An Open Letter to President Bush & his Advisors:::::::

Do Something :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

We are Fast Approaching the One Month Anniversary of the World Trade Center Attack ( next Thursday) . Immediately after the horrid event, there were tough words, strong words, and military build-up and pre-positioning of forces around Afghanistan and the Middle East. All seemed well, then something hit me...or didn't hit that is. Where is the retaliation? Where is the "Immediate Response"........... We weren't given any warning or time to prepare, why are we seeming to allow more and more minutes to pass before we do something.

A friend rebuked my anxiousness with a factoid that after the attack at Pearl Harbor, the US took six months to throw the first volley in retaliation for the offensive attack against the US of A. That was then, this is now. Things happen faster now and should be happening in response to this mess faster.

Monday morning quaterbacking at all the government intelligence agencies is finding that things were neglected, mistakes were made, and all done over the last decade. - If Harry Truman's words ring true - the buck surely did stop at the President's desk and now we are learning that Clinton was too pre-occupied with hiding cigars and defending his self-indulgent actions with Monica. Clinton should have been all over 'bin-la-din's ass instead of covering his own against the special prosecutor. - I wondered why Clinton showed up at Ground Zero....that never made sense other than to add an exhibit to his Presidential Library.

But this editorial is about Now, and what we are doing. When I heard President Bush speaking at the opening of the Reagan (National) Airport, I yelled at the Radio, "Get your ass back in the War Room and Bomb Something!"

Am I the only one who feels this way?????

I highly recommend that we bomb something soon----be it a mountain, a fortress, a supply line...a city....something....and do it publicly so we all see. We need to see something. We saw the Twin Towers fall, we must see payback. Let's Pray that something will happen in the next six days. We know the issues of nations and diplomacy are involved, they always are....but immediate payback shows we have strength, power, resolve, and are not Afraid.

So, the clock is ticking....in reverse....we must act NOW - Visibly - Audibly, Publicly, and if we miss anything, to hell with what we missed, we are coming back again and again and will do more and more each time. Make the hits planned and calculated - - - But make the hits NOW....and sort it out later.

IF we don't act soon - I fear that people will start removing their flags from their cars and things will sink into the way it was before September 11th. Keep the Momentum moving, keep it coming and coming and more and more.....Action is what we want, not diplomacy and social teas at the state department.

We got hurt and we gotta pay it back......

Bill Winter

Frustrated Editor - the oxnard journal


God Bless President Reagan.


from Martin Jones ---- Must be archived from earlier days.....



Do Not Forget - Nor be Weak !!!!