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Photo:  Old Saint Johns Hospital (Wilson Neighborhood) - corner F & Doris - has been CO©CX initiation ground.


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- 04-04-04

Tuesday Oxnard City Council Meeting Draws range of citizens to slam or support Gang Injunction.

Civilian comments to the elected city council battered and praised the idea of a city-wide gang injunction specifically against La Coloñia Chiques at the 04 - 06 Tuesday City Council Meeting.  The main thrust was the first public presentation by VC DA Greg Totten and OXPD Chief Art Lopez.  The DA and PDC were resolute in the need for this action.  Most agreed and some still questioned.

Most noted areas of where the city could place its attention were to recreation, things to do, jobs, making more money, housing, affordable housing, and just other areas where quality of life may make a difference in at least one of the thousand lives the Oxnard PD is targeting for their inJUNCtion.   1000 gang members were ID'd primarily from Police Arrest and Booking records.  It was eventually admitted at tonight's city council meeting that most likely 500 definite Chiclets could be reached and publicly serviced by the Police with writs of notice. 

The writs --- or the wrists -- your choice hommie !

So while brave citizens come forward to pester or praise the injunction, there are still details that are being made ready by the District Attorney.  The Ox Jo - Oxnard Journal will report on all the new stuff.

Stand by for more news and reports on the ever-changing events in Oxnard.

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Life is full of surprises  .. . . . .  .    . . .. . . . . .  . .  . . . . . .  . . . .. . . . . .

Al Barkley, chair  and Jennifer Talt, executive director of the Oxnard Downtown Partnership (ODP) have resigned. Mr. Barkley also gave up his directorship.  The reason  was announced at a special meeting of the ODP Board of Directors on 4.05.04 @ the Heritage Square Hall in Downtown Oxnard. 
Unfortunately they will be leaving and we must work hard with determination to be successful because the promise of Outstanding Oxnard is never going to go away. We all love Downtown, along with every neighborhood in Oxnard but we need help dealing with the issues that affect our community.  
Oxnard is so precious that what happens here will touch the lives of so many people.
Please take a hard look at what's really happening because it's REALLY HAPPENING IN OXNARD.  
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alejandro Rivera reporting.

Ozland:  04 - 04 - 04

This Tuesday's City Council Meeting will be one to watch and one to attend. 
Show starts at 7pm Tuesday 06 April.

Reminder: if you have Dish TV then you are missing out on some good television by not having regularly televised Oxnard City Council and City Channel if you can't watch at home - you can watch in person. 

There will be a presentation by Oxnard PD on the Injunction and there will be information presented to define what this Injunction is going to be and what it is going to do.

The Presentations to be given at the City Council meeting and the Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum Tuesday and Wednesday --- 7 pm at each meeting.  

Oxnard Police Chief Art Lopez said, " We want this to be enforced in fairness to protect our kids from being killed and our our property taken."  

According to Chief Lopez:

        •  The average age of targeted gang member is 21.
        •  Since January 2001 - over 2,000 reported crimes and incidents have been related to the targeted gang.
        •  Since January 2003 - 14 homicides have been attributed to the targeted gang.
        •  In 2003 - 10 of the 22 homicides within Oxnard were the product of the targeted gang.
        •  The gangs prey on the weak, especially the young and farm workers.
        •  They rely on alcohol for liquid courage and bad results are the outcome.

Chief Lopez said, "The purpose of this injunction is not to arrest or harass kids who wear "Dallas Cowboy" jerseys."
The injunction targets 'street terrorists' who rove like a pack of wolves.  The Chief said that each of the known gang members will be served in-person with a public writ detailing the parameters of the injunction, so anyone who is not a member of the targeted gang should feel less stress about this.

We have a long way to go to bridge the communications gap but a series of public meetings put on by the Police Department should clear any misunderstandings and better explain what will happen.

The efforts of people such as Dolly Villa and the 50+ gang and non-gang kids who lent a hand at this past weekend's car wash demonstrate with the right approach, good results can come.  These good results need to work both ways.

