25 Mayo 2001


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I Know Inner Sanctum and UOL are OLD.... INNER is just that way and ULTIMATE II is coming.......

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Did ya keep up with the Star's story about multi-families living in single swellings, I mean "dwellings". That story is getting around and now everyone is worried that their four cars in front of the one apartment might give them away. Ugh.

MEMORIAL DAY is coming as is a love story that is so politically correct WWII Vets will only mind meld with the bombing and forget the inaccuracies only. Films such as this WWII revisionist re-write forgets who our enemies really were and what the hell we were fighting for. Wars now have become more political actions. In the great World War Two, America was fighting to keep the creeping crud from Germany and Japan from encroaching on Pismo or Asbury Park beaches. Another UGH!

The Oxnard Journal is experiencing a lower number of web-sigh hits now that the Casino issue has seemingly gone away. Keep the eyes open for Paragonian Maidus looking at lemon groves out by Saticoy.

Life is good now. Everyone is anxious to enjoy this long weekend by doing something 'summer-ish' as long as it hasn't got driving a long distance involved with the fun. Please Take A Moment To Remember ALL the vets, who served in Uniform. I did 8 years active and am proud of the extraordinary experiences I was subjected to in fulfilling my service commitment. You know of what I speak, those who have served. We All weren't flag officers. Grunts and LT's had to put up with the same grief, just different paygrades.

I discovered my homepage for the USS AMERICA was no longer in service. Where do old and dead web-pages go? I make every attempt to keep an archive of all issues, but things do slip...especially old transmissions.

Read this Tribute to the

 Viet Nam Era Vets

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The LA Times Bails.....

The LAx-itive Times Ventura County section has become a run-off for boring LA news and an ocassional article from this County. Leaving only the VC (RED-Star Press) and of course, the Vida and Sentinal as the Only Oxnard Newspapers. Through all this, the Oxnard Journal remains constant and has more spelling errors per column inch than any of the aforemetioned news sources. The Oxnard Journal strives to be a local news source. Your support with articles and opinion are valued /-\ The OxJo is here for you.


No Spanish editor is coming forth to help translate the OxJo, so I am being forced to set up a spanish editor via computer software. People who speak Mexican and Central American Spanish have said my translations are STRANGE - so stay tuned for those...they are coming.


The Oxnard Journal needs to bridge a gap it created with some of it's editorial bend. The Oxnard Journal is a news source that is driven by input from you. WE produce what we get from contributors, whom are all citizens of the City of Oxnard. The Oxnard Journal exists for the ENTIRE CITY of Oxnard and beyond. If you want to see something in the OxJo - write it and send it or send a suggestion. Here is one that has provided suggestions for the next few issues:::::

Comments: thanks for giving Oxnard a real newpaper - I believe that to be informed you need to hear and read both sides of any issue - finally with your newletter Oxnard has that - hit the issues hard and give real news to the people of Oxnard - lets hear about the airport and the city boards ideas - lets hear about schools and greenbelts - and let's hear about the local police and how they treat the citizens of the area - and let's hear about the wonderful people who live in Oxnard - artist, politicans, and those who learn in this city (schools, colleges, and what does a catholic education really mean)

all the best wishes to you.

Debbie Kilpatrick ( resident 2 years)

Comments and input like that counts. Your voice is mouse-click away. Your Voice, Your Choice.

True, some of the commentary has been abrasive, it sells newspapers, and keeps people reading. Again, all emails are considered and writers and opinion setters are welcome.

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