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Oxnard, Calif.   Bill Winter is in the race for Mayor of Oxnard.

The former Oxnard City Council candidate ran for Mayor in 1998 and earned
second place on the absentee ballot count.

Oxnard will need a new Mayor as much loved Mayor Manuel M. Lopez, who has
served Oxnard for almost three decades now, pursues a seat on the County
Board of Supervisors.

Winter's announcement will be made at a press conference at the ocean-side
corner of Hueneme Road and Perkins Road in south Oxnard on Thursday, May 6,
2004 at 10:45 am.

A brief statement will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions of the

--  O X N A R D ---

WINTER FOR MAYOR --- PO BOX 59 --- Oxnard, Calif.
805-276-3629 --- e:


With a heart for Oxnard and the community he calls home,

Bill Winter desires to give something back in a big way. 

Bill Winter wants to become the next Mayor of Oxnard. 

His reasons are simple.

Winter wants to retain and highlight, through tourism and art, our Latin and Mexican heritage

which he sees so vividly in La Colonia and all throughout the civic center. 

Winter promises to continue the city’s efforts to beautify and modernize the downtown

and to quickly resolve any problems brought on by lawsuits, or commercial misunderstandings. 


In recent years, housing and growth have been the primary focus of Oxnard’s municipal government. 

Winter wants to ensure that Oxnard has enough public safety (police and fire), and schools

to handle the recent growth approved by prior planners and the city council.


“The biggest issue I hear is traffic,” said Winter,

“We built and built, but have done very little to plan our roads for the volume of traffic we have today.  

Five years ago a trip across town was ten minutes – now it’s triple that.”


Civic image is a top concern for Winter to address. 

“Oxnard is looked at as the odd-step brother, when compared to other communities in Ventura County. 

Oxnard is making headway to become a nicer place, we just need to shout about our progress

from the rooftops and mountains and put out our best public image.”


Image, appearance and access to our homes and businesses is important, but an emergency concern for

Winter is the plight of our youth.  Graffiti, gangs, loitering, and kids on the street are all signs

that we haven’t done our homework to provide our kids with venues for their recreation

nor have we set goals and reachable achievements for our entire community of kids.  

Re-opening a downtown Boys and Girl’s Club is one step toward making this improvement. 

Building a second skate park, and drafting plans for a city swimming pool will be another step

Winter will ask City Council for.   Planning for more schools and empowering those schools

to creatively finance after-school programs is a win-win solution seen to help our youth.


“With a city so diverse possessing ocean access and proximity to the mountains,

with a major freeway passing to the north and two major west coast military bases as our neighbors,

Oxnard has more than most cities can dream for. 

Oxnard has at least 22 different ethnic groups in our demographic mix

– we are proof of what the rest of the world wants to be

 – unified – diversified – and full of pride.”


With Mayor Manuel M. Lopez seeking a higher seat on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors,

Oxnard will be losing a much loved and respected leader. 

Winter, an average citizen and a community leader wants to carry on many of the fine traditions which Mayor Lopez has practiced within city government.   

Winter is Chairman of the Wilson Historical Neighborhood and serves as First Vice Chair on the city’s Neighborhood Council Forum (INCF). 
Running for office is familiar ground.
Winters pursued the Mayor’s office in 1998 and came in a successful second on the absentee voter count. 


What’s different this time is that a former Mayor, a former Councilmember and a seated Councilmember has asked me to run.  I am going to follow John Kerry’s rule and not reveal who these people are, but when enough citizens ask you to run – you need to make yourself available and of service to those who seek you.”


“I know it will tough, but I believe in what I can offer my community and I believe that I have been positioned to take on this challenge, to win, and to give Oxnard a hope, a future and a promise as Mayor to be accessible, to do my best and to preserve our fine heritage,” said Winter.




Oxnard Needs New Leadership 

Not More of the Same.




¿ What's Really Happening in Ox-land ?

  Oxnard - Dateline - May 2004                                                          .

The Oxnard Journal often makes its predictions every January and some come true.

The prediction of Tom Holden becoming the next mayor of Oxnard is one some readers and residents wish not to see come true.  In order to provide some early balance and some promises to make this election one of the more interesting ones in Oxnard - Bill Winter has come out to say he wants the Mayor's Chair in 2005.

