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"Police Commission".

We are dropping our news item on the Police Commission. NO - I was not harrassed by Brian, the coal-black Motorcycle cop, nor did I get the usual hang-up phone calls after I do an article on the Oxnard Police. NO ONE CARED to even send an e-blurb in support or against the Proposition of the Commission. No e-mails, & that is really odd.

Either Everyone Is Scared I will forward their messages to Art Lopez - DIRECT, or we have severe apathy (Non-Caring). I suspect Apathy because the Journal got 6031 hits in August (an average of 250.8 since August 27th.

OK, Will Wait for More News.

Your Editor will not be able to attend Oxnard Council Meetings on Tuesday evenings for a while. I'm taking a Conversational Spanish class @ Oxnard Adult School. It is a tremendous class and I hope (espero) to have speaking skills for when I run for City Council in 2002. The Oxnard Adult School is an interesting campus with many remedial and GED Courses, but also Nursing and some general fun classes, like the Spanish Class. There is still time to enroll if you do it this week.

Thanks for Visiting the Oxnard Journal - Will be waiting for news to happen - remember I work 40 hours per week and this journal depends on your input, my keyboarding, and most of all, our collective interest in making Oxnard, THE BEST CUIDAD in CONDADO del VENTURA,

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-OLD NEWS--

{ Oxnard - Sept. 01 }

Pa Ventura Mentioned the need for a Police Commission in His Saturday Star Column. More citizens are taking an active approach to starting a commission. Word of warning would be to have a commission made up of citizens, not business or legal interests.

The next meeting of the Citizens' Commission to Evaluate Police Conduct is September 12. Stay tuned for details on when and where. Sunny and Sean are spearheading this one, they are looking are re-activating the Peace Murals again to make us aware of the need to listen to our young people and to beautify Oxnard with murals.

Oxnard needs to decide whether it wants an interface or ombudsman to serve between the Police and the Council. It's a hot issue and won't easily disappear. The Purpose of a Commission is to help the Police, not to hinder their operations.

What are your feelings on getting a Police Commission - No Need to include your name or e-mail if you prefer NOT TO---- Comments will go to the Editor......

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