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<<<Blogging is the latest thing for folks with access to the Inter-mesh to do. I am the Oxnard Journal and I shall blog now>>>

Today's Blog begins here.

I am stuck in this puke town of Rutland, Vermin-t (VT) or if you're a pro-civil union transvestite (TV)
VerMont is green and hot and humid in the summer and snowy and icey and slushy and cold and freezing and sleeting and miserable and gray and stupid... in the winter.

i Hate this *uc#ing place and want to come home to Oxsnot, which is my haven of rest in a happy time. I get good riff and spliff and tiff and all the very important 'iffs...of live.

Os-land is cool. we got beach, and ocean and cool breezes and lots of good stuff.

that's my blog for the day.....

billy winter






Hear Ye ~ Hear Ye

All Ye Bloggerts, Arise

and Write and Bless the Land

with your words of your heart

Your Feelings -- Your Wishes

~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~

Be blessed and Blog-on !

Tonight's Blog.

Am coming home to Oxnard soon - -

Good news, missed getting on the election,

but I can run again and again and again as I always do. Thank Goodness for this new thing - Blogging.

enuf - late ...

















































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