Bill Winter feels his reasons are just as good - if not better than the current front runner ---
Tom Holden. 

Winter proposes a more wider view for the future look of Oxnard and he has a traffic management plan to make Oxnard a more pleasant city to drive in.

..................Oxnard Needs New Leadership...
.............................not more of the same.

Winter's main campaign message is that the Oxnard we are experiencing now is a direct result of what Tom Holden did to us when he was on City Council from 1993 to 2002.

Traffic - Tom's idea - cluster houses - Tom again - no schools - who else - what we have to put up with on a daily basis now - - Whas'up Tom !

Winter plans an active and accurate campaign to share his vision for the city.
One that highlights our Latino roots and our current heritage.

Stand-by for more news on this . . . . .




There is No Silence.


Please send all condolence letters for the family of CPL Pat Tillman to the following address:
2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
ATTN: CPT Nauman,
 Ref CPL Tillman
Box 339500, MS 80
Fort Lewis, WA 98433
Thank you.



----- Original Message -----
From: "WINTER" >>>>
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 10:32 PM

Subject:   Council Mosh Pit 2004

As for Mayor - Tom Holden is the one big ticket to announce --- Bill Winter intends to become the second.

There is rumor out there that Mr. "LNG"  Tim Reilly is considering a run or rub for Mayor - he needs a firm grasp of most of the other city issues aside from LNG and the worst he can do is suck votes from both Tom
and Bill's great adventure.

Jay Leavitt - the girls basketball couch who comes from South Oxnard to City Council in his
custom cushion motorized wheelchair announced last year he was running against Lopez, but no peeps
out him since.

On the Council side, that's where action is gonna be; where the big question is ¿what about John Zaragoza?. 
Word was out that he was considering Mayor he would be wise to retain his council seat for another term and then run for Mayor in 2006 when he can't loose his seat.

Irene Pinkhard has been making calls from Bedford's black book to line up all the big support she needs --- she is the big challenger to anyone who wants one of the council seats.  "Can I count on you for your support...."

The name of Aurora DelaSilva is heard as a potential Council candidate --- she's a pal of Maury Navarro's so he may bank roll her campaign.  

Eddie Castillo may throw his hat in to a Council race as he has been chomping at some bit - but not
certain what exactly he wants.  Eddie is faithful and he may hang out and help Mayor Lopez beat Super Flynn
in the big one.

Some perennials may bloom.  Alex Escobel will surely run again since he was graced with a seat on some commission.  And I think I got a nod from Elias Baneles, whom you may consider a fine candidate.

Perchance no more Martin Jones, Steve Buratti, Larry Stein, or Deborah De-Moss ----

We all see names and faces come and go - but to the finisher is the race ---- 
                                     ---there are many carcasses littered along the political road to the star chamber..



Oxnard's Next Councilman  
S A U L   M E D I N A

Saul is leadership we can trust.













I am personally writing to you to inform you of my desire and commitment to run for Oxnard City Council in November 2004. 

I feel I can provide a new perceptive to city policy,
work together with council members, and the new Mayor of Oxnard to provide  the residents of Oxnard
with a safer city, work to reduce traffic congestions,
work to eliminate graffiti, increase Oxnard business environment and improve Oxnard downtown district.

Four years ago I placed my name on the ballot in 2000,
I earned over 6,000 votes and placed fourth.
My budget for that election year was only $300 dollars.
In 2002, I earned 6,700 votes and placed third.
I finished just 1,000 votes short of second place and earning a council seat. The budget was a little bigger however I came up short. I lost to a former Oxnard City
Council with good name recognition.
I have steady improved in each election campaign.

Now it is time.

I love the City of Oxnard. I want to make it a better place to live and raise a family.

The City of Ventura is currently listed as one of the top ten cities to live in the whole United States. 
Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley exchange the
title of the safest city in the United States.
Oxnard is the biggest and best City in Ventura County,
its time to let the rest of the world know about Oxnard
for the Good Things it provides, great labor force
and numerous job opportunities,
a strong agriculture and industrial business,
great shopping centers, quality restaurants,
affordable housing and of course our great weather.

It's a real beach community !!

I know it will not be easy, nothing in life is.
I feel confident and ready for challenge ahead.

Saul Medina

Candidate for Oxnard City Council 2004












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