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Mommy:  Look what the school put in my lunch box.....

In an effort to cut the budget at the school a very important and accelerated education program is about to be cut off.

Please show your support of the GATE program by attending the Board Meeting at the undisclosed location of 1051 North A Street at the corner of A & Wooley - ample parking on street. --- Don't let Oxnard School District cut this
important and accelerated education program.  If the program is cut -- ""the parents know....""


Supervisor's Beat it off in council forum
View of C Street looking North - soon - we will have another Supervisor - or maybe not --- Be sure to vote March 2.


A conclave of County Supervisors came together for a very informative and free flowing question and answer forum at Oxnard City Council Chambers on Wednesday, February 4th.  Chairman for the INCF, Roger Pariseau conducted and emcee'd the Call in and questions from the floor show.  -- All General INCF business will be conducted next week, February 11th at City Council Chambers.  Stand-by for that agenda. 

Below are pics taken at the super's forum held by Oxnard's INCF.  INCF Second Chair and La Colonia Neighborhood Council Chair Dither Vega took calls from Spanish speaking residents for the Forum. 

Mike Morgan - challenging Kathy Long, who has a constituency outside of Camarillo.

Supervisor Steve Bennett speaks - Kathy Long (right) observes reaction of audience.

Kathy Long sneak's a peak JCZ's notes as he speaks extemporaneously.

T-Minus 6 and counting.....

John Flynn addresses issue while Ketelson wonders if the FBI is watching him

Supervisor Flynn attentively listens while Ketelson describes an FBI plot to take over Ojai.   Arlene Fraser is watching a re-run of "Friends".

Ketelson's favorite picture....

Ketelson closes eyes while FBI beams in time deflector signals to modify public meeting.

Roger Pariseau - Chair for the INCF conducts Supervisor Candidate's Forum in Oxnard City Council Chamber.




Oxnard Destiny in 2004



Oxnard City Council

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Pray for Daniel Martinez.   --- The Oxnard Journal is a cyber-newspaper that covers news and events.
The Oxnard Journal is not bound by church and state or other preclusions to printing the will of the Editor.

The Oxnard Journal recommends you keep our City Clerk Daniel Martinez in your immediate prayers.
Danny, our elected City Clerk will be deploying to the Gulf with his Reserve Unit and we need to pray
for him, his cadres and his comrades as they deploy, serve, do duty, complete the assignment, and
___and --- Return Home Safe - all of them - everybody - a prayer covering all them all.

Now - go back to your life and appreciate your freedom which Danny Martinez and others go forth to protect and to enhance by their service to our country.

Come Home Soon Danny & I'll Fight to keep your City Clerk Job open until you come back.

Best- and Godspeed.

& --- From La Vida Newspaper --- for City Clerk Daniel Martinez




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