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>From Bill Winter ---- June 25, 2002..... <<<<<< ADAM BEACH info >>>>>>....... . . point mugu pix...

WINDTALKERS opened 14 JUNE at local Theatres.

Beware, this is a Woo-Woo Moovie - with lots of violence, real war-type violence - nothing gratuitous,

nor wholesale - but a rather gut-wrenching realistic cinematic vision of the Horrid Horrors of WAR.

The message of treatment of Native Americans, and the heroic deeds of the Navajo Phone Talkers is

oft times lost by interuptions of the horrors of war, gun-fighting, knife fighting, bayonette fighting, mine

fighting, grenade fighting, flame-thrower fighting, and even a fight between the supporting actor, Yahzee

(Adam Beach) and some SAG goon whose name is not known (BRIAN VAN HOLT).


The opening hits hard and the end is pensive giving everyone a chance to re-think war, violence, and racism.

Some Historic lines, most notable is Christian Slater's answer to Nicholas Cage as to where he lived.

OXNARD, was Christian's Answer. Too bad, there is no Oxnard Museum, Christian Slater's head

could be put on display....(you'll know if you see the movie).

People who have been to Guam or Saipan or Rota, or anywhere in Micrronesia will be disturbed by the

Saipan scenes that are obvious filmed at a California Film Ranch such as the one used for M*A*S*H*.

Yucca plants on Saipan - No - Ponderosa Pine - No....Palm Trees and banana leave plants - YES.

The Hawaii locations were good, but the california locations required some suspension of belief....

but, the majority of the movie-going audience would never know the difference....Film-Makers plan

for this ignorance from their audience in 'flyover' country.


Not Only is this Movie an excellent rendition of one of the most historically significant events of WWII,

the movie is a large-scale rendition of the tribute our Native Americans made for this country.

Finally the Navajo Phone Talkers are coming to the national attention thru WINDTALKERS.

In a era where terrorism is prevailing upon our collective consciousness,

we may need to look back and return to our nation's roots - be it aboriginal pre-Euro, we need to remember

who were the stewards of this land for so many centuries. In simplicity we can find secrets to save our nation

in the language and culture of our continental ancestors.

Ventura County is a major scene setting for the movie that was filmed at land's end of Point Mugu.

Beach scenes and tent camp scenes were filmed with Mugu Rock and the Pacific waves playing background.

View and enjoy the WINDTALKERS' web site.....