roger Parriseau of Fremont Neighborhood, the ever lovely Dorothy Maron, Edward Castillo and his lovely daughters and even Al Duff came to join the well-wishers. Martin had a delicious spread prepared by the staff of Tomas Cafe and much discussion focused on the upcoming election. If Al Duff has his way...he and Martin will be the newly elected members of Oxnard City Council. (Sat. 28 Sept).