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Oxnard's Next Mayor:
   Seasons Change ---- Vote Bill Winter for Mayor  
For Real --- For Mayor
People First - Oxnard First


  .Oxnard needs a fresh start, not a flashback in leadership. 


We face crucial decisions regarding our traffic, the overgrowth of housing and a serious lack of attention to our Downtown, youth, oceanfront, and our overall quality of life.

As Mayor, my first goal would be to change the negative perception Oxnard has endured for the past decades. 

Oxnard is the Tri-County's largest city and is destined to become the most progressive and prosperous community.  The Mayor does much to influence city affairs.  I ask for two years as your Mayor to start the turnover the new council will see.  We need bold leadership that says "No" to uncontrolled development.

As Mayor, I will revitalize the Downtown by listening to existing businesses and rebuilding the infrastructure. 

I will support all mentorship programs and extra-curricular activities for kids and create new venues for our youth. 

I have a heart for the city and for the people of Oxnard.  I’m not afraid getting into the trenches with you, hearing your concerns, and meeting you face-to-face.  

Qualifications:  Navy veteran, Wilson Neighborhood Council Chair, Oxnard Neighborhood Council Forum member -- a strong desire to serve you and all of Oxnard.  

                                                                                                             /s/ Bill Winter

 . . .


Bill Winter has edited the Oxnard Journal for the world on the WWW since 1995. 
 Be sure to vote and if you moved in the past two years, be sure to re-register........


1 - 5 - 10 dollar donation to:

WINTER for Mayor
PO Box 59
Oxnard, Calif.  93032


* receipts and reporting for contributions higher than $24.99.


   FPPC Id# - {Pending}

Bad timing for pay raise

by Bill Winter in a letter to the Ventura County Star

Re: your July 22 article,
"City Council gives itself 133% raise":

With the recent pay increase, that many residents felt the Oxnard City Council deserved, it struck me that, for the past 19 years, Mayor Manny Lopez has been a fixture and faithful council member. I also noted that Mayor Lopez, along with Councilman John Zaragoza, both voted against the increase.

The biggest negative of the pay issue was not the striking 133 percent increase, but that of appearance. With the state and county making hard budget cuts, here is Oxnard doing the opposite. Oxnard increases its utility fees, double-taxes its downtown property owners, assesses homeowners for bushes along the road and now this: extra money out the till for next year's council members.

It also strikes me that Bedford Pinkard, who is pushing to have his spouse take over his seat, in essence will benefit from the pay raise if his wife wins election.

Criticizing The Star from the council side will not change the overall effect of what the Oxnard City Council did. It is all a matter of appearance. So, when the council next asks the citizens of Oxnard to pay out more taxes, fees or assessments for whatever pea-brained project the council proposes, we may do well to come back to them at public comment and remind them of their pay raise and ask them for 133 percent better service to the city of Oxnard.

[Winter is a mayoral candidate for Oxnard]

( Aug. 7 & 8) gathering signatures for the Council Districts petition
was held in front of Vons on Ventura Rd. at Fifth Street.


An estimated 4300 signatures are collected and the petition drivers
are receiving more each day.

Bill Winter spoke at public comment at last Tuesday's council
meeting and extolled the council to accept what is coming, i.e. council
districts.  We can have better representation for all Oxnard citizens.

Our petition is being signed by 9 out of 10 of the people we ask to sign.
Most give the excuse that they don't vote or can't vote yet because of
their citizenship status.  Only a handful have refused on grounds that
they do not agree that council districts is the way to have better
government in Oxnard. 

Please keep up the efforts to collect signatures.

Linda Molina


Did you notice how the Star put Holden first on their list of Mayor Candidates in Tuesday's
(8/10) Election Story --- Tom and Star go way back......the Star even Features
Tommy on their THIS IS OXNARD webpage. as the First Oxnard resident worth noting.            
Beware - the Star Requires Registration - the Ox Jo doesn't ]





Around Town. . . .

Candy Go Round......
Guess a change of heart, intention, or ""whatever"" got into the craw of local lawyer - Dedee Frank -- she originally took out papers for City Council - a four year commitment - looks like DeeDee changed heart and opted for the non-supersized option of a two-year seat as Mayor.  Ms. Frank trashed her council application and took out a new set of papers to qualify for Mayor with just one day remaining to get it done.  If you see her - sign her nomination papers - she needs 20 good signatures by tomorrow.

Medina Qualifies:::::::
Saul Medina, "on his third-time-is the charm try" has qualified for the City Council Ballot. Saul qualified on Tuesday 10 August.

Al Duff ---- One for the Duffer.....
Perennial Planning Board Godfather - Al Duff qualified for the ballot and has his sights set on reaching the top of the stream and spawning.

Crap and Water Taxes Go up ---- is Basura next . . . . 
Seems it didn't take long for the Oxnard City Council to send it's real reason for going on hiatus.
The Real Reason came in the mail for August Oxnard Property Owners.  5 & 10 per Cent increases in Water - Sewer -&- the ever favorite "Refuse the refuse".

With the Oxnard City Council on recuperation vaccination, we the citizens must remain with a voice in the public arena -- that voice is the INCF* - it meets next on August 11th and then again on September 1st.
*Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum

Candidates Line Up................:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

For Mayor   - in order of taking out papers to file:

Bill Winter (para Alcalde) Q-8/6/04 -- Winter announced in May 2004 his intent for the center seat.  Winter wants the voter to know that << You Don't Have To Vote For Holden >> as this is a race for the heart for the City and the Future Oxnard faces and forms.  Winter is a familiar name for voters as he ran for Mayor in 1998 and placed second on the Absentee Ballot.

