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 " U-Rah F O R T Y "

it is good to have our Seabees back in Port Hueneme. You can be assured that all are on a state of readiness and are able & willing to follow the call of duty.


For Seabees and Federal Employees:

It is C F C Time again. Please make your pledge to help and one of the many helping agencies you find in the guide.

. . . So - where has the OxJo been lately ¿

John Letus, our Tax Guru confirmed for us that the Admin32 hit on Sept 18th, but it did not hit the OxJo, but rather the Web Server. So we notitied our Host and the Site was down from 18 - 24 September. Sorry - downtime was out of our hands. To see if any files from the virii are on your PC - go to START - FIND - Click: FILES or FOLDERS - Under "Find" which should be the first option - type:

* . eml

in the "named" window and select your drive to scan. Click: FIND NOW. If any files show up - Erase them immediately. They will most likely be E-mails with attachments or READ files that caught it. - Next go to Microsoft's website and get an 32@nimda patch. Symantec has them too, but the Microsoft is easier to upload.

Slow down for Orange - when you see it on the Highway ......construction zones...

October is Pumpkins Month - Become a Pumpkin tomorrow

Be happy.....share a smile and share a coke......




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Alternative Page

Purple Ribbons everywhere

A movement has been started like that from Desert Storm. During Desert Storm we tied yellow ribbons anywhere we could.

1. In remembrance of the firefighters, police officers, & paramedics who have died, & also for all who have died in this terrible tragedy.

2. Just as in the military, when a serviceman get injured, he is given the Purple Heart. Well, our country has been injured to its core.

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