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24 Julio de 2001



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Customer Service Reps and Ticket Counter Agents are passing the word to passengers. The hugely successful direct flights from Oxnard Airport to Phoenix will be suspended on September 5th 2001. On November 17th, 2000 Mesa Air began flying their turbo-props for two daily flights to/from Phoenix. Less than a year after initiating this service, the company is pulling its operations from Oxnard.

These convenient Mesa Air flights allowed area passengers to by-pass LAX to make connections to any cities served by America West at their Arizona Hub. Company reps and agents at the Oxnard Airport are not sure why the service is being stopped but it will impact several full-time employees and will remove Oxnard as a City serviced by two major carriers leaving United Express the only way out for the commercial traveller.

This quick departure out of Oxnard marks a Victory for Anti-Oxnard Airport proponents --- it also is another mark against Oxnard in it's effort to attract larger service companies into the city.

What Happened? Stay tuned for more on this.



OXnard City Council ignores public comment and threats of re-call to pass the special use permit for the Arco to Sell Booze. We can't have a swimming pool or a nice park for the citizens, we gotta support a crazy golf course with public tax-payer funds, and we can't keep our streets clean or paved and now we are approving another booze distributor. Pay-offs - maybe --- Recall - Certainly!

Stay Tuned for more on this.....


Let's talk about Oxnard's dirty little secret - the way that families are being raised in Oxnard.

Overcrowded dirty homes where children denied decent basic housing, secondary building convert to shack-up poor men, women and their children. You see the men sitting outside drinking their beers, while children run pass them, heading for the ice cream truck for the second or third time in the same day. All you have to do is swing down any street near the police department and city hall to see these scenes. Is Oxnard City to be the King of Mexican ghettos away from Mexico?? Unless our elected officials wear blinders you know they see these scenes too. Yet nothing happens to correct these scenes. Housing in Oxnard is a total disgrace. We can approve 300k plus homes yet can not get decent apartments. What apartments we have often times contain 6 or more people in units built for only 1 or 2. You say that's not true, take a trip through E street from Wooley to second, especially 4th street area. Count the number of cars in the area of single family dwellings. Are and should landlords of these units be allowed to become slum lords? Oxnard has just cleaned up one mess similar in the county.

What number of children should be allowed to grow up this way in America? This is not Mexico! Oxnard officials take steps now and place measures in place that will not allow the these terrible housing situtations to exist in this city. This is happening outside the doors of city hall and the police department. Overcrowding can and does create illegal activities. Many of the current buildings are unsafe, wiring in these old buildings are taxed beyond the loads they should carry, water and sewage is also beyond safe levels. I say it's time that Oxnard investigate and evaluate apartments operating within the city limits. Give the landlords 6 months to clean up their messes or have the city take over and manage the properties.

Children should have safe and clean homes to live in. Children should have room to grow. Children should not be exposed to adult lifestyles. Children should be learning to live and hold down jobs, not sell drugs as they see it on the streets outside their homes. Children have the right to expect that the government can and will watch out for their well being as well as fat cat developers.

Debbie Kilpatrick

resident of Oxnard



On Tuesday night, July 17, the Oxnard City Council voted to provisionally allow ARCO to sell alcohol at a proposed mini mart and gas station at the corner of Channel Islands Blvd. and Rose Ave. This is not a done deal. This vote was provisional and this VOTE CAN BE CHANGED. The City Council is poised to give final approval of the ARCO matter on July 24. We can not allow this to happen. The City Council can rehear and revote on the sale of alcohol at this location. If the City Council refuses to rehear and revote on this matter then they should RESIGN or be RECALLED..

The City Council action on July 17 should have been a no vote There is no public support for the sale of alcohol at this location and the Planning Commission voted NOT TO ALLOW ALCOHOL TO BE SOLD AT THIS LOCATION. The City Council vote should have been a "no brainer" NO VOTE. Instead the Oxnard City Council proved it has no brains or integrity. City Attorney Gary Gillig advised the council that they "might be sued" by ARCO if they did not approve the sale of alcohol.

The City of Oxnard routinely denies businesses the right to sell alcohol when the public believes the sale of alcohol at a certain location would be inappropriate. The only difference between the routine denials and this ARCO vote is that ARCO has a lot of money and the other business denied the ability to sell alcohol don't have a lot of money.

The THREAT of a lawsuit should not have been a consideration in the City Council's vote. It is the responsibility of the Oxnard City Council to listen to it's citizens and then protect them from outside interests. In the ARCO case the Oxnard City Council totally abrogated their responsibility to the children of Oxnard by approving the sale of alcohol at a proposed ARCO gas station immediately across the street from Channel Islands High School and College Park. Children at either location will be constantly exposed to alcohol sales. There is no way for the City of Oxnard to mitigate this exposure. We cannot protect our children from all temptations but it is the responsibility of the Oxnard City Council not to put temptation right under the noses of children. A mini mart is an especially onerous temptation. This mini mart will be the only spot where children can get snacks and a cold drink when they are at the park or they are travelling to their homes east of Channels Islands High School. No matter where ARCO places alcohol in the store, children will know ARCO sells alcohol and they will know what is necessary to get it. Even President Bush's daughters have fake ID's.

And if children don't have a fake ID they can get an older friend to buy alcohol for them.

Alcohol is forbidden in all City parks. What is to prevent adults participating in an athletic event at College Park from running across the street to buy nachos and beer? The answer is NOTHING. What is to prevent an adult from drinking beer at the ARCO mini mart and then entering the park in an intoxicated state. The answer is NOTHING.

It is the responsibility of the City Council to protect the children and citizens of Oxnard. If they cannot do this then they should RESIGN or we should RECALL them.

Please come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday night, July 24 at 7:00 p.m., and tell the City Council you do not want alcohol sold across the street from Channel Islands High School and College Park. If you cannot come to the City Council meeting, please notify the City Council via e-mail of your displeasure with the sale of alcohol at this location. E-mail your concerns to:


Please e-mail this message to all your friends.

Thank you. ---- Lois Jones

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