¿Where do our youths go? --- downtown Boys and Girls Club - Nope ! That gig's been closed since Jan 2003 -- and with empty promises to reopen it, it seems like a bleak and broken promise to the central heart of Oxnard. 
Parks - No - and with the City coming down hard on the car wash about using Del Sol Park - the People's park - well - fact::::  Dolly was given insufficient notice by the City how to to conduct this peaceful action.  So with parks off the list and places for kids to hang and play extremely minimal and latch key kids and both parents busting tail to pay their utilities and housing costs -   what more is there - especially in La Colonia ??? --- There's zippo for the kids of Oxnard to do and most of the time Zippo® gets something to do -- and. . . . .    

For a history of gang injunctions - Visit this website.

Until then --- Pray for peace in our City.

Bill Winter
the Oxnard Journal



Editor's Note:  The Oxnard Journal will gladly print your letter if the Star doesn't.... ]

March 26, 2004

Letter to the Editor of the Ventura Star:

I appreciate the time and effort of Mr. Greg Totten our District Attorney in coming to the City of Oxnard last Monday to explain what the DA’s office is all about. But I wanted to ask why the DA’s office has not moved ahead with the follow-up to the Grand Jury report on the City’s golf course operators.

When illegal conduct succeeds in the City, it reinforces illegal behavior. The City staff may come to think of the behavior as normal. Without outside social controls such as law enforcement and the district attorney, a corrupt organization can adversely affect the society in which it functions.

The ability of City to lobby, sometimes after the fact, for legal norms that allow behaviors that society might not otherwise endorse complicates matters. The erosion of normative support for legitimate procedures can produce such anti-Democratic activities as ‘pay for play’ rather than open contract bidding, discriminatory price-cutting for City services provided to the golf course, embezzlement of taxpayers’ money, false advertising statements of non-existing profits at the golf course, and bribery.

The City has invited fraud as a means of obtaining goals. Because department managers concern themselves with reaching goals, some have maximized their department's own interests to the detriment of the City overall.

Oxnard executive staff has become ‘criminogenic’ by encouraging loyalty through:

·        recruiting and attracting similar individuals from Pasadena,

·        rewarding those who display loyalty,

·        encouraging long-term loyalty through retirement and other  benefits,

·        encouraging loyalty through social interaction such as City parties and social functions, and with

·        specialized job skills that discourage City personnel from seeking employment elsewhere.

In turn, this has caused City personnel to sometimes perceive that the organization is worth committing a crime to maintain and further its goals and thus earn more personal benefits. The use of formal and informal rewards and punishments combined with social activities and pressures to participate link an employee's needs and goals to the success of the City’s Executives, which sets the stage for unlawful conduct by individuals on the City’s behalf.

The complex City structure can also foster misbehavior. Oxnard isolates departments around the City Manager and individual Councilmen. Information about what one department does is often unknown to another department. The larger the City grows, the more its sub-units specialize. This diversified City has few employees who fully understand the organization's detailed workings, and thus reduces the risk that proper authorities will detect misbehavior or illegal actions.

The need to outperform other departments in the eyes of the City Manager and other cities within the County generates sufficient pressure to entice misconduct. A Department Head often has survival concerns that conflict with the larger interests of the City. When given a chance to make decisions, lower-level managers will not act in the interest of the City, but in the interest of their departments.

Specialization also hides illegal activities, especially when the City Manager and City Attorney keep tasks separate and unrelated. This protects the City’s staff from the effects of personnel turnover and information leaks, because no one can offer more than a piece of the overall City picture. The same level of secrecy raises the chances for misconduct.

Sometimes censorship of information promotes the City’s interests. "Need to know" policies or ignorance of rules irrelevant to a department leads to inefficiencies. These policies restrict information flow and create opportunities for one unit in the City to act outside the knowledge of other units. Two weeks ago we learned that Mr. Stein was correct all along when he insisted during public comment that the City staff must prepare reports on the status of impact fees collected from developers, but until then City staff including the City Attorney publicly stated no such requirement existed. Censorship policies may originate in any part of the City and hide information throughout the organization.  A specific example is that Mr. Molina recently proved in Federal Court that he was fired in violation of his First Amendment Rights to free speech when he spoke to the Ventura Star reporter to answer the reporter’s questions, yet the City’s staff refuse to acknowledge this fact.

The structure of the City’s organization obscures personal responsibility and tends to spread it throughout the company. Thus, determining where a decision to engage in misconduct originated can be difficult. This has happened when another manager in the Planning Department was fired by the City Manager just a few years ago for alleged wrongdoing that she was ordered to do by her superiors.

