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  INCF / Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum dissolves in Oxnard, Calif......................

¿ So What ?

 Oxnard is about to review it's entire Neighborhood Services program at the Tuesday, Jan. 27 City Council Meeting.
This review in itself is not a bad thing, but the reason for the review is suspect.  Roger Pariseau, the Chair of Fremont North Neighborhood, and the current chair of Oxnard's Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum attended the City Council retreat last summer when the issue of the neighborhood councils came up.  Apparently, there was agreement among the council that there were some problems within the neighborhood council system.  The main problem cited was that certain neighborhood chairs would come to city council meetings and basically "yell at the council".  This behavior, and/or any lively contesting of the seated council by neighborhood council members who were elected by their neighborhoods to represent them perhaps reached its saturation point with the Councilmen.  According to Pariseau, Mayor Lopez was the only member at the retreat who saw value and need for the Neighborhood Council program.
Interestingly, the city never minded to ask or involve any of the residents who serve on their Neighborhood Councils for input into this deliberative status report which will be presented as the last item on the Council agenda next Tuesday.  It seems odd,  would not a doctor ask the patient or even touch the patient to make a diagnosis.  Well, the city staff preparing this report for the council never touched or asked the patient, their own city residents.  So, it will be worth a visit to the city council meeting to see what happens to the program after this staff report and the recommendations that are put forth to and by the concerned councilmen.  
The neighborhood program works.  It has been working well since its inception in 1975, when the City Council resolved to create the program.  Even though a few dedicated and unpaid volunteers serve on the neighborhood councils and they work relentlessly to make Oxnard a better city, there is still room for improvement, room for more hands to help out.  Our neighborhoods for the most part are doing well under the neighborhood services program and we only have a few neighborhoods that are considered inactive due to a lack of annual election of officers.  This is minor in comparison to what the city fathers see.  What they see disturbs them.  What they see, causes them to question the City's continuance of this program.

As a member of the Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum and Chair for the historic Wilson Neighborhood, I am dismayed by the lack of participation by Oxnard citizens in their Neighborhood Council program and with the majority of Neighborhood Chairs who blow off the INCF monthly meetings.
Overall, not enough people care to get involved and 99% of Oxnard residents don't attend their own Neighborhood Council meetings.  The only aspect of the neighborhood program that residents seem to care about is the yearly clean-up.  Other than that, leave us alone, we've got our plasma big-screen and our ESPN.  But perhaps, this is what the City Council wants, the fewer the people who know or care about what the City does, the least attention there is to what the Council does, ergo, the least resistance there is. 
So this is the sad state of a grand program, that should work, the only flaw in the neighborhood program is that it takes citizen participation to have any meaning.  All neighborhood council meetings, to be legal, must have a 'quorum' for the meeting.  A quorum is ELEVEN- 11 - residents, that's all.  In a city of 200-thousand plus souls, we can hardly get eleven people to come out to any of our meetings.  This isn't always the case.  Wilson Neighborhood usually has a good turn-out.  Wilson has hot issues, like the Old Saint John's Hospital, and Cornell Corrections, and the county-wide draw of Christmas Tree Lane. 

Since the City fathers see that no-body cares or gives a hoot about their neighborhood council and their city, then, why should they and why should the Council spend city money on a program that few seem to give a flying flock about.
So the stage is set for the Tuesday, Jan. 27 City Council meeting, when the Council will hear a city staff report about Oxnard's neighborhood program.  A report by city staff will be an interesting mesh of the desires that the City Council wants to thrust upon the neighborhoods.  If anyone cares about their neighborhood, then they should make it a point to be at city council chambers to show their support for Neighborhood Services and the neighborhood council program.  I know I'll be there.  I hope I'm not the only one who cares.  
Bill Winter
Chairman - Wilson Neighborhood Council
Member - Oxnard (former) Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum

 Last Iffue - JANUARY - 18 - 2004
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Please note that there is no Tuesday, January 20th City Council all the stuff that
may have happened on the 20th will have to wait until the 27th.
This means that Larry Stein will have to add-up another week of actuarial tables.
We will have to wait to be blessed with another statement of the obvious by Ventura "Joe" Fernandez of Southwinds.
 Bert Perillo will have to hold off on "Columbo-style" approach to asking the Council questions
while making his questions statements. - interesting.
id you catch Saul Medina in his pitch to the downtown to continue their fervor for the downtown cinaplex?
Did you agree....did you not......if so why and if not, why not.  Oxnard needs something, anything and the theater
is the City's way of saying, "I believe in revitalizing Downtown and this is the way we, as a Council have chosen.

Why must issues and stands on issues divide us as a City --- why not ---because they always have.

The most  stunning example is A Street. 
Maybe City-bees are waiting for the collective memory of Oxnard
to forget to remember or try to remember to forget what happened
and then didn't happen to A Street.

If you follow that, you're about as confused as most of us at what the direction of Oxnard really is.

We have WAY TOO MANY CARS on our streets designed for a modest city of 100-thousand souls and similar number of motor vehicles.  Now we are WAY OVER 200K residents and maybe 220+ if you count the folks living in garages, back rooms, and the other sordid arrangements of living conditions that are forced upon the normal wage earners and families for housing in Oxnard, be it bought, rented, or otherwise.  WE HAVE WAY TOO MANY CARS.

And the really big thing that is coming up at the next Oxnard City Council is the review of the
Neighborhood Council Program.


............................................................... & IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ...............................
Onto New Hampster --- The demosnaps are running to Laconia and the Republicrats are standing behind their sole candidate - ¿where is Pat Buchannan when we need him? - NO one is daring to challenge Bush -- intimidation by fear or just face facts - Bush is the GOP now.  It's a wrap. -- So what can we expect?

We can expect more Dean.  Where is the zeal Deano? 
Tell us how you really feel - I mean - Come on -- was there a testosterone counter on my yahoo when You
 listed the states of the union on Monday, MLK-Day - 19 JAN 2004.

Well -- there is stuff out there that comes over E-mail and to share these should be discretional and since
there is no remaining discretion on MTV, here is the un-adulterated stuff from Cyberland - January - 20-o-4.

view at your own discretion......

(Anti) Bush Commercial:You'd think these guys could get to the point, instead of beating around the bush.


Then there came Dean....

As many of the OxJo readers know - and those who have tracked the Oxnard Journal for the past few years.
The Editor took a job promotion that placed his no-joy butt into the state of decompression and the state of Vermont.
That was half of 2002 - and the other half was getting my ass back to Oxnard.  Simply put without the remainder of anatomy.....So -- having spent six miserable and horrific months in the confinement of the F*@k#d up state of Vermin - oh - sorry - I meant Vert-Monte which is the French for "Green Mountain" - which is the main reason for the state of Vermont being there - is that there are many green mountains there.
-----------So - to no longer dis' Vermont - there is also there former Governor - Howie Dean.

Howie is running for president and using a campaign phrase of "TAKE BACK AMERICA" -- which is amusing when
you look at his state as being one of the few states to ratify and legitimize Homosexual Weddings.

After the State Legislature got done passing the bill and co-ercing Dean into signing it - Same sex couple marriages became the big attraction for tourists into this upside-down triangle-shaped state. The public back-lash against Dean and the State's Assembly and Senate by presumed heterosexual, asexual, and masochists with a penchant for hanging chads and politics was swift and not really predictable.

All over Vermont, bumper stickers, signs, and newspaper adds proliferated and all said the same message:

" T A K E - B A C K - V E R M O N T "

Perhaps Dean should have taken back Vermont before he decided to take America Back.....but he never said
"How Far Back" We're Being Taken......Hmmmm!


Betcha Can't Wait Until Oxnard's Elections Get into Full Swing !!!!!