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// Two Citizens delay more flights into and over Oxnard // First Week's News //
// Martin Jones Unveils Oxnard City $$$ Abuses


California FPPC Form 460's were filed by candidates for the upcoming City Council Elections. Late filers may be Martin Jones and Al Duff, but because the deadline was last Saturday, post-marks and receipt of the forms on Monday were allowable.

To date, Dean Maulhardt leads the pack with a total of $16,345.99. A total of $2,450.oo appears to be coming to Dean's war chest from developers. The OxJo is researching a possible total of $375.oo coming from sources connected to Oxnard City Contracts. The OxJo is seeking public disclosure of contractor information from the City. Big Contributors were: Dick Maulhardt - $500.oo; Michael Faulconer - $200.oo ( Faulconer, as an Architect, has done work for the City with recent development projects); $500.oo - Southland Sod; Richard Maulhardt - $500.oo; Ventura Pacific Capital, Real Estate Broker - $250.oo; Armando Lopez, as a Company - $500.oo; Artistica Metal Designs - $500.oo; Taylor Steel and Welding - $500.oo; CCPOA (California Correctional Peace Officers Association - 755 Riverpoint Dr. Suite 200 West Sacramento,CA 95605 (916) 372-6060) - $500.oo ---- You'd think with all this money Dean could come up with better looking signs.

Saul Medina is second runner up with a total reported of $14,344.oo. Builders and Developers appear to bring $3,600.oo to Medina's table. What could be given in return - a "No" Vote on development --- NOT ! ! !

Interesting enough, the Oxnard FireFighters made contributions in kind for "TV Air-Time" in the total of $7,520.oo to push Medina's candidacy. To date, no commercials have aired. In addition, the FireFighters have given $1,750.oo for television production costs. The Oxnard Firefighter's Association for Better Government (ID#801528) paid Medina a total of $9,270.oo, by far the largest single allocation for any candidate reported. The FireFighters just this week submitted their second endorsement for Al Duff. Mr. Duff said that "the Fire Fighters have not given me any contributions anywhere near what Mr. Medina has gotten."

Medina's other big givers are: a third contribution from the FireFighters for $500.oo; Mandalay Bay General Partnership - $1000.oo; Toro Enterprises - $500.oo; Turf Construction - $500.oo; R-Help Construction - $250.oo; Chaparral Construction - $500.oo; C&S Pipeline - $500.oo; C&W Construction Specialties - $500.oo; Laborer's Union Local 585 - $200.oo; Laborers for Equity - $500.oo; Dentist D. Patel - $300.oo; and the SEIU Union - $1,000.oo

Examine who gives and remember that candidates usually remember who supports them and has surprising allegiance to those who pay to play.

Andres Hererra came in third with a total of $10,380.oo. Builders and Developers contributed $2,250.oo to his campaign. Can You Say "More New Houses." ----- Big Givers were: Cynthia Hentley of Camarillo, a Consultant for the City of Oxnard who doanted $500.oo, Jess Hererra gave $100.oo; Tila Estrada donated $200.oo; Armando Lopez showed his second favorite for Council with a 500-dollar endorsement. Expo Development - $1,000.oo; BLT Enterprises - $1,000.oo; F.A. Reilly - $400.oo; a second check from Expo Development - $250.oo; Swift Financial Corp. - $500.oo; Steve Kinney, Director of the Oxnard Redevelopment Corp. gave $200.oo; and Marine Terminals Corp of Oakland, California - $500.oo.

Susan Komar earned $9,751.oo for her campaign. She believes enough in what she is doing to donate a starting fund of $5000.oo plus the $850.oo cost for the printing of her campaign statement in the Official County voter bulletins. The biggest in- kind assistance came from the California Republican Assembly in the form of a $765.oo donation for the purchase of various Oxnard registered voter databases. The Republican Federated Women contributed $500.oo for mailing labels and the costs involved with addressing mailers.

Alex Escobel came in with two donations - one $200.oo check from Dentist Robert Valdez and a $5000.oo to himself from himself. At least Alex believes enough in his campaign to bankroll it with his own money. Alex, Where are Your Signs?

Tim Hammonds's total reported was $3,885.oo. He earned $500.oo from Laborers for Equity and $500.oo from CWA Local 9575. His campaign is pretty clean as his contributions are from associations he has worked with and ones that know him well.

Elias Banales filed a Form 470 for reporting contributions under $1,000.oo.

Red-Star Press Does it Again. . . . . .

In an obvious slam against the express wishes of the Komar Campaign, and the sensitivity of the DA's investigation with 'gag-orders' in place. . . the Star printed a report about threats and stalking committed against Susan Komar by an Oxnard Funeral Home owner. The Komar Campaign wanted to keep these circumstances underground while Oxnard Police Detectives and County DA's sorted out the facts. In addition to threats reported by the Star and known previously to the OxJo, photo-copied accusations against Komar were placed on the windshields of vehicles parked at this past Tuesday's City Hall during the regular Council session. Komar was notified of the flyers and she came down to City Hall and removed as many as she could. However, a few were not removed and one of those was obtained by the Oxnard Journal. Due to the "Hate-Crime" Nature of the allegation on the one flyer, it was turned over to Komar Campaign and also to the Oxnard Police.