Tom Holden -- former 12 year Councilman who dropped out of the City Council in 2000 to clear his name from several bad decisions like participating in the Oxnard City Council's Brown Act Violation, closing the Downtown Boy's and Girl's Club, and voting to oust College Park's Rainbow Woman's Recovery Center from their home and location on a small tip of the Park.  Holden evicted the woman's recovery center for replacement by an old rusty Farm Implement Museum -- ( NOW newly discovered TO BECOME - Oxnard's "Field of Screams" -- a city-subsidized  baseball fiasco) ---- More closed door sessions
to sell off some prime Oxnard Real Estate to  ""Mr. I'll Scratch-Your-Back-If-You-Scratch-Mine"" for more on this mess.....Anyway - Holden is Old News.....

Robert L. Sumpter - no one knows who this guy is --- will report as soon as known.

For Oxnard City Council - in order of taking out papers to file:

Dr. Irene G. Pinkard -

John C. Zaragoza -

Saul Medina -

Albert G. Duff, Sr. -

Dolly Villa -

Timothy B. Flynn -

Deirdre Frank -

Dale Belcher is running un-opposed for Oxnard City Treasurer as is Daniel Martinez, for Oxnard City Clerk. Daniel had one day, one chance and one opportunity to file correctly according to County and State regulations and due to his deployment over seas in the Middle East, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Daniel had to fight bureaucratic horse-spit to get his paperwork in and approved on time....but he did it.


Tax Payers - foot the cost for the official City of  Oxnard Website highlighting

See it for yourself...........


HELP WANTED:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
We have been awarded a contract by General Dynamics OTS for procuring
and delivering 7.62 ammo for the Afghanistan army.  We are currently
in the buying phase in Eastern Europe and will be shipping out and
arriving in Karachi within 30-45 days.

We need a team of experienced individuals to ride escort and prepare
to defend the trains loaded with ammo from Karachi to Kabul.  There
will be several trains.  There will not be a need for PSD work at
this time but that may change in the future.

We offer excellent pay and outstanding benefits.  If interested
please email me at the address below.

I look forward to your reply.

David C. Penrod
Operations Specialist
Pegasus Enterprises
PO Box 744
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Cellular: (319) 415-4126
Fax: (319) 266-2007

"It's only too late if you don't start now."

Things you can learn from a DOG

1. Always be happy to see those you love.
2. Approach each day and each new experience with enthusiasm (even a walk).
3. Never underestimate the power of praise.
4. Play every chance you get.
5. Don’t be afraid to show your joy! When you are happy  show it. Wiggle and wag.
6. Take lots of naps and always stretch and yawn before you get up.
7. Never turn down a car ride with someone you love.
8. Be loyal.
9. Lounge under a tree in the shade on a hot day.
10. Every once in a while put your head out the window and feel the air on your face and hair.
11. Have a favorite toy.
12. Dont hold a grudge.
13. When someone is having a bad day  nuzzle him gently.
14. If you feel like it, shake and let the drool fly.
15. Eat each meal with vigor and enjoy anything that’s offered.
16. Sleep in any position you find comfortable.
17. Scratch where it itches.
18. Protect and defend those you love.
19. What you look like doesn’t matter  its what is in your heart (and the way someone rubs your tummy).
20. Enjoy every day to its fullest  even if you are sick, in pain, deaf, blind, wheelchair (cart) bound or just not mentally all there.
21. Take pride in following the rules.
22. Accept praise and attention without giving excuses.
                  Cited from:  "Souls of Animals" by Gary Kowalski.


The joke that got my buddy written out of his Scottish grandfather's will  (his grandmother urged him to tell it):
What's the difference between a Scotsman and a canoe?
A canoe can tip.


"I was trying to find stuff to talk about today, it was a  
slow news day, so I found this. On this day in 1492,  
Columbus set sail from Europe, looking for a sea route to  
India - and ended up in America. And ironically, if you  
make a call from Europe to a company in America today -  
it's re-routed to India."  
-Jay Leno  

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a  
few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving,  
regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.  
-Ronald Reagan  


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 -- A Sign You're In Oxnard --- Welcome to our Neighborhood -- by bill winter


East Coast Justice - this 18 y.o. individual was apprehended for
stealing less than five gallons of gas.



Dolly Villa
Oxnard City Council


    Joe Avelar is running for City Council

 -- he deserves your attention and vote



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NO ON LNG the fart tube from Grace to Space - from Gilda to Hilda
T'is said the City is ready to roll over and allow the LNG Fart Tube to come thru town
How many millions do you want for this ?

                            Belgium - July 2004               

Here is a pix of the explosion in Belgium --- it was a small explosion in comparison

to what BHP would have in store for us.......for the argument about Modern LNG Technology being newer

than 1944's Ohio blast --- May I remind you Europe and especially German engineering is considered

the best in the, Alice Madrid reminded me that the Space Shuttle crashed.


To: Mr. Haynes - you have my pledge to bring the petition signing to the neighborhoods this Wednesday - August 4th
 and I know we have several neighborhoods already that are ready to do this --- I think the best work we can do
is back-work and set it up soon.



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