Given that the Ventura County Grand Jury has already produced a report that identified many problems brought on by the specialization, isolation and pressures to succeed some of which I identified above, and given that Oxnard’s City staff knowingly produced false documents to the Grand Jury to mask staff’s wrongdoing, the Ventura County District Attorney must move ahead with criminal sanctions against those who perpetrated these criminal acts.

I know that taking such action against Oxnard executive staff will not be easy especially given the fact that the District Attorney’s office has been receiving annual grants in excess of $75,000 from the City of Oxnard to help pay for the DA’s operating costs. However, to put a halt at this time to the legal process that the Grand Jury began can only be seen as a means to the DA’s fiscal goal and not as a process dedicated to the citizens of this fine City.


J. Ortiz
Citizen of the City of Oxnard


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Displacement of mil chiques could boomerang .....

Ventura - Port Hueneme - Bardsdale - Camarillo - Somis - Saticoy - Sta. Paula - Fillmore - Piru -
Santa Clarita - Oak View
- and all points outside of the soon to possibly be enforced Anti-Gang Safety Zone
are concerned about a recent Ventura County DA and Oxnard PD plan to create a civil gang injunction.

Targeting one gang only in Oxnard - the city's original hometown crew is the sole group listed in the civil injunction - even though other names have been know to operate here. 

 The original intent of the plan was perceived to only be La Colonia area of downtown Oxnard....then the whole map came out publicly at a press conference and the next day in Ventura's Star (Oxnard Edition). 

Residents within the affected areas may feel a breath of relief based on the possible coming enforcement of this ZONE - but others are now putting out the defenses to protect from fear and concerns based on the potential coming reality.
Oxnard PD puts out the word - they set the boundaries which are as ragged and jagged as the spray of the tag.

Some areas outside of Oxnard's new Zone have concern about DISPLACEMENT of the gangs and their activity.  Neighborhood watches and residents need to rouse apathetic neighbors to pay more attention to their  'hood - especially if it is Outside of the Anti-Ganglia Safety Zone. 

Word goes out on the street and ¿ how do the COX§CH react?
They cool and chill-out as they have been. 

There is nothing yet visible as to the potential of the COX§CH and are we awaking a sleeping giant? 
In the past, a few individual raids on a few homes with the usual 7AM Hard Knock on the front door while officers stand drawn off the the sides would become a scene we're used to and one that we live with.  Are we sure of what we do in this hard-ball approach to a problem that has been played on a softball field?  Time and a judge's order will tell.  And the pitting of the colors against the blue may draw some real lines.  The police have already been busy and their approach and the reasons are seldom understood until 'after the fact'.  Signs of heightened enforcement by OxPD has been visible and with all officers briefed - especially on Federal Civil Rights - a new approach is coming.

So where are we going with this?  Some in the Colonia - Wilson -&- South Fremont Neighborhoods may remember the circa 1993 march of gang members from La Colonia across Oxnard Blvd, to Magnolia, Second and then down
B Street between First and Second to Second and to the Old Oxnard High School.  We watched in horror as over 100 young men marched down the street followed from behind by two black-n-white units.  That was it for Police work that day.  The result, the guys reached the High School where there was a minor melee -- they dispersed mostly down Fifth Street and hit some vehicles and took car radios, CD's and cell phones.  

---------- Just another fine day in Oxnard.

Who knows what the result of this enforcement zone will become.  It could come back with a snap or it could keep things subdued.  The next few weeks will tell as we wait for the Man in the Robe to approve or tell the City to take achill pill and don't push your problem outside of the bottle.

----------- Bill Winter ---



 . . . VITAL SIGNS - the Pulse of Oxnard


* Accidents 

* Murder / Violence

* Crime- Graffiti

* Too Much Traffic - Unsafe for pedestrians traveling.

* City lacks sufficient lighting for pedestrians and drivers.

  City is very dark @ night with multiple street lights out which 
   affects  residents and neighborhoods.

*   No to  LNG- Liquefied Natural Gas (Let's Not Gamble)

*   Not enough parking in neighborhood streets due to overcrowding of 
    people and cars. (Especially on weekends and holidays.)

