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I am personally writing to you to inform you of my desire and commitment to run for Oxnard City Council in November 2004. 

I feel I can provide a new perceptive to city policy,
work together with council members, and the new Mayor of Oxnard to provide  the residents of Oxnard
with a safer city, work to reduce traffic congestions,
work to eliminate graffiti, increase Oxnard business environment and improve Oxnard downtown district.

Four years ago I placed my name on the ballot in 2000,
I earned over 6,000 votes and placed fourth.
My budget for that election year was only $300 dollars.
In 2002, I earned 6,700 votes and placed third.
I finished just 1,000 votes short of second place and earning a council seat. The budget was a little bigger however I came up short. I lost to a former Oxnard City
Council with good name recognition.
I have steady improved in each election campaign.

Now it is time.

I love the City of Oxnard. I want to make it a better place to live and raise a family.

The City of Ventura is currently listed as one of the top ten cities to live in the whole United States. 
Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley exchange the
title of the safest city in the United States.
Oxnard is the biggest and best City in Ventura County,
its time to let the rest of the world know about Oxnard
for the Good Things it provides, great labor force
and numerous job opportunities,
a strong agriculture and industrial business,
great shopping centers, quality restaurants,
affordable housing and of course our great weather.

It's a real beach community !!

I know it will not be easy, nothing in life is.
I feel confident and ready for challenge ahead.

Saul Medina

Candidate for Oxnard City Council 2004

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There is No Silence.

Please send all condolence letters for the family of CPL Pat Tillman to the following address:
2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
ATTN: CPT Nauman,
 Ref CPL Tillman
Box 339500, MS 80
Fort Lewis, WA 98433
Thank you.



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O P I N I O N  

.April 24, 2004

Dear Mr. Editor:

In March of this year I read that Greg Totten, Ventura County DA, filed a
complaint in court against a Texas company for short changing the dogs of
Camarillo. It seems that the poor pooches were getting about a half an
ounce less in doggy biscuit than they were paying for.
The headlines read: "DA says firm not giving dogs due.

Some local hounds may have bitten off less than they could chew. That's
according to a District Attorney's Office complaint directed at
Texas-based Big Bark Bakery, the maker of several brands of dog biscuits
being sold at a specialty-foods store in Camarillo." From all accounts
Mr. Totten spent over $25,000 in taxpayers money for his staff and expert
witnesses to put together this case. Thankful that he won $320.00 for his
efforts to protect the dogs of Ventura County. Now, if the DA only felt
the same need to protect the people of the City of Oxnard.

While all this high profile doggy biscuit issue was being resolved by our
intrepid DA, the citizens of Oxnard are still waiting for him to take
action required in result of the in depth investigation and the report
issued by the Ventura County Grand Jury on the loss of funds by the
City's treasurer. As I understand the report, because Dale Belcher,
Oxnard elected Treasurer, was not complying with the California
Government Codes, the Oxnard citizens lost millions of dollars each year
for over ten years. Meanwhile the Council and City staff continue to
subsidize the golf course so that the two partners can walk away with
millions of dollars in their pocket. The City Treasurer failed to collect
all the proceeds received at the golf course as required by California
law and instead allowed the two partners to take the money, use it
without proof and to keep the balance of the taxpayers' money, which
according to a recent audit amounted to millions.
This has accumulated to over 10 million dollars of cash unaccounted for by the City Treasurer.
Where are you Mr. DA?
We the voters of Ventura County deserve, and we
demand a public action in the form of indictments of these public
officials soon. This may be white-collar crime,
but it tears at the fabric of our community.

I hope to hear soon that Oxnard citizens are of at least equal concern to
Mr. Greg Totten as are a few dogs in Camarillo.

/s/ Ventura Fernandez
 - Oxnard, Calif - .



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