The Red Star Press had no right to run with this story and it may be in for some explaining to the officials at 800 South Victoria. Ray Komar, who is co-ordinating damage control has been polling for opinion on how this news story, which should not have been printed, may be interpreted. "It's making women mad, especially considering that a man is stalking and threatening a woman." Komar told the OxJo.

In the recount on the INCF Forum , the OxJo reported that an arrest was made. It was Schimmel who was arrested and Komar who was threatened. The OxJo did not report the names of parties involved due to the confidential nature of on-going investigations - but investigations be damned - the Star has a Story that will sell newsprint.

Prior to Schimmel's arrest in Council Chambers, the Mayor and Councilman Maulhardt were advised to leave the council dais for their own personal safety; they retired to the Council Ante Room. Why was Schimmel there in the first place. At first he sat in the back, then he moved up to the front row and sat directly in front of Susan.

The Star reported Mayor Lopez saying Susan was angry and irate. To the contrary, Susan was composed and very much poised to conduct herself for the forum. She showed no signs of distress, and there was no time when she was out of sight of this reporter to display the behavior reported to the Star by the Mayor.

The best thing for this whole situation is for everyone to drop it. . . but the Komars are being physically threatened. How would you feel if a Funeral Director was threatening business that bad that they need to use death threats as a marketing tool? Susan Komar is doing her best to keep campaigning. After reading the report in the Star it is difficult to understand why the Schimmels cannot just forget what happened on their house hunting trip and move on.....could there be more to this? Could another candidate for council be prodding the Schimmels to continue and stalk the Komars? Is another candidate threatened by a woman candidate, a Republican Woman and a woman who has a firm grasp on the issues and wants to improve life in a City she calls home.

Threats and intimidation is nothing new in Oxnard Politics. As a side note, when I (Bill Winter) ran for Mayor in 1998, I received numerous threatening phone calls to "Drop it", "to get out of the race" and these calls were made to dissuade me from running against two other candidates (Lopez and Hererra). I notified the Police and all they could advise of was to get caller id and report any other calls. I never got any physical threats, although one night all the cars on my street had their tires punctured. I chose not to associate this event with the campaign, but some said it was intentional.

Politics in this city is messy, dirty, and down-right corrupt at times. Cowardly acts of aggression and violence need to be reported and our local law enforcement needs to take a more pro-active stance against those individuals who chose to make threats instead of using the ballot box to make the changes they personally want


Meet the Artist

The public is invited to attend a slide show and discussion given by Jack Reilly, Professor of Art and Chair of the Art Program at CSUCI.

The presentation will take place Saturday, October 12 at 4 p.m. at Studio Channel Islands Art Center ( SCIAC), located on the campus of California State University Channel Islands.

Articles and reviews on Reilly’s work are published in periodicals including Arts Magazine, Artweek, The Los Angeles Times, and Los Angeles Magazine and in books such as American Art Now, Inside the L.A. Artist, and An Introduction to Design. Reilly was the featured art expert in the Discovery Network program In Pursuit of the Shroud. He is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant and numerous awards for his paintings, films and videos. His work is included in museums, corporate, municipal and private collections internationally including ARCO, Verizon, the Steve Martin Collection, and the Fredrick Weisman Foundation. Major projects include large-scale public art commissions executed for The County of San Diego, and American Airlines.

In addition to the presentation, visitors can view the current exhibit of Reilly’s work titled “Paintings: Past & Present”, as well as works from adjunct members of the CSUCI Art faculty .

The event is free to SCIAC members and $5 for all others.


APATHY or Being A Couch Potato === Reasons for Non-Attendance @ Important INCF Meeting.

"Mr. Chairman, we do not have a Quorum." were the sad words of Donna Helms, Oxnard Neighborhood Services Director to INCF Chairman Ventura Fernandez when it came time to attend to the real business of the October INCF Agenda which was the nomination of New Officers for the INCF E-Board. Since business could not be attended to, public comments from some guests and a special and very informative presentation by Planning Commission Chair Al Duff occupied the very few INCC Chairs who cared enough to attend the meeting. Roger Pariseau, who is nominated as a candidate for the INCF Chair wants to see some motivational changes to get more INCC Chairs to care enough to show up to these important INCF meetings.


Two Citizens Speak up to Delay More Overhead Jet Traffic in Oxnard. . .

The Oxnard Airport Authority met Thursday night at Oxnard Council Chambers. On the agenda was the approval of leasing the soon to be completed new hangar at the Oxnard Airport. Several years after fire destroyed the original structure, a new aircraft hangar will be ready for occupancy in April 2003. What was up for vote was the leasing the structure to Million Air of Long Beach, an Executive Jet Transport Service.

A brief Flash & Trash presentation was made to the Authority. For public comments, two speakers filled out card. Steve Buratti and Bill Winter, both Oxnard residents. Both had the same message, although Steve's was more thorough as he has been active in his opposition to the Airport in total.

In light of the comments and other potential future concerns percieved by the Chair, Councilman John Zaragoza, he delayed approving the acceptance of a new tenant for the Oxnard Airport. Mr. Zaragoza advised the Authority to table a vote until members of the Authority could go to Long Beach Airport, see the facility and get a better idea on how many aircraft we're thinking of having fly into and over Oxnard.

Two citizens cared enough to show up ----- in the future we'll need more. The Oxnard Airport Authority meets every second Thursday in Oxnard City Council Chambers.


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