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Press Conference airs Views of Anti-Casino Concern

While politicians pussy-foot around the issue, two local city officials and one County Supervisor went on record for their concerns about a proposal for a Casino within Oxnard City Limits.

Mayor Lopez and Councilman Zaragoza have spoken publicly and their feelings are backed up by the long time knowledge and wisdom of Oxnard's own, John Flynn. All three have taken a stand while the three other Council people are secretly backing a proposal and a secret staff report that will mystically appear at the right time for a quick vote 3-2 in favor and railroad our mayor and mayor pro-tem. YOU* can do something. Read the Oxnard Joural and see where you stand and support whom you may. The Oxnard Journal is going on Record - officially AGAINST the casino being built within city limits. how about out in Saticoy, or at the end of Rose Ave. Or maybe in Ventura, that would work.


Oxnard Mayor Manuel Lopez, flanked by Supervisor John Flynn, Rabbi Sherwood, and INCF Chairman Alan Wingo, presented a statement to a standing room only group of media and concerned citizens who came to the Anti-Casino Press Conference held at Accurate Engineering offices on Pacific Avenue in Oxnard.


The Mayor read a prepared statement filled his his life-long convictions and conern for the City of Oxnard. After the Mayor spoke, Supervisor Flynn told the assembly," This would be the demise of the City. We want to attact good companies to Oxnard and this casino doesn't fit the bill. In fact, we'll be left with the bill. A Casino marks, and degrades the community. WE don't want it, WE will fight it. I'm amazed that three on the Council asked for a study that basically relinquishes land use of the city. If the casino goes in, the City will surrender all land use authority. " Supervisor Flynn's comments served as a warning to all, that following through with this would mean big trouble for the future of Oxnard.

An alternative News Conference was rumored to be held at the RED STAR PRESS office on Ralston in Oxnard's suburb of San Buenaventura, but that did not happen. Oddly, the forces that are PRO (in favor of the) Casino are not making much hoopla. The PRO-Casino movement is rather "Underground" during this crucial time of formation and formulation. News of the Casino is quietly spreading, but the pro-forces are hoping to slip this one in "quietly" under the Council's 'area rug'.

Again, when it comes to Ventura County as a whole, poor old Oxnard is portrayed as the town where riff-raff coagulates. Why? County-wise, Oxnard is the malo-niño, the bad-little boy that either copies what the other siblings do or goes off on it's own, as in the case of this casino.

The Lines are Really Being Drawn.....,.who will win the City..... Stay tuned to the next Oxnard Journal and be sure to read what the Ventura-based media says about OUR Town.


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May 8th - plan to attend the Oxnard City Council Chamber to Voice YOUR OPINION {{ Either PRO -or- CON }} on the CASINO.

No, Al Pacino is not coming to Oxnard, it's even more fun than that. Oxnard City Officials are sitting on a "Staff Report" that is floating around behind the closed doors of City staff such as the City Manager and of course, the Council.

What was meant to be a quiet review of a "potential political bomb shell" among gentlemen managers of Oxnard City affairs, has now become a cause celebre among those who always are are against everything the Council does and even everyday folks who don't think a Casino is a good signal to send out. The Casino cat is indeed out of the bag.

Oxnard City Council has basically turned against our Mayor by not even following his Stern advice to NOT allow a Casino to 'even' be considered.

John Zaragoza has FIRMLY come out against the Casino. In a telephone conversation Friday morning (4/20), Councilman Zaragoza emphatically proclaimed that he was elected by the people of Oxnard to support them in their will for the City. "Ten-to-One, the citizens of Oxnard are against this casino," Councilman Zaragoza said, "This is a quality of life issue for Oxnard. The concerns that face us on this issue are the impacts on our children, our image, and our future. What we are entertaining is forming a sovereign nation within the city limits of Oxnard."

 The Oxnard Journal wants to go on record as backing the Mayor and Councilman Zaragoza for having the 'chutzpah' to voice their convictions and to stand for what they feel and know is right and listening to who elected them.

Holden, Maulhardt, and Pinkhard have openly stated their interest in pursuing a review of this "staff report" which doesn't exist according to Holden, Ed Sotelo, the City Manager and poor Dennis Scala who is caught in the middle of this chicanery. John Zaragoza is NOT sitting on the fence, but is on record for always supporting the Mayor on this issue.

Citizens whom came to speak during public comments this past Tuesday (April-17) did mention the Casino and elicited strange, but predictable reactions from the Council. Tom Holden was interviewed by KTVA. To hear KTVA (our county's ONLY local talk radio) turn your AM (Amplitude Modulation) dial to 1520. I almost typed 1450, but that station went "BoOM!".

PLAN TO be on the ALERT for May 8th and watch what happens in Oxnard between and betwixt that date.

Here's what to expect:

  • A Public Rally in Plaza Park Against the Casino.

  • Local News Media that depends on Revenue to Survive will not take a stand For Or Against. Casinos mean money and advertising revenue to those who seek that as their primary goal for existence.

  • Petitions circulated to get signatures of residents who are in opposition to any CASINO. =-=-=- and most interesting is ::::

  • A RECALL PETITION to Oust a majority of the seated Council. With no one except Mayor Lopez and Councilman John Zaragoza going on Record to Opposition to the Casino Proposal - there are growing numbers of folks who feel passionate about initiating a recall. This issue is that hot. =-=-=- A minimum of 4,500 signatures are required to represent 10% of the registered voters who make such a recall qualify. LOCAL Leaders need to choose between God and Mammon. Serve the moral standards that ethically preclude allowing a Casino to come into our hometown, or just sell your soul to the bite of the money. Whom do you serve? Citizens or self?

  • INCF (Neighborhood Council) meetings will be called before the May 8th Council meeting and news of the Casino will shared to those in attendance.

  • City Leadership is not reading this one right and this One Issue is going to come back to bite the Political hindside of many who don't seek to serve the will of the people.

Things are not good for City officials who do not tell all and come clean with us as to whether there is a serious proposal afoot to bring Gambling into Oxnard. Where is the Report (sic: Business Plan) ? Who has the paperwork and what does it propose.

Those who are supporters of Mayor Lopez need to get their messages of Encouragement to him. Support our Mayor in his most crucial decision and show of Leadership on the Council. The Oxnard Journal is looking for an e-mail address for his Honor so you may send your messages of support.