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Mayor Lopez

Ever the incumbent, and usually unopposed, as he is again this election,
Doctor Manny Lopez has been a fixture in Oxnard politix for years plus two full decades of sitting in Oxnard City Council chambers every Tuesday night = unless it is dark, or the council meets somewhere else in the City. Mayor Lopez can always have his seat on the Council for as long as he wants to be there, he is the King of Oxnard Politics and he does it in a way we all could take a lesson from. Self-less service to a cause outside yourself. Give of yourself and see what results. Manny Lopez is one of the most loved mayors we've had. Nao Takasugi who preceded Mayor Lopez is now into his third political calling - that of Harbor Commissioner. Lopez gets the vote for Mayor of Oxnard


Andres Herrera

Here we go again. Andres somehow thinks that Peoria Illinois or skewed degree credentials are not going to follow him. He only filed when he found out Holden was off the ticket.


Saul Medina

A very viable candidate, wrestled away a valued endorsement from the other non-incumbents by gaining backing from the Oxnard Fire Fighters Assoc.

He is one to watch.


Martin JONES

The Fire-Brand of the South - South Oxnard - that is. . . Mr. Jones is a man you don't reckon with unless you have something he hasn't seen yet. Martin would be the clean sweep we need on the City Council. A Vote for Martin Jones is a Vote not Wasted.




All 19th Hole Jokes Aside, this duffer can beat par. Al is a tried and true volunteer and leader. All the growth you see now around Oxnard is all thanks to Al Duff and his planning commission. No one ever attends his planning meetings anyway, so he is not responsible for all the growth you see around Oxnard. You are responsible for it - because you don't attend the meetings and you don't ask the planning commission during their Thursday evening meeting: "why must we keep bulidling all these new big houses that look alike and are planted mere feet away from another big house that looks like all the others around it....."

Maybe Al Duff will change his plan when he gets elected, he is the candidate with the greatest chance of being elected.




 Alex disappointed the Oxnard Journal - he didn't keep his old signs which were multi-colored master pieces.



Dean's family built Oxnard and he has a surnamed street upon which Adelphia (formerly Jones iNterCable) and the Spearmint Rhino reside. His voting base is secure.


Tim Hammond

A communications teckie - he is personable and has some intense insider experience on the political backwork-side of the velvet jungle.



Sue Komar, what more can you say, but Sue Kormar

No observations on this earthling...



No observations on this earthling...




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