08/26 Report. . . . .


In Rome, they said, let the games begin and will we have games until November.
We could only wish that it all started sooner and will last longer. The Election Game
and Election Calendar is far too short for so many candidates.

New Faces are Tim Hammons, Leana Bowman, and, Corey Hubbert.
So new are these folks, they have some major name recognition to build.

Familiar names are Martin Jones who ran two years ago. Martin did
have Alan Wingo as his Campaign Manager and Now Wingo wingo'd his
way out of Oxsnot to Bakersfield, and boy is B'field's snot drier than
is Oxland by the Sea. So Martin is out there.


We really need Roy Lockwood NOW. . .

Saul Medina, who made is debut two years ago is a bright young fellow and
he, unlike many of the other wanna-be's, has frequently attended meetings of the Oxnard
City Council. This is the bare pre-requisite for a successful run. You have to
really realize how boring Council Meetings are and attending meetings regularly
will teach you this.... it's not all reception of Public Comments.....
there are those City Reports ---- Oh My, do they go on and on
and on and on and et cetera.....on !

Rule #1 for running a good candidacy is regular attendance at the Council

Teacher, Alex Escobel is running again. .. He has cool hand-painted rainbow color
signs, to win place or show, he should come back with those signs/


Now, there are some real fire-brands out there.... Al Duff for one. He has been the
face and the voice of the Planning Commission for a decade, plus. Al would be a
grand addition to the Council and has the finese to pull it off.

Councilman Maulhardt will be a hard incumbent to unseat.

Sad to say that the majority of voters, who are uninformed, only vote by who has
THE BEST AND BIGGEST SIGN, or by whose signs look nicer. Sorry, truth here.

So Incumbents have some good networks developed to preserve their throne.

Gloria Postel can really work the South Oxnard crowd and if she works it right
could become a contender based on the South City Vote (SCV) alone.


Fireworks are sure to spark with Attorney Joe O'Neill who has his finger on
the pulse of "What Is Wrong With Oxnard". He will offer some really hot issues
and he could ad some real zest to the race and would be more spicier than a
home-grown chili should he win Holden's Seat......

-------- BUT, the master Blaster is on the List too:


So, it's going to be really hard to make a decision this year.