Oxnard is doomed to become a fiefdom.  7 kingdoms are proposed
by the City Council to usurp authority over all the
current Neighborhood Councils .....
D-Day is 1900hrs @ Oxnard City Council Chambers -
Reminder -- the Library back Parking Lot is blocked off by fencing for demolition of the old
county building - So come early --- you can park on C and B Street and in the Oxnard Front parking
Lot.  There will also be unused parking at B & 3rd.
--- Be Early - Be Heard. 
Be sure to pick-up, fill out and turn in to the Clerk
2 Blue speaker cards -
One on for
ITEMS NOT ON THE AGENDA - and talk about anything you want.
One for.. Items:  
R. STUDY SESSION ... have fun....and expect a long delay in the Council's hearing of this issue.

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¿Where is Oxnard Going?......
Neighborhood Council Chairs and interested residents are slowly passing the word about town that the City Council wants to eliminate, terminate, eviscerate, and masticate on the carcass of what is currently known as the Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum.

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.....JANUARY 22 Iffue --
INCF / Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum dissolves in
Oxnard, Calif..

---- January 18 Iffue
--- The Molina Update.

  File of Proposed Status Report on Neighborhood Services
...pdf file
Well, here's the list of staffers who collaborated in drafting  the Status Report on the Neighborhood Council Program.
Stand-by to not be impressed:

.................Matt Winegar
.................Marylin Miller ( M2 )
.................Ed Sotello
.................Karen Burnham
.................Donna Helms
.................Chirstine A., the PIO.

What is planning doing in the process?
Is there city collusion to bring planning into the picture in order to put more houses into Oxnard.?



Perhaps the dismantling of the INCF is a good idea.

E-mailers are coming in 2-1 on approving city making
7 INCC leadership districts.  With the City Council picking the leaders.  Presupposition is that this is the City's way to
create 7 Council-maniacal districts and propose the
addition of two new Council Seats.  One for Mrs. Pinkhard,
and the second one for Bedford.  - well - you be the judge .... review comments below:


City Manager's Office

1. (083) SUBJECT: Status Report on the Neighborhood Council Program. - [349 Kb]
CC RECOMMENDATION: Provide comments and direction to staff on the Neighborhood Council Program.
Contact Person: Donna Helms Phone: 385-7433


Editor at Staples Center

I think it is a welcome change.....looking around our fair city I still see trash and graffiti.  Thugs hanging around and we don't need to talk about the increase in the crimes city wide.  People don't take pride in their properties anymore.  I think it is because there are so many renters not owners in some areas.  Look at downtown i.e. 4th street.  It sure isn't the way I remember growing up in this city.  Since living back in this city for the past five years, I have read some neighborhood councils actually blocking development of some projects that would have enhanced the city or neighborhood. 
Remember Bill, change is good.  Status Quo is not working.  Hope this doesn't upset  you too much.


I have no problem with cutting the number of neighborhood councils into 7 areas. I think this should be taken as an excellent first step to pursuing the concept of councilmatic [districts for Oxnard]. Elected officials representing each of the proposed 7 areas and from those specific areas will be a better representation of the constituency. This will be a great opportunity for councilmatic concept to bring it back to the fore front.




Here is a question that's playing devil's advocate. It seems to me the staff is simply proposing to combine the councils to streamline them so every neighborhood will have a voice. How is the spirit of the INCF gutted if the new council leaders are obligated to communicate the concerns of the




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