The Oxnard Journal

Thank you for reading. We get a few replies every so often and those messages give me hope to keep producing the Journal. I am not paid, nor have I found a sugar-daddy to bankroll the fantastic plans to make this News Journal grow. This cyber-journal is a labor of unrestrained love for the city I call home. Oxnard needs news about itself by itself, not from some monster media mogul eminating its views from a city that for the most part does not like Oxnard (ventura). Read more about this in the link: Why we appear to be against the red star press.

This news journal is created based on feedback, opinion and reporting from quite a few unique and reliable sources. I'll continue on, if you do. Thank you for reading and most especially for your feedback.

Do you like the retro-color style of the Oxjo. Please continue to offer your feedback and thank you to the three writers who contacted me for columns, your submissions are being prepared.

If you want to write and be a published author on the World-Wide Whatever, then send an e-mail to me or contact the OxJo thru those reply boxes scattered about the pages..

Thank you for being there, I'll do my best to be there too!

Bill Winter - Editor - & most crucial: A Resident of Oxnard, Calif.