*  Roads need repair. (Potholes can be found everywhere)

* High Cost of Housing - Low availability of affordable  homes

*Port of Hueneme / C.I. Harbor - Downtown - 101 FWY / P.C.H                 
* Oxnard College -  CSUCI          

* Oxnard Schools        

* Oxnard Airport

* Ormond Beach - Hueneme Rd. - Oxnard Beaches

* Gang Injunction vs. Colonia Chiques

* There is some retail in Oxnard and  very vibrant shopping centers- i.e. Fremont Shopping  Center(Doris/Ventura Rd.), Island Plaza Shopping Center(Saviers/C.I. Blvd.)

* We must work together to change the negative perceptive of  Oxnard which is a lie to undermine our potential.

* These issues affect our children, families, youth and community.
Sounding off the alarm

: Alejandro Rivera  -


© -2004 - AR Diamond Productions, Oxnard, Calif. 

. .


Celebration of the life and cause of a fieldworker. 
Cesar Chavez.


The sixth annual Cesar Chavez March will celebrate the life and work of this field worker and civil rights leader on
Sunday, April 18, 2004.

Our community will celebrate the fair contract after 17 years of struggle of the Pictsweet Mushroom Farm of Ventura, California.  This labor campaign has caught national attention for the brave effort of the Pictsweet workers’ and our community’s support of better working conditions and benefits. 

UFW President, Arturo Rodriguez will be present at the march and address the crowd at
Plaza Park.  Local field workers will be presented as well as political representatives.  Local music and dance groups will also celebrate the memory of Cesar Chavez.

During his life, Cesar Chavez lived and worked extensively in
Oxnard as a child and adult.  Cesar first started organizing field workers in the late 1950’s in Oxnard which is depicted in the book “Conquering Goliath” by Fred Ross.

Program Schedule:

 Sunday, April 18, 2004.

9:00 am - The march will start at
West Village Park adjacent to Brekke School on Cesar Chavez Drive at Rose Ave. and goes to Plaza Park, Oxnard.

10:30 am - Celebration of the life of Cesar Chavez in downtown Plaza Park (La Plazita), Oxnard.

Bus transportation will be made available from
Plaza Park to Brekke School starting at 8:30 am to 9:15 am.  Transportation back to West Village Park will start @ 11:30 and ending @ 1:15

Contact:  Cesar Chavez Celebration Committee, (805) 486-9674,(805) 407-1987, (805)444-7914 or (805)857-9838



See the Photos from Iraq that were pulled from the internet earlier today......(Warning--GRAPHIC/ Reality)

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- Read the Elections Code re: Council Districts -

A letter to the Star editor sent last Saturday.  One the Star won't print.

. . . From the Pen of Martin Jones

Re: Councilmanic Districts

As reported in the Star on 3-20 Mr. Herrera feels there isn't any need for council districts because Hispanics are now adequately represented.  Possibly.  And Mr. Pinkard believes there is too much back scratching in council districts.  Possibly.  But the reason some citizens have come together to form council districts is to end the corruption at city hall.  Council districts would accomplish that end.

Mr. Pinkard on the Oxnard City Council is the swing voteand his back is always scratched.  Mr. Herrera was instrumental in dissolving the golf course commission ending citizen oversight of the operation at the City's golf course.  And after ten years of  city hall oversight there are millions of dollars unaccounted for all the while playing a shell game with the alleged profits

Corruption:  The city treasurer did not collect the revenue from the golf course as required by California law.  It is interesting how the Penal Code of California defines such a dereliction of duty.  The finance director cooperated with the city treasurers' dereliction.  The city manager knew of this inaction and did nothing or worse.  The present council knew all of this and did nothing.  Why?

I complained to the Grand Jury and their subsequent investigation validated my allegation.  In the City's response to the Grand Jury Report the city provided a document that was not true to the document on file in the city clerks office.  The official document of the City of Oxnard.   I believe that is being looked into.  The downtown theater and international market is even worse.  To bring the attention of this project  to the taxpayers of Oxnard  I have started a lawsuit  against the city  on the basis  the city violated the Brown Act  to secretly , behind  "closed doors", arrive at the worst project in the history of  the city.  Possibly the worst redevelopment project in the history of redevelopment  in California.

The lawsuit is scheduled for trial May 3rd.

/s/ Martin Jones




Divide and conquer is a famous quote that has no attribution, but dividing and conquering is what “Councilmatic” districts is all about.  Divide the city of Oxnard into districts and allow representatives who reside within those districts to conquer and represent their district on the City Council.  Oxnard has already conveniently divided the city into seven community council districts so the same formula can be followed to create these districts.


