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¿ What Draws People to OxJo ?

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Let me write something about the Name queries and search terms that bring People to the Oxnard Journal. XO Communications, the ultimate web host for the OxJo subscribes to a service that tracks, hits, searches and a host of other extraneous data relative to where the search engines send people when they type in search terms. The OxJo can see where all peering eyes are focused when they land on the OxJo during their search. Some Items I can answer for. "Apartments in Oxnard" is the Number ONE sought term that leads folks to the Oxnard Journal. We have no apartments listed in the OxJo - because no-one wants to send me any info on rentals, or everyone is afraid I will charge for that service. - Not So, the OxJo barters for advertising. A happy medium is always met.

"Ringworms" is the number TWO search term. Not sure what Oxnard has to do with RingWorms or what the Oxnard Journal would have to do with such an item, but it is the #2 pull-up. There are more, but I want to address some recent search terms that popped up for the Month of October 2001..

Oxnard news, Mayoral race+Oxnard, uss america cv-66 pictures =Oxnard sex pictures, california former football scan[ =gamblers anonymous counselor=press courier oxnard+"Robert Lee Jones" +oxnard = paragon gaming & =lisa ringnalda, were the next items. Who are Robert Lee Jones and Lisa Ringnalda. I hope Lisa has nothing to with the Ringworms. Paragon is for the former gambling mess Oxnard Almost Approved, save for the thread of the REAL| RECALL that was imminent upon any approval of the casino project.

Other hits brought readers to the Oxnard Journal: =Oxnard News=victor georgino =Oxnard Major Employers=bedford+pinkard" Roz McGrath" hl==" Roz McGrath" garahan jeffords =oxnard news=Solomon's Temple Paragon Scott Menke = casting"=oxnard press courier"why is there air?"ringworms pictures=pictures of ringworms="USS America"=lemon festival calif 2002=truancy laws in mississippi hl=e=Trammel Crow Student Housing b"I am not a crook!"=twinks ="snowball cat"=rabbi john sherwood=non-caring+nursing= "KTVA" california ventura=oxnard shores aerial=mark macarro=ktva e-mail address="Peter Apanel" =grunts oxnard=photos of ringworms=pictures of downtown oxnard=proposition 1a cardrooms lawsui=Oxnard "city manager" =diana bennett paragon ="gambling problems"=richard riordan =Ross Olney .

We could only guess how Ross Olney showed up. Must be someone from the Vida.


So There it is. Go Figure. For Whatever Reason, the Internet brings people to the Oxnard Journal.

We are here for Oxnard and the World of Ringworms......


/s/ Bill Winter.



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