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Apathy versus Doing Something About it!

Below are two recent articles (OCT.'02) -- the one about how the INCF program has fallen into disarray due to apathy - entropy - and personalities. Too bad the Neighborhood Chairs don't realized their appointed responsibility to be involved with the entire program. The second story is about two citizens who delayed a decision to approve more noisy jets flying over and into Oxnard.



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APATHY or Being A Couch Potato === Reasons for Non-Attendance @ Important INCF Meeting.

"Mr. Chairman, we do not have a Quorum." were the sad words of Donna Helms, Oxnard Neighborhood Services Director to INCF Chairman Ventura Fernandez when it came time to attend to the real business of the October INCF Agenda which was the nomination of New Officers for the INCF E-Board. Since business could not be attended to, public comments from some guests and a special and very informative presentation by Planning Commission Chair Al Duff occupied the very few INCC Chairs who cared enough to attend the meeting. Roger Pariseau, who is nominated as a candidate for the INCF Chair wants to see some motivational changes to get more INCC Chairs to care enough to show up to these important INCF meetings.


Two Citizens Speak up to Delay More Overhead Jet Traffic in Oxnard. . .

The Oxnard Airport Authority met Thursday night at Oxnard Council Chambers. On the agenda was the approval of leasing the soon to be completed new hangar at the Oxnard Airport. Several years after fire destroyed the original structure, a new aircraft hangar will be ready for occupancy in April 2003. What was up for vote was the leasing the structure to Million Air of Long Beach, an Executive Jet Transport Service.

A brief Flash & Trash presentation was made to the Authority. For public comments, two speakers filled out card. Steve Buratti and Bill Winter, both Oxnard residents. Both had the same message, although Steve's was more thorough as he has been active in his opposition to the Airport in total.

In light of the comments and other potential future concerns percieved by the Chair, Councilman John Zaragoza, he delayed approving the acceptance of a new tenant for the Oxnard Airport. Mr. Zaragoza advised the Authority to table a vote until members of the Authority could go to Long Beach Airport, see the facility and get a better idea on how many aircraft we're thinking of having fly into and over Oxnard.

Two citizens cared enough to show up ----- in the future we'll need more. The Oxnard Airport Authority meets every second Thursday in Oxnard City Council Chambers.

: Fw x 3: ::::: Medina Story

It would be nice to hear back from someone.......before Tuesday....respectfully,

Bill Winter

----- Original Message -----
To: Tim Gallagher
Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2002 11:30 AM
Subject: Fw x 2: ::::: Medina Story

Dear Mr. Gallagher:

I know you constantly profess a policy of accuracy in the Star. I and others in the County depend on this.

To date, I have yet to hear back from either Mr. Howry or Hernandez regarding the e-mails below. I know Mr. Hernandez doesn't care much for me as I maintain a cyber-newspaper (Oxnard Journal) and often I voice my criticism of the news slant the Star takes to stories about Oxnard. I know recently, you have made strides to improve your coverage. I commend you for this, but at times it is still difficult for us here in Oxnard to believe what you print.

Your coverage of the Medina war chest is your latest example.

In e-mails I have written and answered with other local friends in the past two days, some felt. Mr. Hernandez did not have the latest results of the Campaign Finance Statements.

This is hard to believe because the Medina 460 Statement, along with others were readilly available Tuesday.

This in itself is frustrating - but what is most upsetting is the lack of response I get from Mssrs. Howry and Hernandez. It makes me feel insignificant and of little importance when I am ignored. It is rude and uncaring...but what can I do ---- your newspaper is the only one we have for our local information.

I hope you can convince your staff to be courteous and reply to their e-mails...since you provide us an open opportunity to reach your staff by electronic mail and this aspect is one terrific reality of your news organization.

/s/ Bill Winter - Oxnard.

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Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 10:12 AM
Subject: ::::: Medina Story

Dear Mr. Howry - Managing Editor:

I am hopeful to hear back from Raul, if not, please look into running a correction and please state:

Oxnard Firefighter's Association for Better Government (ID#801528) paid Medina a total of $9,270.oo, by far the largest single allocation for any candidate reported

Sincerely,-- Bill Winter

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Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 9:37 AM
Subject: Medina Story


How do you figure: Saul Medina has raised nearly $5,000 when his campaign filing statement states he raised - $14,3444.

Hope I hear back from you.

Bill Winter