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DownTown Boys & Girls Club Closed by Board

DownTown Theatre - Why It Is A Good Idea !

Welcome to the Oxnard Journal
January 2003 iffue



1. Factory Outlet will close - Sit and Sleep will be first tenant to find new store

2. Oxnard Boys and Girl Club on 7th Street will be saved by local citizens

3. Gold will be discovered in Santa Clara River Bed

4. Chief Art Lopez will AGAIN be asked to assume high level position in Los Angeles

5. Oxnard Rap Group hits it big

6. Mayor Lopez will give an Early Endorsement to John C. Zaragoza to become Oxnard's next Mayor

7. City of Port Hueneme will become embroiled in a land debate with Oxnard over the Ormond .Beach wetlands and adjacent lands bordering on P.H.

8. Point Mugu joint-use will be shown as imperative after aviation incident occurs

9. Gay Pride Day Parade for June will be proposed for Oxnard

10. Del Norte Road extension is revealed and creates new land grab eastward

11. Petition is first circulated for Anti-Growth Moratorium for Oxnard - signing of petition becomes .widespread

12. A Seated Council-member will resign before November - creating a need for a special election

13. Downtown Theatre Project hits snags and work is post-poned

14. Fernando Vargas opens a club downtown...

15. Santa Clara High School proposes new location move

16. Major Movie Company proposes to move studio to Oxnard

17. Two Super Lotto winners pick tix in Oxnard

18. Phil Molina and City Settle Outside of Court

19. Rainbow Recovery gets heavy-hitter to interfere with City's proposed removal of the Rainbow.

20. 100 new homes in a new development declared unsafe - reasons kept secret by City.

21. Re-Routing of PCH Traffic from Oxnard Blvd. to Rice Avenue creates emergency business blight alert. Chamber of Commerce attempts to minimize concerns of business community.

22. NFL Team makes bid to buy College Park for full time Training Facility.

23. Esplanade Planners forced to build overhangs at BoxMall as customers complain of Rain and .Sun.

23(a) Esplanade Proposes small shuttle to get shoppers from one end the turf to the other and back.

24. Mexican President Vicente Fox visits Oxnard.

25. Name Change Issue for Oxnard pops up again this, it's 100th year. Suggestions are sought by .crazed individual who gadfly's every City Public Meeting to push for the necessary change.

26. Navy creates homeport for two cruisers at the Port of Port Hueneme.

27. Mis-fired Vandenburg missile creates spectacular evening light show along the coast (6~7 / 03)

28. Major Supermarket chain folds leaving another super-mercado anchor store abandoning small .shopping center.

28(a) Major Supermarket chain obtains new storefronts in Oxnard -- (Hemlock & Victoria)

29. South Oxnard (under Revitalization) seeks to separate from Corporate Oxnard in order to get .attention and improvement from the City. PH denies bid to allow sOX to incorporate into PH

30. New Boxer emerges from Oxnard...wants to take on Vargas -- hbo=staytuned

31. Clothing store will relocate to Downtown Oxnard and create a new draw for business.

32. City of Oxnard makes surprise announcement to improve selected City Parks (Durley Park is .mentioned).

33. Private Citizens open large stray animal shelter with approval of planning commission.



The Death of the Factory Outlet.

Predictions have to wait - went to the Factory Outlet for Christmas shopping and came back feeling like I visited a morgue. Three businesses with business licences operational past the first of the year are closing shop as of 31 December 2001. Four others listing - Everything must go 50% - 70% off.

The Factory Outlet is the Dead Zone and I know that Spit & Sleep is probably ready to check out. Whoever convinced the popular sleep shoppe to set up at the Dead Zone (factory outlet) will probably be publicly flogged. Oxnard City Officials need to do something before the whole outlet folds.....which leads to the first Prediction.

• Oxnard Factory Outlet factors funds and finds closing more profitable than remaining open.

added to 2003 predix

• The Theatre Project will be finalized and if finished will fold within two years of opening.

A WINNER - Project Finalized and Approved - OxJo now Predix one year.

• John Zaragoza will be elected Mayor of Oxnard.

added to 2003 predix

• The Person who set fire to the Pick n' Save on Saviers will be caught.

Not Yet - we still have a few more years and leads

• Train derailment of tank cars will cause HazMat Emergency - derailment due to speed.

No - But Oxnard has suffered an extraordinary inordinate amount of traffic fatalities at RR Crossings

• Initiative for curtailing urban growth will be put on November ballot within Oxnard.

added to 2003 predix

• South Oxnard will seek succession from the city.

added to 2003 predix

• Oxnard Rap Star will burst onto the scene w/ CD & DVD Release....

added to 2003 predix

• Adelphia will sell off former Jones Intercable service to third party.

No - but former GTEAmericast Customers get better channel selection from Adelphia than do their
original Jones Customers

• City planners will promote making "A" Street curvy again.

a silly Predix - but may still happen

• College park will be sold to a Cemetery consortium after CPACommittee gives up on a final concept for the patchwork park.

Garcia's did not get it - nor will anyone else - City is holding for future use

• Maidu Indians & Paragon gaming move to make a floating casino off the port of Channel Islands Harbor. County agrees - Oxnard helpless to fight it again.

Casino did not come back after 2001 vote

• The Third Concept Tower of the Esplanade is announced, and ground broken.

Was Not added to 2003 predix

• Sit n' Sleep files against Oxnard in a court battle to permit its removal of the new Oxnard store from the quiet Outlet to the New Esplanade.

Sit & Sleep still on the radar horizon

• Sunny Atkinson dyes her hair red.

- still a blonde (rubio) to date

• Wallmart announces plans to move onto another bigger property which it 'sweet-hearts' the City into approving....

So Far - So Good with the Big WM

• A Major Hollywood movie is filmed in Colonia. Publicity highlights how neglected this prime district of Oxnard is.

added to 2003 predix in a form

• Daniel Martinez wins the March primary for County Clerk-Recorder.

Google Gallopigos got it.

• Old Oxnard High School property is retained by the City and is dedicated for a New Public Safety Center (Police & Fire).

still waiting for this. . .

• Martin Jones wins the Lotto with a quick pick and tells the City it can't have any of his millions for redevelopment.

Martin Jones Did Run for Oxnard City Council and did make a good showing in the Polls

• Another Oxnard Boxer will breakout and make a new name for Oxnard.

added to 2003 predix

• BRAC puts Point Mugu joint-use Airport concept out for public review & comment.

added to 2003 predix in modification

• Navy announces CBC Port Hueneme as a homeport for a Destroyer.

added to 2003 predix

• Motion picture star gets a DUI while driving in Oxnard.

ala shannon dougherty - nada - skip for 2002

• Police Chief Art Lopez wins a prestigious international honor.

A WINNER - - Chief Lopez did get International Honor for being in the TOP 3 for LAPD

• In 'n Out Burger applies for an Oxnard Location in South Oxnard - (very good )

Sill a good Idea

• UFO seen over Oxnard on July 3rd.

• UFO carries off Editor of the Oxnard Journal.

Not Yet - but there's always Next Year

Send me your predictions....... I have to get ready for July 3rd.....


Bill Winter - Pre-Tribulation Rapturist






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