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Forget the Recall Who Wants to Be Supervisor ?.... Bill Winter

The Oxnard Political Landscape is going through a strange transition as of recent.

Most noted is Councilman John Zaragoza's run for the County Supervisor's chair and the crazy follow-up by Mayor Lopez for the same County seat. 
................This double-edged drive by two similarly minded and usually agreeing politicians  creates an invisible vacuum on the Oxnard City Council ---- Zaragoza wants to do more for Oxnard as a County Supervisor and Mayor Lopez has just told the voters that he's tired of being the Mayor of Oxnard.

<< And with two mice away, will the other cats want to play >>

  Finally Lopez's stronghold on the Mayor's seat is showing signs of  relinquishing.
Dr. Lopez has just  released his decade-long hold on the Mayor's chair via his declaration for Flynn's seat. This is his admission that it's time for him to go...or Move On, as he wishes. 

Is the Mayor trying to split the vote against his partner JCZ?  Does not the Mayor want Mr. Zaragoza not to leave?  One never knows the motivation behind political ambitions; to serve the City of Oxnard, Mayor Lopez needs to keep his eyes focused homeward bound instead of outward bound to the County.  But if it is that there will be two seated members of the Oxnard City Council running for the same County Supervisorial Seat, then, so shall it be.

Makes Flynn look better and better - to voters who wonder what is up with the old Oxnard City Council.

Andy Herrera may want Mayor in 2004 as he and Bill Winter both ran for the center seat in 1998.  And, if Herrera runs for Mayor he can have a good chance at it because if he looses his bid for Mayor, he still retains his Council Seat so it would be a win-win for him.

Back murmurs always pop-up that former Councilman Tom Holden will again waltz onto the ballot in an effort to regain a Council position as the Mayor. 

Smart on Mr. Holden's part to put some distance between his past votes with River Ridge, College Park and other unpopular Council actions. He needs to put some time between all that former nonsense and now to wash the past  into the history drains and allow him to  come out looking refreshed and ready to serve Oxnard again.

It's wait and see - perhaps another candidate will want to run for Supervisor and create some renewed interest in what appears to be more of the same -- just re-packaged.

Editor's Note: 
The Oxnard Journal wishes Mr Zaragoza our best for his County bid,
but would wish more for Mr. Zaragoza to stay and be our next Mayor.



....Martin Jones was guest speaker at the noontime Lions' club meeting in
....Oxnard on August 15. 

....With a touch of irony Mr. Jones spoke to the ongoing scandal at the
....nearby River Ridge Golf Course.  ....The Lions' meeting was
....held at the Marriott Residence Inn immediately to the East of the golf
....course.  In addition to the golf course issue Mr. Jones also spoke
....briefly about his civil action suing the city of Oxnard over the lack of
....public notice about the International Market which is a part of the project.  Mr. Jones produced the Disposition and Development
....Agreement between the City of Oxnard and the developer Strand Cinema.

....<< The DDA ( Disposition and Development Agreement) is a contract with all
....of the provisions of a legal document. >>

....Mr. Jones stated that if anyone likes the misuse of public funds at the course they would love the contract between the City and Strand Cinema.
....In addition to the contract Mr. Jones produced a copy of the Grand Jury
....Report detailing the lack of oversight and auditing by the city with
....River Ridge golf course and a copy of his civil action.
Editor's Note: 
not one penny of revenue has ever been collected by the city
from the golf course --- the annual check from the operator - which is presented
to the City is a partial return of the One Million $$$ the City of Oxnard cedes
to the Course Operators -- what the Operators give back to the City is just a
slice of what the City gives them - i.e. - a shell game ---

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