Why do we need Councilmatic districts within Oxnard?  Well, fair representation is the main thrust.  At present four council-members who reside in exclusive north Oxnard make all the decisions for the entire city, the fifth council-member resides at the beach.  Tom Holden, should he become our next Mayor, will be closer to the heart of the city as he resides in downtown’s historic Wilson Neighborhood.  Mayor Holden , however, will not outweigh the need for Oxnard to have more fair and even representation on the council.


South Oxnard is always feeling left out.  Watch the city council on the Oxnard city TV and you will hear a parade of speakers ask the city for more attention to the “south-side”.


Watch what the city does!  River ridge has more new homes and suddenly all of Ventura Road has to be torn up to lay pipes for the affluent effluent.   Who represents all who reside south of 'Gonzo' Road when big issues like tearing up Ventura Road comes to the forefront?


Council-members from specific districts will hold specific allegiances and alliances to the people who put them there. 


The first issue is always voting and how do we select these Councilmatic Council-people?  Do we put the large slate of those running for their districts on one general election form or do we accept only votes for candidates by voting precinct?  How do we hold debates.  Mini debates in each council and allow the slate of candidates to fester and fuss in their district, or do we allow the entire slate of all the district candidates onto one giant stage and let them battle it out for their own little slice of Oxnard?  How do we pick the people who will represent us?  These individual district council people will surely be voting and making decisions about issues that affect the entire City of Oxnard.


The issue is probing and the Ventura County Star is looking into it with articles addressing the issue of councilmatic districts for Oxnard.  Oxnard is Ventura County’s largest metropolis and we need to step out and be bold in our city and in it’s government.  Districts, as a whole, is a good idea, while the concept of districts needs to be well thought out.   


/s/ Bill Winter

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People Really Don’t Pay Attention


The city of Oxnard has been loosing about one million dollars per year to the River Ridge Golf Course.  In another deep hole for money to sink into, the city is building a 12-screen theater complex.  For the theater, under the agreement the city has put to the developer, the city will guarantee the developer $1.6 million each year for the next 25 years.  Theaters don’t make much money on film showings so they will have to sell a whole lot of popcorn to make $1.6 million each year.


Another famous Oxnard sink-hole was the cellar at the former Sears at the old Esplanade mall.  Somehow, the city neglected to check and when the new Esplanade developer found out the Sears had a basement they had to fill for the big box stores, it cost the city about a million dollars to keep the deal going.


Then there was Cornell Corrections.  The halfway house was being planned for the Wilson Neighborhood, but active citizens and some city insiders got the deal squashed in the very last minute.  The City needed a scapegoat and that came in the form of Joyce Parker who was forced to leave her job with the city while the city, paid off by the city to settle what would be a nasty "Phil Molina-style" lawsuit while the city officials responsible for the mess up, kept their jobs.  Oh, and Oxnard ended up paying Cornell just under a million dollars to compensate for the lack of a special use permit and not allowing Cornell Corrections to put a half-way house in the downtown.


Who can be credited for all these wonderful uses of the city and citizen’s money?

Dr. Holden, who wants to be mayor, was on the council when these decisions were made.

John Zaragoza and Mayor Lopez, who want to be Supervisor, were both on the council and participated in these decisions.


Keep looking and you will see how the city of Oxnard hired a private attorney to sue the city of Ventura because Robinson-May and Sears wanted to leave Oxnard for the new Pacific View Mall in Ventura.  This cost the city and where did it get it?


Now, the new thing is “redevelopment” and this is overtaking the city and our taxes to be used for pet projects by certain favored developers.  Look at how the city handled the Petit house at heritage square.  Lopez and Zaragoza knew all about these bad deals and allowed them to happen.  Do they explain these things to the people?  No they don’t.


John Zaragoza is in real estate.  He should know about redevelopment.  Do we hear from him?  No. 


Redevelopment is the unknown government.  All it does is put the city in debt.  Chris Norby, a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors is coming to Oxnard on Wednesday, the 18th.  He will discuss redevelopment at the South Oxnard Center, 200 E. Bard Road at 7pm.  I hope the city council comes to hear about what they are not telling the citizens of Oxnard.  I hope more that the citizens of Oxnard wake up and smell the roses.


Ventura Fernandez

Fairborne Place, Oxnard, CA


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