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Reagan Pictures ---- from private collection of Bill Winter - Pen-pal to the President 1989-1993

Rancho del Cielo - President Reagan's Much Loved home above Refugio Road in Santa Barbara County.


Marivic and William Winter were graced with a private meeting with President Reagan in July 1993 at his
Century City office.

President Reagan displays "Don't Blame Me - I voted Republican" bumper sticker given as a gift to
the former GOP office holder during then, President Clinton's term.

The picture, referred to in President Reagan's letter is on permanent display at his Simi Valley Presidential
Library and Museum within the Rancho del Cielo exhibit section.

During our 1993 visit - President Reagan told us stories about his Library and the grand day when
all Five Living Presidents assembled to commemorate the opening of this great tribute in Simi Valley.

Reagan loved his Seabees, as there was a special detachment - "The Presidential Support Unit" based out of
CBC Port Hueneme.  In this rare view, Reagan appears ready to be decked by a Chief, who in turn is preparing
to salute the former Commander and Chief. (5-12-1989)

Long on words of praise for the Seabees - President Reagan makes a special appearance to thank the Seabees who assembled to do their last chores at his Ranch in Santa Barbara.

Even the ranch dog has a part of the President's ear - as President Reagan appears to be taking a cue from his
black lab.

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