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JANUARY 28th 2004

Q.  How many people did we have show up at the City Council Chambers Tuesday, Jan. 27th?

A.  We had a larger number of Neighborhood Chairs show up than have come to any of our most recent INCF meets.

The majority of credit for the massive turnout goes to Ms. Roberta Walton and Mr. Bert Perillo, both of Oxnard's Southbank Neighborhood.  They spent their past weekend on the phone going thru an out-dated but allegedly updated Neighborhood Council Roster.

  Walton and Perillo deserve the majority of credit for getting out the Neighborhood Council folks.

A story Monday in the Star by Sylvia Moore and
Bill Winter's Commentary in the Tuesday Star also
did it's fair share to pass the word. 
I usually blast the
 Star   - but this time the Oxnard Star
did the right thing for the people of Oxnard and they
deserve your subscription money this week.


"If we came out with anything tonight, at least we learned to ask the neighborhoods first."  -- an un-named Councilman.

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JANUARY 26th Iffue
Pre-Issue for the INCF Debacle.

.....JANUARY 22 Iffue --
INCF / Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum dissolves in
Oxnard, Calif..

---- January 18 Iffue
--- The Molina Update.

  File of Proposed Status Report on Neighborhood Services
...pdf file
This list of staffers who collaborated in drafting  the Status Report on the Neighborhood Council Program should go here...but several speakers said at the Council meeting...." I'm confused "-- as no one knows who is really and ultimately responsible for this poorly planned out exercise in perhaps, trying to improve the Neighborhood Council Program. 

  Strange  how the Council back-peddled, when it realized it stepped on it's own 'pudend' as it saw how many folks really did care about their Neighborhood programs and how the Neighborhoods were pleased with the people they elected to serve as their neighborhood representatives.  The council realized that they really did step in it this time.  The paddling upstream at Niagara was humorous and obvious to all who viewed, either in person or in TV Land.  The Council did it's best to defuse an obviously angry congregation of irate citizens who were pissed at the fact that the Council and city staff would have the 'nads to propose a neighborhood program without even consulting even one resident who serves in the Neighborhood Council program .:

  Of the several dozen speakers who addressed the Council meeting was the Editor of the Oxnard Journal, Bill Winter. He wore his hat as First Vice Chair of the INCF and addressed issues that were of import to him.  One of the issues addressed was the fact that the City included in it's list of proposed neighborhood community councils,
(see matrix on page 4 of the status report)  the areas of Hollywood-by-the-Sea, Silver Strand, El Rio and Nyeland Acres.  Those areas are currently outside of the corporate limits of Oxnard and belonged to the County of Ventura. Now, unless Oxnard was proposing to annex these areas, it had no business in even including them in their official proposed list of future neighborhood councils.  Winter did right to mention this.

Mayor Manny Lopez Stands with the Community.

  Oxnard Mayor Lopez was the only seated council member who went into Tuesday's meeting with the hope that this crazy status report and study session would be barren and bear no fruit.  In a phone call to the Oxnard Journal, before the commencement of the council session Mayor Lopez expressed his disbelief at how such a proposal could go through.  The Mayor expressed similar feelings and his total support to the Neighborhood Council Program.

  It was the Mayor, at some dismay of some councilmen, who took the R-1 Study Issue from the rear of the night's agenda and brought it to the forefront of the City Council's business. Without the Mayor taking charge over his council and the agenda of staff, many Oxnard Citizens would not be able to address a very important issue.  Mayor Lopez deserves high praise and recognition for his sensitivity to what Oxnard needs and how well he acted in the resident's best interest. 
  Councilman Dean Maulhardt rebuked Mr. Winter's mentioning of  Hollywood-by-the-Sea, Silver Strand, El Rio and Nyeland Acres and how Mr. Winter's cited these areas as  not part of Corporate Oxnard.   Winter, he was full of hot air in listing those communities within County jurisdiction.   Oxnard, according to Maulhardt did not mean all those areas, just small portions thereof.

  Well, Mr. Maulhardt, your city map ---of which a complete color version was not provided to the residents on the City website or in handout form at the public meeting proves
Mr. Winter is correct.

Unless your city GIS folks need to learn to color again with their crayons...the demarcations as they appear in color prove either the City can't color within the lines or the City of Oxnard actually does propose to annex current County land.
Remember --- Planning had a hand in this Report. 
Was no one paying attention - or did the City run out of people to point the finger at?

As it was said at the meeting --- "See it for Yourself".................... Supervisor Flynn's Office has been notified.
Someone's gonna have some explaining to do.........




There's no end to the Fun in Oxnard . . . .




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