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Monday - June 07 2004 - Ronald Reagan Library - Simi Valley, Calif.

The mood is quiet and somber - no one speaks - each reaches out with their only way in their face and eyes.  Tears and gripped mouths - all focus is on the man whom they cannot see yet all have known.  

Outside view of entrance to the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum ---

Close Media Encampments

Channel NBC4 ------ ready in 15.....

The upper parking lot at the library -- overflow for the field of media transmitters.

Duke Blackwood - Director of the Reagan Library

Blackwood answers media queries and questions.


John and Ken - KFI ( 640 AM ) Radio hosts - afternoon drive 1500-1900 daily.

John and Ken pose for the Oxnard Journal -----

Shores of the Sea of Media.

CNN had the lead tent and lead of the media pool - Frank Buckley is seated - Anderson Cooper is standing.


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