May Issue - 2003 - Will DownTown Get it's Main Attraction ?













The Bank Building in Question - Worth 3 Million or just a box of blocks that needs to move out for the Centennial Plaza ? Can the City get this Property and what About the Old WoolWorth Building seen below to the right....

There is plenty of traffic at this downtown intersection.

Location - Location - Location

There is a large vacant lot already available for the theater and International shops and plaza while the plans call for
a Parking Garage to be constructed adjoining the Centennial Plaza.

A Court Date of Wed. 28 MAY 2003 is the next in line for Oxnard v. Jones and it is a show-date for both sides, City being the primary, to produce documents proving that major decisions, not covered by Brown Act Exemptions, were or were not made by the Oxnard City Council behind closed doors and without public scrutiny of the process.




Oxnard is the Battleground for a Project that has it's Proponents and Opponents....A project carrying the hopes of the City Council and City Fathers, to draw more people into the downtown area of a city that needs a major draw.

Businesses that have success seem to be located in north Oxnard along the 101-corridor leaving the center and South of the city to find its own market niche and customers who seem to flock to the BIG BOX Esplanade and the new shops along Rose Avenue instead of shop more closer to home.

The City wants to use municipal funds to develop a property in the center of town. Plans have been approved, the players are in line and ready to roll out the materials, but certain roadblocks have come into their way.

The owners of the Wells-Go-Far bank building are balking at the cost that the City wants to pay it in exchange for imminent domain rights to dispose of the present structure and level the area. That is a battle that may not be too hard to fight as the building itself appears vacant and a bulldozer can solve the city's problem there.

Early plans for the theatre and international plaza called for the Woolworth Building to remain as an integral part of Oxnard's historic past. That building is being either renovated or prepared for sale. Structurally, it has the none of the modern earthquake bracing and it, like any brick building can suffer, however, be mindful, it survived the January 1994 Quake.

The Other Major Road Block to the project is Oxnard Resident Martin Jones. The Oxnard Journal has extensively covered Mr. Jones's escapades, his successes and his attempts to make a positive change based on his 'watch-dog' approach to our local city government. Mr Jones has gotten the Green Light to proceed with his pressing allegation that the City ignored Brown Act rules regarding the conduction of Official City Business.

Mr Jones is baffled at how the City could come up with a massive project proposal, produce it for public consumption with only a week to review, based on the City's claims versus the 72-hours review time Jones has drawn upon.

Oh the Fun is still ahead, and with whatever criticism or praise you have for the proposed and approved project, the DownTown need something...anything to bring in new blood, new life, new money, new interest, new visitors, and just new everything into a downtown that may be considered the least attractive in all of Ventura County . Oxnard has a great future and an even greater heritage.

Only vision and enhancement of our population majority can bring about the re-vitalization we need. The Oxnard Journal has addressed this many times in the past and will persist until a real vision for our future is shown.




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